Thursday, 22 June 2017

No 12040, Thursday 22 Jun 2017, Gridman

I had hardly started solving the Crossword when I finished it. :-) Many will say thank you Gridman, today, but Suresh's workout on his cycle will be short and sweet :-)

1   Stopping work and keeping away from public gaze (8) RETIRING [DD]
5   Start breaking down a multiplicity of layers (6) STRATA {START*}{A}
10 To do this, apparently, writers may have to dip into one (7) INKWELL [C&DD]
11 Understanding is capable of being envisioned, it seems (7) INSIGHT {IN SIGHT}
12 Fellow at the central well of building for worship (6) CHAPEL {CHAP}{wELl}
13 Summer spell that produces hate? (4,4) HEAT WAVE {HATE}* [RA}
15 Pat down postal token that has lost its edge (4) TAMP sTAMP
16 Small, small judge, jailing brother, rose (10) SWEETBRIER {S}{WEE}{T{B}RIER}
18 Is hesitant about contrasting idea (10) ANTITHESIS*
20 Profound daughter's lookback is unending (4) DEEP {D}{PEEp<=}
23 Being poor, toilet's almost hidden indeed (8) DEPRIVED {DE{PRIVy}ED}
24 Backing female enemies clambering over last section of gate to say "Tata" (3,3) SEE OFF {F}{FOE{gatE}S}<=
26 Old boy brusque about tantric leader in project (7) OBTRUDE {O}{B}{Ta...c}{RUDE}
27 Mother's mother with mother leaving hospital facility that is colossal (7) MAMMOTH {MA}{M}{MOTHer}
28 See sir making progression (6) SERIES*
29 Mates dancing around your old stone (8) AMETHYST {MATES}* around {THY}

1   Pour heavily and steadily so as to please domestic pet lovers? (4,4,3,4) RAIN CATS AND DOGS [CD]
2   What you should do before you shoot (4,3) TAKE AIM [CD]
3   Jacket on free distribution (6) REEFER {RE}{FREE*}
4   0 invalid (4) NULL [DD]
6   Try the London transport for an experiment maybe (4,4) TEST TUBE {TEST} {TUBE}
7   I hang around, following a female, native of Kabul (7) AFGHANI {A}{F}{I+HANG}*
8   Without delay, having lost top cover (2,3,4,2,1,3) AT THE DROP OF A HAT Definition by example
9   Hybrid being developed by boy (9) BIGENERIC {BEING*}{ERIC}
14 Badly resent taking small bribe (9) SWEETENER {WEE} in {RESENT}*
17 In elevation, learner gets out of the way for model pose (8) ATTITUDE A(-l+t)TTITUDE
19 One who can give information for the better (7) TIPSTER [CD]
21 English company keeping record of green study (7) ECOLOGY {E}{CO{LOG}Y}
22 Mirth dissipates around Oriental recluse (6) HERMIT {MIRTH}* around {E}
25 Muslim leader I sent to section of Mambosa (4) IMAM {I}{MAMbosa}



  1. Surprisingly I spent a full 30 minutes cycling ang solving.

  2. Thank you Friedman. After a couple of months I could complete before 8.30 By way of Thanksgiving I Wish you a lovely morning.

  3. Sorry. Prompts from phones are spiller. It should be GRIDMAN

    1. I know! That s tap of space bar should accept this silly prompting is a big drawback. I hate typing on iPhone, from which I keep away because a fully charged phone loses its power within hours even if you do nothing.

    2. But I have to use cell phone during office hours. No other go.

  4. I expected treadmill walk and it turned out to be cakewalk!

    Col,I saw the unsolved grid and clues at 1.30 AM. You don't sleep or what!

    1. KKR, that is posted by Bhavan from Australia

    2. Oh, I didn't notice that. Thanks Bhavan. I solve the grid around the same time in Dallas but 1.30 PM.

    3. Thought so too as it would be early morning in Australia

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, I was also a bit surprised.

    2. Have you seen NCC signboards in schools?

    3. Seen but not remembering

    4. We go to school to know the abbreviation of company! I wonder what is it in a college signboard.

    5. Pl see first image in sixth row

      Swveral Coy's here in the table showing type of unit.
      Col. will have to confirm if it is anything special to Army/ NCC etc.

    7. According to Chambers, COY for Company is in military parlance only.

    8. KKR us right. In the army the abvn for company is Coy. Some army unit abvns given below

      Section - Sec
      Platoon - Pl
      Company - Coy / Squadron - Sqn
      Regiment - Regt / Batallion - Bn
      Brigade - Bde
      Division - Div
      Corps - No abvn

    9. Thanks CV Sir, KKR & Col.

  6. Normally it happens only when the on line edition of TH does not show up. But I saw it at about 6.30 am and it was solved before the print edition was delivered, Gridman taking us through the basics of cryptic solving. But it was still enjoyable, bringing up a chuckle or two along the way.

    1. The unsolved clues and grid will be available till 8:30 AM in case the online edition is delayed then it will be there till such time the online edition appears or 6:30 PM whichever is earlier

  7. 16ac: needs small correction Brother - B as Judge is TRIER

  8. SWEETBRTER or sweetbriar? A rose that smells as sweet?

    INKWELL: does anyone still use this anymore? Except in babudom? Even they ? One sees that icky gooey glue in the GPOs still, leaving one all sticky in the thumb and forefinger , provided one sees it wet, kept in a rag of paper with those who having used it ,looking sheepish here and there, how to clean it off ! In this day and age of readymade sticker-stamps. Or else,one finds a repository of germ-filled sponge cup dried up like an old turnip ! Not to speak of the hardly perfora ted stamp edges , which when torn off, comes off diagonally in the middle of the stamp ! When will babudom change, apart from releasing first day stamps and commemoratives ? I dread a visit to the GPO !

    1. Shades of PGW in the description. At least, T.Nagar post office has not changed and stands as an example to your description.

  9. A walk in the park. Thanks Griddman. :-)

    1. Woops! Sorry Gridman for the typo. Smartphone to be blamed! First it was Friedman...Later while correcting it...Human error!

  10. THC is published online exactly at midnight for the past fortnight (approx). I think it is now automated. Wish it continues.

    1. Yes, Ram.
      I too have observed. As Raju pointed out earlier, this area is in the hands of a techie. As long as he is not going on leave, things will be smooth.