Friday, 2 June 2017

No 12023, Friday 02 Jun 2017, Incognito

Dedicated to The Saintly Bond.

1   North African returns to RAF, for example, to get a part of F&B department (4,7) ROOM SERVICE {MOOR<=} {SERVICE}
9   Should, perhaps, though not hot (5) OUGHT THOUGh*
10 Cough, I hear, and return topee to get caffeine dispenser (9) COFFEEPOT (~cough){COFF}{TOPEE<=}
11 Went alongside shattered pall leader (10) PARALLELED*
12 Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire gets ring for Japanese city (4) KOBE {K}{OBE}
13 Simian creature releases king for cash (5) MONEY MONkEY
15 Simon Templar heats tin badly (3,5) THE SAINT*
17 Girl's ancient stud's crumbled into valuable fine powder (4,4) GOLD DUST {G}{OLD} {SYUD}*
19 New York's first animal accommodation for one cent (5) PENNY {PEN}{NY}
22 Little information about despatch of part (4) OBIT {O}{BIT}
23 Initially get fat small person for park-keeper (10) GROUNDSMAN {Get}{ROUND}{S}{MAN}
26 "Die in glue mixture" — that's the instruction (9) GUIDELINE*
27 John's English is incoherent (5) LOOSE {LOOS}{E}
28 Orchestrate Gates' dancing before worker having a girl with some espieglerie (5-6) STAGE-MANAGE {GATES}*-{MAN}{A}{G}{Es...e}

1   Aviator's acknowledgement "FedEx", perhaps (5) ROGER [DD]
2   A poet duly composed and did better than rival (9) OUTPLAYED*
3   Hush-hush southern Crete operation (6) SECRET {S}{CRETE}*
4   Stimulate father in sheer, ragged environment (7) REFRESH {RE{FR}ESH*}
5   Thing has sex-appeal and some sort of dash (4) ITEM {IT}{EM}
6   Blast! Former PLO staffer is operating nightclub, for starters (9) EXPLOSION {EX}{PLO}{St...r}{Is}{Op...g}{Ni...b}
7   Cannon ball found on a cap? (3-3) POM-POM [DD]
8   Certify, "A non-drinker is in old Rome" (6) ATTEST {A}{TT}{EST}
14 Wipes out fillies running behind UN building (9) NULLIFIES {UN<=}{FILLIES}*
16 Salad oil mix contains a bit of pimento and fruit (9) SAPODILLA {SALAD+OIL+Pi...o}*
17 King's initially escaped into ravine (6) GEORGE {G{Es...d}ORGE}
18 Miser Viceroy's employee? (7) SERVICE [T] Service/Employee? See comments
20 Yankee's on the German there (6) YONDER {Y}{ON}{DER}
21 Excited cry of buoyant scientist? (6) EUREKA [GK]
24 Bond market that once existed in Madras? (5) MOORE [DD]
25 Cheese stored in buffet almirah (4) FETA [T]



  1. Incognito always makes me work out hard and determinedly

    1. Keeping your fitness paramount 😀

    2. Outside the CW- on your cycle?

  2. 18d is an error. Should have been employment

  3. Initially I thought it was going to be a Bond special, but later turned out to be a mystery special. Here's to more espionage.

    1. Please ref reply to Vasant 's comment

  4. Thanks Incognito for the special Bond.

    1. This ain't a Bond special, Vasant, it is a Roger Moore obit. I wanted to see him beyond Bond. That's why The Saint etc.

    2. Sir, had got the theme-hence wrote special Bond & not Bond special.
      Also special Bond is a unique bond that the solver has with Incognito😀

    3. Cheers to that, Vasant!

    4. Incognito is the Fevicol for this blog, whereas, Col is permaglue ! ( my portmanteau word !)Or may I say, the blog is the beehive where we'all are the bees ?

  5. A good puzzle as ever from Incognito and very enjoyable too!

  6. Incognito at our SERVICE twice over? Did he Money & Penny?

    Sapodilla is chiku and did the South derive their name sapota from sapodilla?

    GOLDfinger instead of gold dust?

    I'm quite Stirred but not shaken by this crossie ! Martini missing .

    Roger is there in GEORGe?

    Is that infamous Moor market still in Madras or it is no more ? That ubiquitous chant of Kamala-aryana, Kamla- araina still rings in my ears !

  7. Refer to the link. That building has given way to Southern Railway booking office. Makes interesting reading even for us old Madrasis.

  8. My memories of Madras are very rusty but certain landmarks and episodes remain etched, refusing to be upstaged by new ones teeming into the bank.

    I have an intense dislike for Madras and more so, after it got the moniker Chennai ! Chee nai !

  9. As long as Moore Market existed, a visit to Madras was incomplete without going there to buy old by. I must have bought a few hundred there.

  10. old by? They come by hundreds ? what's it ?

    1. It was a treasure trove, that way. Not only novels including old classics, but lots of college text books, good guides etc. for college students- both new & old at unbelievable prices. I was told that that was a good place for students to dump or exchange their old books.

    2. Such poor booksellers are a a loss nowadays, due to the Invasion by Kindle, e books etc. I used to find these ubiquitous booksellers on sgreet corners in Bombay, Nairobi from where I could pick up rarest books never seen in major libraries like British Council, US Library , Town Hall etc. I picked up my first ever Everyman's Book of crossword puzzles from one of these outlets, after hunting for it, high and low every where. Similarly, old condensed books of Readers Digest in large editions and bound books of old RD issues from South Africa of the 50s are with me, treasure- troves , non- pareil !

      Besides, I made friends on Saturday afternoons with fellow- browsers, amongst them retired judges and other prominent luminaries in Nairobi, one of them being a crossword addict like me !

    3. In Moore market, I remember hunting for the remaining Perry Mason books to complete my collection..
      In Indore too below Regal bridge, we had a number of book vendors from where I got most of my books..
      Miss these nowadays..sigh

    4. I am a Perry Mason lover too! But I have not collected- mostly from libraries and borrowed (including re- reading). Nowadays you don't get new books at all. Even old books which used to be sold outside Book fairs here are no longer available.

  11. Nice and simple

    9A Should is ought to and not just ought, right?
    24D Moor market is still there in Madras na? Why 'once existed'?

    1. Moore market is no longer there. See the link in the main post

  12. G'night folks... going out for dinner. Tomorrow's another d'day