Tuesday, 6 June 2017

No 12026, Tuesday 06 Jun 2017, Anon

1   Newly wed welcomes groom initially on arch (6) BRIDGE {BRID{Gr..m}E}
4   Electrician to pull over within Sicily’s boundaries (6) SPARKY {PARK} in {Si..lY} I know of SPARKS as electrician but not SPARKY
9   Beat, kill without hesitation on return (4) DRUM MURDer<=
10 Eastern firm’s house on outskirts of Galle’s carbon neutral town (10) ECOVILLAGE {E}{CO}{VILLA}{GallE}
11 Vicar hides new gun (6) CANNON {CAN{N}ON}
12 Pig-headed bob turns around (8) STUBBORN*
13 Without information, think, read novel (2,3,4) IN THE DARK*
15 Digital currency hidden in Quebec ashrams (5) ECASH [T]
16 Wildcat removes second page from handbook (5) MANUL MANUaL
18 Runner, for biscuit initially, removes lid from tin (9) BANNISTER (-c+b)BANNISTER
22 Ill-fated one unable to appreciate music (4,4) TONE DEAF*
23 Memorial for teller’s missing son (6) CAHIER CAsHIER Defintion is a bit of a stretch
25 Storied nun, in disguise, trespasses (8,2) INTRUDES ON*
26 Put down round clock (4) LAID <=
27 Detect one martial arts teacher (6) SENSEI {SENSE}{1}
28 Glides on seashores (6) COASTS [DD]

1   At saloon, make deal (7) BARGAIN {BAR}{GAIN}
2   Endlessly sick people go to Russian lake (5) ILMEN {ILl}{MEN}
3   Harvested on angled ground (7) GLEANED {ANGLED+E}* Second 'E' from?
5   Scottish bishop’s stove (6) PRIMUS [DD]
6   Reducing to earlier levels deformed ball in rocks (9) ROLLBACKS {RO{BALL*}CKS}
7   Confused youngster missing almost new milk products (7) YOGURTS YOUnGSTeR*
8   Canine’s meal in mess? (4,9) DOGS BREAKFAST {DOGS} {BREAKFAST}
14 Accommodate oddly warped new bird (5,4) HOUSE WREN {HOUSE} {WaRpEd}{N}
17 Increases limit in outskirts of Athens (7) ABOUNDS {BOUND} in {AthenS}
19 Build a new condo? Not possible. (2,3,2) NO CAN DO {A+N+CONDO}*
20 Laments brutal siege after the Spanish return (7) ELEGIES {LE<=}{SIEGE}*
21 Hidden U.S. university replaces head of undergraduates with last in line (6) PERDUE P(-u+e)ERDUE
24 Robust shale at sea (5) HALES* How in plural?


  1. Agree with the issues raised by Deepak. Not a carefully constructed crossword

  2. Sparky may be a slang.
    23A- Is it 'Memoir' or 'Mnemonic' in stead of memorial.
    Isn't e-cash a hyphenated word or ( 1,4)?

    1. 4A: The OED defines it as electrician (noun, informal)

  3. 3D- Is ground supposed to be base=e?

    1. Don't think so - "ground" is the anagrind.

    2. I think a word got left out..Eastern/Eurooean, etc.

    3. Could it be LEANED+G with ON as anagrind

  4. Liked the smooth anagrams in 12a and 22a.
    20 Laments brutal siege after the Spanish return (7)
    "return" seems redundant - in fact it would make it EL<<?

    1. The French would have been better

  5. 26A- Dial is not clock, clock face.

  6. Cahier is a French word for notebook. Memorial????

    1. What you say in the first part of your Comment is quite right (that was my thinking too as I know many French words). But further dictionary search should led you to the fact that 'cahier' also means 'memorial'. Whether an obscure meaning should be used is a different question and I am not addressing it.

    2. Thanks. I didn't come across the obscure meaning.

  7. Isn't the US university PUrdue?

    1. Yes. U is replaced by E to get Perdue

  8. A few tricky ones from Anon: eg: CANON is used usually for the rule of law in a church. However, this is the first time I'm seeing it being used to mean a priest.

    Bannister or banister-- this has appeared once before as both spellings are ok, though one normally sees the use of banister.

    PRIMUS stove is the brand of the old-fashioned stove being lit with the help of denatured spirit and thes fuelled by Kerosene pumped up by a plunger several times. Very frustrating to do this as invariably, the fire gets lit up as a Whooosh ! from the burner, leaving behind a very noisome smell. The burner also gets clogged repeatedly entailing a clean-up by a specialist in stoves. Haven't we come a long way ahead to protect the ozone layer? Yet Trump shows his rump to the Paris protocol. He is a latterday Bal Thackeray of the US !!

    ecash or e-cash -- dashed to the winds !

    Cahier is a new word I see in cryptic crossies.

    HALES in plural? very unhealthy usage !

  9. canonising is probably more commonly heard than canon himself/ herself.

  10. I have come across more burn accidents with Primus stoves than gas cylinders or Choolas.