Thursday, 1 June 2017

No 12022, Thursday 01 Jun 2017, Arden

1   It's a combination of a man and sport, in short... (7) AMALGAM {A}{MALe}{GAMe}
5   ...tough to face this (7) BOUNCER [CD]
9   One gives protection for those who wear it (5) APRON [CD]
10 Instrument to summon top cops without hesitation (9) CALLIPERS {CALL}{IP{ER}S}
11 American leaves for Spain in figure of speech, perhaps (9) HYPERBOLE HYPERBOL(-a+e)E
12 Totally unpopulated, shortlist this place in the Alps (5) TYROL {To...lY}{ROLl}
13 Told to stop this group (4) BLOC (~block)
15 Short story–King wearing shoe and cap (8) YARMULKE {YARn}{MUL{K}E}
18 Ensure it makes one greedy (8) ESURIENT*
19 Play host? It doesn't make sense (4) TOSH*
22 The big ape gets most of the fruit (5) ORANG ORANGe
24 Wait, pick avenues for attack (9) BROADSIDE {B{ROADS}IDE}
26 It could be acrostic a land between continents (5,4) COSTA RICA*
27 Newspaper review in Statesmana growth story (5) ORGAN [T<=]
28 University's query on accepted writing (7) WHARTON {WHA{R}T}{ON}
29 Legally, from one side you can divide a river (2,5) EX PARTE {PART} in {EXE} One side on Double duty See comments

1   It's not a way to end lethargy (6) APATHY {A}{PATH}{l...gY} &lit
2   Granary put up after a harvest in Greece (9) ACROPOLIS {A}{CROP}{SILO<=}
3   Enas in Greek, he's toast (5) GONER {G{ONE}R}
4   Too big to mention loudly, it indicates Anemia (9) MACROCYTE (~ macro site) (Correction - (~ macro cite) - See comments
5   What emanates from the glib tongue? Bit of nonsense (5) BILGE [T<=]
6   One to rely on it for investment (4,5) UNIT TRUST {UNIT} {TRUST} &lit
7   Clubs King – understood? (5) CLEAR {C}{LEAR}
8   Corrosion on line, not in steel, they say (6) RUSTLE {RUST}{LinE} (steel = ~steal)
14 Actor asked to support award (4,5) CARY GRANT (~carry){CARY} {GRANT}
16 Logic of relationship over style (9)  RATIONALE Anno pending (Addendum - {RATION}{ELAN<=} - See comments)
17 SOS – once fashionable girl in lip lock (9) KISSINGER {KISS{IN}{G}ER}
20 Junior minister is lower in the capital (6) MOSCOW {MoS}{COW}
21 Sitting here can see building (6) SEANCE*
23 Confused why the navy is here? (2,3) AT SEA [DD]
24 Child with empty balloon will inflate it (5) BAIRN {AIR} in {Ba...oN}
25 Ultimately it's bad- bad to hoist flag (5) DROOP {baD}{POOR<=}



  1. 16 Logic of relationship over style (9) RATIONALE Anno pending

    relationship = ratio
    style = elan <=

    1. I have always seen RATION & ALE but this is a new take ! Well conceived Arden & well- parsed - Bhavan !

    Relationship: RATIO
    Style Over - ELAN<

    1. Generally speaking and ideally, where should the rev ind be? Before or after the fodder? Or can it be in either place?

    2. After would be elegant & gramarically correct
      Before would be exceptional..I think

  3. 29AC: I think divide is to be taken as PART

  4. 11a Figure plays double duty here? Hyperbola is a fig.

  5. 4D: I thought it was ~cite(to mention)

    1. Why loudly? Does it act act as a homonym indicator?

    2. Yes..loudly is homophone indicator

    3. Thank you Vasant. I always get confused between homophone & homonym.

  6. SOS & MOS were really devious!

  7. Kissinger was supposed to be constantly attending to 'SOS's across the world at one time. Doubt was that if he was putting out fires or kindling them!

  8. Quite a few I could not parse today.

  9. YARMULKE: To cap it all ! well built up. I always wonder how the skull cap remains in place and doesn't get blown away !

  10. Nice puzzle. Couldn't parse RUSTLE, TYROL, KISSENGER. As for MOSCOW, could get COW part but not MOS. Anyway feeling happy to have completed the crossie! Thanks Arden.

  11. My COD was 12Ac TYROL. Liked the use of word 'unpopulated' in emptying 'totally'!

  12. Thanks to the setters for their efforts!
    I have a number of questions about today's grid:
    10A. Instrument to summon top cops without hesitation (9)
    What's the role of "top"? Cops=IPS, but not all IPS can be called top cops.
    27A Newspaper review in Statesman –a growth story (5)
    Is "story" extraneous to the clue?
    21D Sitting here can see building (6)
    Is "here" a connector? Would a comma have sufficed instead?
    23D Confused why the navy is here? (2,3)
    Are "why the" there just for the surface?
    8D Corrosion on line, not in steel, they say (6)
    Both ends seem to be wordplay, with no definition?
    5D What emanates from the glib tongue? Bit of nonsense (5)
    Is "tongue" extraneous? Does the clue need a reverse telescopic word indicator? And doesn't a hidden word need to be "covered" on both sides?

  13. I am able to answer 8D-
    The def. is marked in the original post- "Steel,they say". It leads to 'steal' which is Rustle.
    Corrosion- Rust
    'On line not in' is line- in= le.

    1. Thanks- I understood the annotation. But there's no definition, is there? The homophone is wordplay.

    2. Steel,they say (marked in bold) or Steal is the def.

  14. 5D- tongue relates the bit of nonsense to the spoken word- otherwise it can be any type of nonsense. Also, it completes the surface story which is essential.

    1. Bilge is actually any kind of nonsense or garbage, so it doesn't need to be qualified.Still, the reverse telescopic indicator is needed? And for the hidden word to be "fully" hidden?

  15. 10A- Rather, some of the top cops are IPS and that is sufficient here. Normally IG is referred to as top cop and this is a different take.

    1. I agree that it's a different take, but I don't agree with it overall. :)

  16. Basically, the surface reading is an essential and interesting part of the clue, apart from def. & wordplay.

    1. I completely agree that surface reading is essential, but from whatever I've learnt about cryptics, one cannot have anything extra in them, even for the sake of surface. Except connectors, of course.
      Thanks for responding, Padmanabhan, much appreciated!

    2. Sorry I did not place you. After I saw your comment yesterday and the reply of CV & KKR, I should have. Now, I realise you are more of an expert than I can ever hope to be. Pardon, if I have talked some 'Bilge'.

  17. That was not me yesterday. This is my first or second post in this forum, although I've been lurking for a while. :) And I'm no expert, I was looking to have my questions classified, so all comments are welcome!

  18. Interesting queries by Mr.Sridhar..though most of them have been answered by would be nice if Arden can chip in

  19. Vasant, thanks for your response yesterday. I searched for 'gee horse' but could find no example other than yesterday's. 'She her' gave many spurious matches so it was not useful. I doubt it is a crossword convention, more likely a mistake by the setter...

    1. Esha read this article

    2. Thanks for the link but the discussion is about GEE (not GEE-GEE) for horse - a meaning not give in the dictionaries...

      Man, the horse amounts to almost nothing (6) GEE+ZER(O)

    3. It would be better to hear from the horse's mouth!
      Request Arden to throw light on these as well as to today's queries

  20. Ran into rough weather today. Have several queries like Sridhar.

    9A - Vague clue - answer can even be GLOVE?
    5A - Same problem
    11A - figure on double duty? Is it OK?
    28A - Why R for writing? In LSRW, writing for W right?
    1D - There is no definition. The blog says &lit, but is apathy defined as "no way to end lethargy"? I can't find any connection?
    4D - In the link it says "No complications arise from macrocytosis itself". Ie macrocyte itself does not mean anaemia.
    8D - Same as Sridhar - why two wordplays and no definition?
    20D - Redundant 'Is'?

    1. 11A- No, double duty is not kosher.
      28A- I think it might refer to the three Rs of education- reading, writing and arithmetic. Although I always thought calling them the 3 Rs doesn't sound very educated!
      I had a similar doubt about 1D, but didn't bring it up since I am &lit challenged :)