Saturday, 24 June 2017

No 12042, Saturday 24 Jun 2017, Gridman

1   Country dame produced TV programme (11) DOCUMENTARY*
9   Study about Indian swan in song (7) CHANSON {C{HANS}ON}
10 Boy wins heart of puzzle-maker — loutish girl (7) LADETTE {LAD}{sETTEr}
11 Theory of one declaring he is an idol recalled (5) DOGMA {AM}{GOD}<=
12 Tickle the bird — I will have tea served (9) TITILLATE {TIT}{I'LL}{ATE*}
13 Killer woman is going around Jharkhand’s capital... (5) NINJA {NIN{Jh...d}A}
15 ...according to ex-actor (9) PERFORMER {PER}{FORMER}
18 Watching closelyeach leg collapsed before I reportedly dropped first (5-4) EAGLE-EYED {EA}{LEG*}-(~ i){EYE}{Dr...d}
21 Examine church trumpet (5) CONCH {CON}{CH}
22 A fellow on cleaned-up terrace gives support in recovery period (9) AFTERCARE {A}{F}{TERRACE*}
24 Added in next race (5) EXTRA [T]
26 Basement? Area prone to flooding? (7) LOWLAND {LOW}{LAND} Area on Double duty?
27 TV serials rest with company writings (7) SITCOMS {SIT}{CO}{MS}
28 Record: "Somehow retain the ventriloquist, say" (11) ENTERTAINER {ENTER}{RETAIN*}

1   New church found after a long period of moral decline (9) DECADENCE {DECADE}{N}{CE}
2   Chime from heads of certain low and notorious gangs (5) CLANG Acrostic
3   Out of pessimism an agent is to run badly (9) MISMANAGE [T]
4   Finally men on street work uninterrupted (3-4) NON-STOP {meN}{ON}-{ST}{OP}
5   Is there no extra in such a cast? (3-4) ALL-STAR [CD]
6   Extremely trendy poem for learner to sing (5) YODEL {t...dY}{ODE}{L}
7   Following saint is inexperienced fellow — he lacks substance (8) STRAWMAN {ST}{RAW}{MAN}
8   Big party brought about by destiny, say (4) FETE (~ fate)
14 Nobleman reported low disposition of bird (5,3) NIGHT OWL (~ knight){NIGHT} {LOW}*
16 Its members must play in unison (9) ORCHESTRA [CD]
17 One practises to try again and get homily cut by fifty per cent (9) REHEARSER {REHEAR}{SERmon}
19 Ready to change at the earliest time (4,3) YEAR DOT*
20 Medical assistant — one in the changing room? (7) DRESSER [DD]
22 Mail sorter in heart of hearts feels bad (4) AILS [T]
23 Poet fearedlost head in trouble (5) READE fEARED*
25 Prickly old letter (5) THORN [DD]

 Reference list 

Indian Swan = HANS, Study = CON, Woman = NINA, Each = EA, Examine = CON, Church = CH/CE, Fellow = F/MAN, Company = CO, Writings = MS, Record = ENTER, New = N, Street = ST, Work = OP, Learner = L, Saint = ST,

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  1. Nice puzzle...Nice blog...Thanks to both. :)

  2. One more bout of thanks GRIDMAN.

  3. 26a I think it was meant to be a DD

    1. +1
      Basement is a "low land" and "lowland" is an area prone to flooding.
      Chennai-ites will still remember how many basements got flooded in Dec 2015!

    2. Is there any Dictionary reference for Basement/Low land?

    3. Do we have dic. reference to call a river as a flower? Shall we call it a setter's privilege/ wordplay?

    4. Basement as low-land can be looked at as a CD?

  4. Smooth sailing today - 23D was the last one in.
    4D and 15A were favourites.

  5. Neat & elegant- both the CW and the blog.
    A big 'thank you' to both. Nice start for the weekend.
    A doubt off track- do we have day owls? Why is it always called a night owl?

    1. In my view 'night owl' is a person is active at night. The bird is just Owl

    2. Agreed. But mostly even the bird is referred as night owl. Hence my question. Here also the def. is bird.

  6. 1. Is there any poet with the name Reade?

    2. Is Fete and Fate are same rhyming words?

    1. 1. Yes there is. See the link embedded in the name in the main post.
      2. Yes

  7. Is HANS a word meaning swan in English? Isn't it a Hindi or Sanskrit word? CHANSON : typical of Gridman to glide in a new word derived from French.
    LOWLAND is another ambiguous usage on the lines of Underway & under way !

    CONCH is a gastropod used in India as Shank= Trumpet ?

    Gridman is an ideal example of an Indian compiler entering the English cryptic world of crosswords !

    1. It's clearly mentioned 'Induan' Swan, so there is no doubt

    2. That may be. and I meant Hinglish crossword !

  8. Do I smell a theme:

    Documentary, chanson, titillate, performer, extra, sitcom, entertainer, non stop, all star, orchestra, rehearser, dresser

    1. Was waiting for someone to point it out. Could add Yodel to that

    2. I agree there is a theme in it. But, honestly, while I do it by design when setting the puzzle, but when I check it before publication months later, I don't see it myself! I don't type out annos, I don't classify my puzzles by any category. All that this blog does - for which we setters thank Col Deepak.

    3. Yodel missed my "enlistment "

    4. Totally missed the theme two days in a row!Gridman's themes are extremely well disguised!
      Only Oracle and Doppelganger can unveil them

  9. The me in me sensed entertainment- that's what the theme is !

    1. Thanks. Raju. While I do not agree with Paddy's recent statement that he sees shades of PGW in your prose, I certainly enjoy it as your mind always does crossword clue-like operations of disjointing words, coalescing words, echoing word components, using assonance and dissonance, etc. etc.