Friday, 23 June 2017

No 12041, Friday 23 Jun 2017, Gridman

A themed CW from Gridman with plenty of fellows around.

1   Do children stretch themselves to use this kind of notebook? (8) EXERCISE [C&DD]
5  Funnies of the universe society pushed to the extreme (6) COMICS CO(-s)MIC(+s)S
9   One regrets revision of official record (8) REGISTER {1+REGRETS}*
10 Senior entertains story that's not so fresh (6) STALER {S{TALE}R}
12 Keenness noticed in 31 (4) EDGE {lEDGEr}
13 Not starting choice on ace's extremely ready list used in divine service (10) LECTIONARY {sELECTION}{A}{ReadY} (Correction - {eLECTION}{A}{ReadY} - See comments)
15 Girl and boy go through university publication (6) ANNUAL {ANN}{U}{AL}
17 French article in toilet is spotless (5) CLEAN {C{LE}AN}
20 Once more a profit (5) AGAIN {A}{GAIN}
21 This book comes in handy when needed (6) MANUAL [CD]
24 Dump income picked from collection (10) COMPENDIUM*
27 Title of respect for Bangladesh's top cartoonist (4) BABU {Ba...h}{ABU}
29 Fellow, adopting odd angle, reaches projection (6) FLANGE {F}{ANGLE*}
30 Defective hearing, in a manner of speaking (8) MISTRIAL [CD]
31 Two sides go over advantage in accounts book (6) LEDGER {L}{EDGE}{R}
32 Unknown listener to reserve 15 (8) YEARBOOK {Y}{EAR}{BOOK}

1   Hesitation about near-arrangement for one who gets paid (6) EARNER {E{NEAR*}R}
2   Put to work unruly gang in the middle of Beed (6) ENGAGE {bE{GANG*}Ed}
3   Actors discarded (4) CAST [DD]
4   Reportedly witnessed fight (5) SCENE (~seen)
6   Not in party beat? (5) OUTDO {OUT}{DO}
7   Doomed to be sickly? (3-5) ILL-FATED [CD]
8   Going off course, runs into the remaining (8) STRAYING {ST{R}AYING}
11 Hot wrap worn finally (6) STOLEN {STOLE}{worN}
14 Article's working not known (4) ANON {AN}{ON}
16 Such a thing is not created (6) UNMADE [E]
17 Tea and a piece of pizza for fellow (4) CHAP {CHA}{Pi..a}
18 Alert with over-wound timer? (8) WATCHFUL {WATCH}{FULl}
19 Kisan fellow with two measures (8) FARMHAND {F}{ARM}{HAND}
22 Better place? (6) CASINO [CD]
23 Eskimo's shoe gets dirt fortune, reportedly (6) MUKLUK (~ muck luck) Thanks to Google
25 Dog throws away a bit of beef for bird (5) EAGLE bEAGLE
26 Select group coming up stops short and takes a turn — that's useful (5) UTILE {ELITe}{U}<=
28 Southern sailor to play the lead (4) STAR {S}{TAR}



  1. A walk in the park continues! Thanks Gridman. :-)

  2. Gridman holds our hand and takes us through another easy and interesting CW- as only he can. Thank you.

  3. Missed the theme completely

  4. 13A. The parsing should be ELECTION minus E ..., no?

  5. Liked the cross-referenced clues 12 & 31A and 15 & 32A. Thank you, Chaturvasi sir. Quite a few clues were terse and enjoyable.

  6. 18dn : Definition needs to be highlighted sir.

  7. Gridman always sneaks in an obscure word or two like ELECTIONARY or MUKULK. Never heard of before. Thanks , Gridman. In MUKLUK, deletion indicator of the letter C from MUCK and LUCK ( oh, shucks !) in each case would have been advisable, although 'reportedly' is mentioned.

    Similarly, UNMADE to mean 'not created' is again a red herring. Could have been better worded.

    However, 11 down: STOLEN is a beauty for Hot. Pithy and terse and very cryptic.

  8. A puzzle of books.Lectionary not in dictionary.A new word.An interesting puzzle