Friday, 9 June 2017

No 12029, Friday 09 Jun 2017, Dr. X

Some tricky/iffy definitions today. I stand corrected.

1   Outstanding in battle but gave up (5,3) BOWED OUT {B{OWED} OUT}
5   Hypocrisy to back graduate, one from Cambridge University (6) CANTAB {CANT}{BA<=} Thanks to Google
10 Makeshift hut at ancient Indian village, I hear (5) HUMPY (~hampi)
11 Minor friction injuries seen on face (9) SIDEBURNS {SIDE}{BURNS}
12 Opening one old debate (9) VENTILATE {VENT}{1}{LATE}
13 Extreme restraint at border (5) LIMIT [DD] (Correction - [MD] - See comments)
14 Outdated like a capotain (3,3) OLD HAT [DD]
15 What one wears in the gun turret perhaps? (4,3) TANK TOP [DD]
18 Problem consuming liquor — Loss of balance finally! Have some coffee perhaps? (5,2) SOBER UP {SO{BEeR} UP}
20 Drink leads to fling! Admit blunder (6) SHERRY {SH{ERR}Y}
22 User-friendly program? (5) REHAB [CD] Is the definition correct? See comments
24 Client to express pleasure about drive (9) PURCHASER {PUR{CHASE}R}
25 Expert's heartless opinion about stroke (9) COMPETENT {COMm{PET}ENT}
26 Get rid of husband in strain (5) SHIFT {S{H}IFT}
27 Hangs on shelves (6) DELAYS [DD]
28 Ones utilised for assault and battery (8) CHARGERS [DD]

1   Endlessly work hard at restraining husband to stop fooling around (6) BEHAVE {BE{H}AVEr}
2   Movement leading to distress in male bowels! (6,3) WOMENS LIB {IN+M+BOWELS}* Literally so!!
3   Blatant overcharging but not a dark endeavour? (8,7) DAYLIGHT ROBBERY [CD]
4   Nobody gets high society call girl (7) UPSTART {UP}{S}{TART}
6   One whose legal cases are mostly invalid? (9,6) AMBULANCE CHASER [CD]
7   Rhythm originating in endless beat! (5) THRUM {TH{Rh...m}UMp} &lit See comments
8   Places where one waits to kiss and return to make out (3,5) BUS STOPS {BUSS}{SPOT<=}
9   Commercial release coming (6) ADVENT {AD}{VENT}
16 Revolver perhaps? Twirl with elegance, I say (9) TURNSTILE {TURN}{STILE}(~style)
17 Amazing roast fish and crustacean (8) OSTRACOD {ROAST}*{COD} Are they Crustaceans or Fish? Link and image changed. See comments
19 Daddy's favourite little child (6) POPPET {POP}{PET}
20 Time to extend challenge (7) STRETCH [MD]
21 Talks foolishly? Brigands throw one out (6) PRATES PiRATES
23 One carrying meat and beer mostly (5) HAMAL {HAM}{ALe}



  1. 7D is &lit clue Sir... Thrum is a continuous rhythmic sound... so rhythm originating in endless beat.. entire sentence is the meaning.

    17 D Ostracod is a minute aquatic crustacean of the class Ostracoda (OED)

    1. Wikipaedia shows it as a fish

    2. Hi Sir unquestionably crustacean...

      From wiki...Ostracods, or ostracodes, are a class of the Crustacea (class Ostracoda), sometimes known as seed shrimp.

    3. My mistake. I went to the wrong link. Shall change it

    4. I too felt THRUM is an &lit clue

  2. 13 Extreme restraint at border (5) LIMIT [DD]

    Also is [MD]

  3. 22A User is a person who takes illegal drugs; an addict (OED). Hence the CD

  4. 22A I took it to be a CD, with pun on "user" (to mean drug user).

    Enjoyable crossie,doc!1A and 28A were my favourites :)

  5. Good clues. Writing CDs takes some skill which is evident today.

  6. Enjoyable CW. Learned a few new words and a few tricks as well! Thank you Doc.

  7. Shall I call you a specialist at MD?

    1. MS actually Paddy... Master of Surgery:)

    2. That was a good one Paddy

  8. I did not mean that- Multi definition!
    Anyway, I have to be careful about your knife wielding capabilities!

  9. Col.
    I like the way you just scored 'iffy' and not delete it completely. Owning up.

  10. Neat crossword. Enjoyed solving

  11. Yes, like Ramki said pun on 'batteries' in 28A was good and enjoyable.

  12. Creativity laced with humour ! I liked WOMEN'sLIB but ' literally so' parenthetically commented by Col may not find approval by the same movement.

    VENTILATE- opening for fresh air as well as debate to air one's views . A whiff of fresh breeze in wordplay .

    BUS STOPS : a very well- clued idea- but let no one try this in UP where the Romeo baiters are lurking.

    TURNSTILE - indeed a revolver with elegance. As bad as the first step on an escalator.

    Can DALIGHT ROBBERY qualify as an oxymoron?

    AMBULANCE CHASER : My bane as an insurance man in Nairobi. Many lawyers made their pile to use this stretcher to become get-rich-quick.

    OBSTROPOD was the only clue that obstructed my completion of this wonderful crossie.

  13. Thanks Raju for your entertaining comments! Always brings a smile reading them:)

  14. Very enjoyable crossword and too many good CDs. I always struggle with CD but not so today. Hats off. Also it struck me that I never clue CDs either.

  15. Your words mean a lot Shrikanth Sir! Tx for the encouragement :)

  16. I forgot to mention TANKTOP that topped the contents of this tank full of fluid clues. Can some one clarify why they are called tanktops as worn by tenagers ? Their tops do not tank at all !

    1. Ha ha yes I did research that!

      It is named after tank suits, which were one-piece bathing suits of the 1920's worn in tanks or swimming pools. Hence the term.

  17. Superb puzzle, Dr...the long ones exquisetely crafted..the rest a work of art..