Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2947, Sunday 11 Jun 2017

1   Student pulls back (4) SWOT <=
4   Maiden happening to lose old shoe (8) MOCCASIN {M}{OCCASIoN}
9   Teacher absorbed by translation of review had not finished (4,3,4,4) OVER AND DONE WITH {DON} in {REVIEW+HAD+NOT}*
11 Curses former partner, vile pest out of order (10) EXPLETIVES {EX}{VILE+PEST}*
12 Limit river level (4) TIER {TIE}{R}
14 Newspaper article containing latest in showbiz material (7) ORGANZA {ORGAN}{s...iZ}{A}
16 Garment that's ragged not apt to be worn by king (4,3) TANK TOP {NOT+APT}* over {K}
17 Roistering in port, dishevelled, led away (7) RIOTOUS {RIO}{TOUSled}
19 Soup and food with colour brought round (7) CHOWDER {CHOW}{RED<=}
20 Not any old name in north-east (4) NONE {N{O}{N}E}
21 New open space secured by party in country (10) BANGLADESH {BA{N}{GLADE}SH}
24 Willing to talk about crime, holding summit with good conditions (2,8,5) ON SPEAKING TERMS {ON}{S{PEAK}IN}{G} {TERMS}
25 Devious in peril, spy adapted (8) SLIPPERY*
26 Cook some lunch efficiently (4) CHEF [T]

2   Pup needing assistance to support weight (5) WHELP {W}{HELP}
3   Changing routine and forming association for workers (5,5) TRADE UNION*
4   Wild period, entertaining one with wine (7) MADEIRA {MAD}{E{1}RA}
5   Gets defeated in court and most strictly confined (7) CLOSEST {C{LOSES}T}
6   Top copy with sign of error (4) APEX {APE}{X}
7   Launched popular appeal with new idea, consuming time (9) INITIATED {IN}{IT}{IA{T}ED*}
8   Judge agitation of hero ominous for manager (4,8) JOSE MOURINHO {J}{HERO+OMINOUS}*
10 Greeting followed by agent with tips for user on hunt for payment plan (4,8) HIRE PURCHASE {HI}{RE P}{UseR}{CHASE}
13 Hard-headed leader of uprising near country with muscular movement (10) UNROMANTIC {Up...g}{NR}{OMAN}{TIC} NR for Near? See comments
15 Plant damaged under logs (9) GROUNDSEL*
18 Dispute over cabbage lacking a shine (7) SPARKLE {SPAR}{KaLE}
19 Reticent about information on Conservative in power (7) COGENCY {CO{GEN}{C}Y}
22 Lord giving up power? That is strange (5) EERIE {pEER}{IE}
23 Observe delay (4) KEEP [DD]



  1. Thefreedictionary gives nr as abbr. for near

  2. Looking forward to KKR special.

    1. Thanks Paddy. I hope I will be able to interact for sometime as by the time the grid appears in the blog, it will be midnight in Dallas.