Thursday, 29 June 2017

No 12046, Thursday 29 Jun 2017, Arden

1   Rigging return match, accept defeat in short (6) DECEIT {TIE}{CEDe} <=
4   Boy from the first family leaves a mark on the capital (8) BELGRADE {aBEL}{GRADE}
9   One on the way to Kabul (6) PATHAN {PATH}{AN} &lit
10 Breakdown when police are called to take everything back (8) COLLAPSE {CO{ALL<=}PSE}(~ cops)
12 Ornately designed felt cap (8) TYROLEAN*
13 Imagine going off without a sign (6) GEMINI IMaGINE*
15 Famous TV show named cardiac arrest' (6,6) CANDID CAMERA*
18 Son in New Delhi has a house, go back... (4,1,7) BEAT A RETREAT {BE{A}TA}{RETREAT}
21 ...otherwise one drink for a start (6) ORIGIN {OR}{1}{GIN}
22 Reckon it's an admission from one dividing the property (8) ESTIMATE {EST{I'M}ATE}
24 Blockheads told to free them (3,5) LET LOOSE Anno pending (Addendum - {LET}{LOOSE}(~ loos) - See comments)
25 Sacred text finds a match (6) AVESTA {A}{VESTA}
26 One pursues this — the ultimate goal is to catch a fish (3,5) EGO IDEAL {thE}{GO{IDE}AL}
27 Game played by girl — comes in as alliance partner (6) BRIDGE {BRID{G}E}

1   One's graduated, but stupid (8) DIPSTICK [DD]
2   Kind to take note, providing sustenance (8) CATERING {CA{TE}RING}
3   I held all in, I look different, most probably (2,3,10) IN ALL LIKELIHOOD*
5   Not happy to get up, God! (4) EROS<=
6   Dog will deliver, no regret otherwise (6,9) GOLDEN RETRIEVER*
7   Opposition's taken flight, she earns her keep (2,4) AU PAIR AU P{AIR} Anno pending (Addendum - {A{UPA}IR} - See  comments)
8   Quote Arden: "climbing will make you sick" (6) EMETIC {CITE}{ME}<=
11 Shortage of peanut — regular occurrence in Chennai, perhaps (7) PAUCITY {PeAnUt}{CITY}
14 He sauntered halfway and came up to bowl (7) AMBROSE {AMBler}{ROSE} Semi&lit
16 Wine drinking wrong, it has gotten worse (8) RELAPSED {RE{LAPSE}D}
17 Cheap travelset off before times overlapped (8) STEERAGE {SET*}{ER(A)GE}
19 He works like a dog — has left for second job (6) COOLIE CO(-l+o)OLIE
20 Wine shop, writer finds a way to sneak in (6) BISTRO {BI{ST}RO}
23 A Mexican agreement on American continent (4) ASIA {A}{SI}{A}



  1. Well done a2z! Came late to air my view.
    Let Loose is still loose to me.

  2. 24 Blockheads told to free them (3,5) LET LOOSE Anno pending

    Block = LET
    Heads = LOOS (often in pl) a ship's toilet (naut sl)

    1. Thanks Bhavan,
      Block in my head is removed.

  3. Nice puzzle!Bifd most as the long ones fell early. Came here to check the parsing of most.
    Thanks Arden.

  4. ARDEN has been a bit harder today. I thought EGO IDEAL is a Freudian slip ! as I was aiming for an answer with EEL instead of IDE for a fish.

    TYROLEAN CAP made me sing a yodellidododo ! I have come across this cap for the first time .

    DIPSTICK as a stupid person is also a new variation.

    AU PAIR: A care giver in French- Nowadays, Living -in relationships can be termed as pair?

    Opposition's taken flight? parsing elusive .