Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2949, Sunday 25 Jun 2017

1   Element in favour of keeping law (6) FACTOR {F{ACT}OR}
4   Race between boats son selects (6) SCULLS {S}{CULLS}
10 Senseless blunders about critical point by electronic statisticians (6,9) NUMBER CRUNCHERS {NUMB}{ER {CRUNCH}{E}RS}
11 Correct, right away, to screen half of entire highlight (10) ACCENTUATE {ACC{ENTire}UrATE}
12 Hairy creature of legend one follows so far (4) YETI {YET}{1}
14 Pathetic type, casual when retreating (5) SADDO {ODD}{AS}<=
16 Shrub in fine area full of unusual history (9) FORSYTHIA {F}{HISTORY}*{A}
17 Plans duel ruined completely (3,4,2) ALL ENDS UP*
20 Spy kept in isolation in jail (5) NINJA [T]
21 Part of church, one lacking nothing, containing Bible (4) NAVE {oN{AV}E}
22 Endless recorded lines about Italy producing pasta (10) CANNELLONI {CANNEd}{LL}{ON}{I}
25 Novel rumour, futile and garbled (3,6,6) OUR MUTUAL FRIEND*
26 Neatly dressed agent with stuff going around (6) DAPPER {REP}{PAD}<=
27 Look at article and be incensed (6) SEETHE {SEE}{THE}

1   Musical info in brain was varied (7,7) FINIANS RAINBOW*
2   Funny business with microphone (5) COMIC {CO}{MIC}
3   Call for attention received by gang once trained and suited for sea travel (5-5) OCEAN-GOING {OI} in {GANG+ONCE}*
5   Token answer (7) COUNTER [DD]
6   Piece of hair from player in scrum? (4) LOCK [DD]
7   Man in novel hankers to find tiger (5,4) SHERE KHAN {HE} in {HANKERS}*
8   Republican in scrape? Not a smart person (6) SCRUFF {SC{R}UFF}
9   Fine article on science fiction one cheers, with load about rising uncertainty (2,3,2,1,6) AS FIT AS A FIDDLE {A}{S F}{1}{T A}{S A {IF<=}DDLE}
13 Generally unknown land newly rounded by boat (2,3,5) BY AND LARGE {B{Y} {AND L}*ARGE}
15 Provided research about island with colour (9) DELIVERED {DEL{I}VE}{RED}
18 Tasteless stuff covered by certain reputation (7) STATURE {S{TAT}URE}
19 Weakly carry on about place of education (6) PUNILY {P{UNI}LY}
23 Plain to see across time (5) OVERT {OVER}{T}
24 Quiz to identify type of shoe (4) PUMP [DD]



  1. Found it much harder than usual.

  2. Cannelloni, Forsythia and Finian's Rainbow were new to me which made me google a lot. Found it harder than usual