Tuesday, 27 June 2017

No 12044, Tuesday 27 Jun 2017, Buzzer

1   Trial vehicle holding boosters to blast off (5,2,4) CROSS TO BEAR {BOOSTERS}* in {CAR}
9   Met on street, married women out west as I was going to ___ (2,4) ST IVES {ST} {wIVES} What's the role of 'Met'? See comments
10 Nursery worker gather, trims edges regularly (8) GARDENER {GAR{eDgEs}NER}
11 Run in any long stocking (5) NYLON [T]
12 Colour all-round soft toy for a child (4,3) TINY TOT {TOY}* in {TINT}
13 A no means different in agreement (2,3,3) AS ONE MAN*
15 Cleans combs (6) SCOURS [DD]
16 A movie double taking issue being topless (6) BIOPIC {BI}{tOPIC}
18 Some inverted tilak, it's a W-shaped ancient symbol (8) SWASTIKA [T<=]
20 Rustled up a pastry (7) STRUDEL*
21 Aromatic plant, rounded one’s seen in a research facility (5) BASIL {L{1'S}AB}<=
22 Declare heartily wanna be gaining some weight (8) ANNOUNCE {wANNa}{OUNCE}
23 Was a lion bloody chewing a pig's head off? (6) ROARED {R{bOAR}ED}
24 Cash on a pawnbroker? About thousand to begin with (5,6) LEGAL TENDER {LEG}{A} {L{Th...d}ENDER}

2   Juvenile very caught up in delight (5,2) REVEL IN [T<=]
3   Woman from America detained in Senegal (5) SUSAN {S{USA}N}
4   Titan said to beef up (7) TIGHTEN (~ titan)
5   Live round Cork briefly by a water body (6,3) BERING SEA {BE}{RING} {SEAl}
6   Aware of company ultimately rigging a lottery (5,2) ALERT TO {A+LOTTERy}*
7   Frantically makes amends endlessly with post (2,4,4,3) AT ONES WITS END {AT ONES} {WITh}{S END}
8   Guide, he'll steer trek every which way (6-7) HELTER-SKELTER*
14 Country club, assume excellent all round (9) MACEDONIA {MACE}{DON}{A1<=}
17 Mostly sound content to present a plan (7) PURPOSE {PURr}{POSE}
18 Outstanding broadcast featuring prizefighter (7) SALIENT {S{ALI}ENT}
19 Unused seaport going to seed (2,5) TO SPARE*
21 Tips of potherb to offer no vitamin B (5) BORON Tail Acrostic



  1. I think 9ac is a clue where you have to read the sentence as a whole and get the answer from the intended/implied breakup, without having to give the anno as we do normally.

    1. Also the reference I had in mind was this : As I was going to St.Ives

    2. I have heard its Tamil version as a riddle-
      A man asked a bevy of birds- " Nooru kilikae enge porenga?"
      To which, one of the birds replied- " We are not hundred. We, our spouses, half of that, half of that again plus you will make it a hundred."
      Now how many birds were flying?

    3. I recalled my school days when I had first read the St Ives rhyme. On many occasions, I had used it as a conundrum and explained that the answer was 1.

  2. 6DN: Online version shows the enu as (7) in place of (5.2). It took some time to realise the folly.

    1. Not sure how that happened. The copies I had sent were with the right enumeration.

  3. Smooth sailing for a smooth Bhavan special- except of course, for the above minor hiccups.

  4. Good one from Buzzer.

    6 Aware of company ultimately rigging a lottery (5,2) ALERT TO {A+LOTTERy}*

    Is 'rigging' on double duty as anind and deletion ind ?

  5. Probably meant like this-
    (Aware of= Alert to) with Y & rigging gives 'A lottery'.

  6. Challenging but satisfying grid from Buzzer today. Could not get the anno for some even after solving them! Also was misled by the wrong enum in the online version.
    One question:
    Nursery worker gather, trims edges regularly (8)
    Is there a POS issue in the surface reading? Shouldn't it be "Nursery worker gathers"? Or am I reading it wrong?

    1. I gather you have been referring to the other meaning of gather?

    2. I think Ramki and Raghunath are talking about the Parts of Speech (POS) issue in this clue.

    3. That is what I have been trying to understand. What is the part of speech issue? For the surface, 'gather' as in 'hear' or ' infer' or 'conclude' is what I meant.

    4. I think they meant that it should have been 'gathers'

  7. Maybe a comma after worker would have made it clearer.

  8. Solved it now a day and half later. As usual with Buzzer puzzles loved this too. Thanks Buzzer.