Wednesday, 21 June 2017

No 12039, Wednesday 21 Jun 2017, Gridman

1   One who is incapacitated unduly vain on getting cover (7) INVALID {VAIN}*{LID}
5   Quote from notice by the chief (6) ADDUCE {AD}{DUCE}
9   Once a cheat — he was formerly in the jail (2-3) EX-CON {EX}-{CON}
10 Metallic element — it may give heart (4,5) RARE EARTH {HEART}* [RA]
11 Disaster from aunts: I'm shocked (7) TSUNAMI*
12 Woman to go at holiday revelry (7) WASSAIL {W}{ASSAIL}
13 Mark team leader's unusually idle (5) TILDE {Team}{IDLE*}
14 The spirit shown by a couple of novices in bridge-like framework (9) GALLANTRY {G{A}{LL}ANTRY}
16 Has this police action resulted in reduced use of cocaine? (9) CRACKDOWN {CRACK}{DOWN}
19 Show how cheat was packed away (5) TEACH*
21 Give way to rebuilt guild accepting new rule finally (7) INDULGE {I{N}DULG*}{rulE}
23 See! Officer Commanding and girl coming back to reduce heat (3-4) AIR-COOL {LO}{OC}-{RIA}<=
24 Certain! It has turned out to be complex! (9) INTRICATE*
25 Uniform shade (5) KHAKI [DD]
26 Stout shoe of black rascal (6) BROGUE {B}{ROGUE}
27 I sneaked into your old bar — I got it in the neck (7) THYROID {THY}{RO{I}D}

1   One faces this problem when one doesn't know who one is (8,6) IDENTITY CRISIS [E]
2   Genuine exchange of conservative for royal food (7) VICTUAL VI(-r+c)CTUAL
3   Connection leaking out (7) LINKAGE*
4   Revolutionary returns with band to perform heroic daring (7-2) DERRING-DO {RED<=}{RING}-{DO}
5   Out of handcart, boy gets missile (5) ARROW bARROW
6   Rush up to each submarine zone (4-3) DEEP-SEA {SPEED<=}{EA}
7   Fruit makes blackguard to talk wildly (7) CURRANT {CUR}{RANT}
8   Foolish girl in drunken speech to daughter hesitated (6-8) SHILLY-SHALLIED (s[h]illy s[h]ally){SHILLY-SHALLIE){D}
15 Brief note and last word by Tamil leader describing facial feature (9) LINEAMENT {LINE}{AMEN}{Ta..l}
17 Please leave commendation to old man — accounts checker (7) AUDITOR {plAUDIT}{O}{R} R for Rook for Chessman?
18 Suffering monarch out for slaughter (7) KILLING {K{ILL}ING}
19 Knight entering a country to get old jailer (7) TURNKEY {TUR{N}KEY}
20 A nearly outspoken party gets fruit (7) AVOCADO {A}{VOCAl}{DO}
22 Time almost fixed to wipe off (5) ERASE {ERA}{SEt}



  1. Photographs of a mini meet at Hyderabad can be seen at the THCC Families blog at the following link

    Richard at Hyderabad

  2. 17D: R for Rook= Chessman? Yes, I think so

  3. Nice puzzle and happy solve! Thanks Gridman. 😊

  4. Chaturvasi sir, thank you for a comparatively easy solve. I feel the clue for 4D could have been a little more indirect. Heroic daring gives away the answer easily. In 8D how do we account for the two h's? 27A (thyroid) was my favourite today.

    1. 8D: when one is drunk, one slurs. Silly comes out as Shilly & Sally comes out as Shally

    2. Prasad sir, Thanks for your comments.
      That I don't disguise the definitions may be a valid criticism.
      A recall of and engagement with words in an entertaining manner may take precedence over puzzlement.

  5. A bit round about. I shilly-shallied before getting it. rest of it is usual and enjoyable Gridman.

    1. A bit round about? A common feature, I believe

  6. Thank you, Vasant. Thank you, Chaturvasi sir. I meant it more as an observation and my 'contribution' to the discussion here.