Monday, 26 June 2017

No 12043, Monday 26 Jun 2017, Neyartha


1   Research workplace's backing to get hold of an Oriental receptacle reveals deception (8) BETRAYAL {B{E}{TRAY}AL<=}
5   Way to get publicity for a cheekbone on the radio (6) MAILER (~ malar) Thanks to Google
9   German leader's overwhelmed by a trainee's case expressing ownership of a pain remedy (8) LENITIVE (-g+l)LENITIVE
10 Missing article related to body structure was really tiny (6) ATOMIC anATOMIC
11 Final practice? (5,9) DRESS REHEARSAL [E]
14 Bring up the beams for the auditor (5) RAISE (~ rays)
16 The Rajya Sabha's behind the physicist satisfied with Edward's instruments to measure resistance (9) OHMMETERS {OHM}{MET}{E}{RS}
17 Lashing out at the Austrian animal sent back by the monarch (9) ATTACKING {AT}{CAT<=}{KING}
19 Masala list includes an American shrub (5) SALAL [T]
20 Unprintable things requiring viewer discretion? (6,8) STRONG LANGUAGE [CD]
23 Cream puff made with a staple grain from the east has the French filling (6) ECLAIR {LA} in {RICE<=}
24 Crucial development across the river for a way to get publicity (8) CIRCULAR {CRUCIAL}* over {R}
25 One after the brain is a bit of a conundrum and a way to get publicity (6) TEASER [MD]
26 Syndicate in trouble, having no time to find some compounds containing carbon and nitrogen (8) CYANIDES {SYNDICAtE}*

1   Charges for a way to get publicity (4) BILL [DD]
2   Lathe operator loses right to make an apparatus for receiving radio signals (5) TUNER TUrNER
3   Site getting hammered after a re-tweet by the entertainer (7) ARTISTE {A}{RT}{SITE*}
4   Realtor Vaid gets a face-lift as a way to get publicity (11) ADVERTORIAL*
6   Start working after getting tensed about protection by an expert (7) ACTUATE {AC{TAUT<=}E}
7   Press needs no introduction to a covering for a marine animal (4,5) LAMP SHELL {cLAMP} {SHELL}
8   Sly clerks go astray and hoard a vitamin in an irresponsible manner (10) RECKLESSLY {SLY+CLERKS}* over {E}
12 Resemblance to a criminal? He got money after capturing one! (11) HOMOGENEITY {1} in {HE+GOT+MONEY}*
13 Way to get publicity for a serious newspaper (10) BROADSHEET B{ROAD}SHEET Anno pending [DD] See comments
15 Upset over retina damage in the beginning, among other things (5,4) INTER ALIA {RETINA*}{AIL<=}
18 Tell a secret to the Democrat getting rid of the new limit (7) CONFIDE CONFI(-n+d)DE
19 Hint from a lad covering the Uttar Pradesh firm (7) SOUPCON {SO{UP}{CO}N}
21 Extremely cold part of the bagel identified (5) GELID [T]
22 Rodents bring down the resistance to studies dealing with creativity and social life (4) ARTS (-r)A(+r)RTS



  1. +1 for 13DN.
    I know it will be incorrect, but my take is:
    Way: BROAD
    Publicity - Paper - Sheet

    1. +1 i took publicity->advertisement->sheet (standard commercial)

  2. 13D is a DD.
    Broadsheet has two meanings
    1) a large piece of paper printed with information on one side only for purposes of advertisement, hence way to get publicity
    2) Serious newspaper

  3. Happy Birthday & many Happy returns of the day Arden!
    May God bless you to continue feeding us with your enjoyable CW's.

  4. Seems like Neyartha is on a communications train. Advertorial, Bill, Broadsheet, Arts, circular, Dress rehearsal, confide, Artiste, soupcon (hint or cue) strong language, teaser, tuner, Press (in 7 down) .
    Any day, I prefer a Tabloid to a broadsheet, which is so cumbersome to turn and hold. Nowadays, the sheets are so thin that one has to struggle to turn to the next page as the corners get stuck with each other. More irritating is the number of glossy and flimsy advert slips that slip out of the bunch. Such a waste of paper, though recyclable. The last is the ink smear on ones fingers from the newsprint !

  5. Many more happy returns of the day, Devanathan Sir

  6. Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Arden Sir

  7. Arden: Many Happy snruter of the day. May God bless you with good health and long life.

  8. Did the CW in the IA version on my cell as I am out of city...found it difficult to navigate through clues...clues too found them tough...
    In Bharuch, an industrial city in Gujrat.

  9. Yes, clues on the difficult side today.