Friday, 30 June 2017

No 12047, Friday 30 Jun 2017, Arden

9   Habitual criminal, a dropout from school (7) HALIBUT HaBITUAL*
10 He runs to check in two articles (7) ATHLETE {A}{TH{LET}E}
11 Blunt — essentially kept breaking rules freely (7) REPULSE {kEPt} in {RULES}*
12 Wayward son gets a child to look after going ahead (7) ONWARDS {WARD} in {SON}*
13 In the US woman not allowed on the radio communication network (9) BROADBAND {BROAD}{BAND}(~banned)
15 State of a meal ordered loudly (5) HAITI (~high tea)
16 Nationals held here a month before (7) AUGUSTA {AUGUST}{A}
19 Implement rules or construct fence all around (7) ENFORCE {FENCE}* around {OR}
20 Bird on bird? (5) REEVE {RE}{EVE} Eve/Bird? See comments
21 Conflicting order on national day (5,4) HOIST FLAG {FLAG<=>HOIST}
25 Overall blue green a lake (7) GENERAL {GREEN}*{A}{L}
26 Collecting waste fish (7) POOLING {POO}{LING}
28 Ready to enter work list, one goes out to attack (7) TORPEDO {RiPE} in {TO DO}
29 "Cover scam, make it airtight" one is told (7) CONCEAL {CON}{CEAL}(~seal)

1   Long for a massage? Not a seraph (6) CHERUB {aCHE}{RUB}
2   Dirty paedophiles shied away from war torn city (6) ALEPPO PAedOPhiLEs*
3   Mark decapitated, his brother killed him (4) ABEL lABEL
4   She was venerated later in the temperance movement (6) ATHENA {THEN} in {AA}
5   Loves to wear something wicked around neck (8) CANOODLE {CANDLE} around {OO}
6   Talk about the few characters, just gossip (4,3,3) CHEW THE FAT {CHAT} around {THE+FEW}*
7   Listen to story, said to be more satisfying (8) HEARTIER {HEAR}{TIER}
8   Each peak will make one sweat (8) PERSPIRE {PER}{SPIRE}
14 Put off departure — is Teheran on the boil? (10) DISHEARTEN {D}{IS}{TEHERAN}*
16 Cancel a short address before opening (8) ABROGATE {A}{BROther}{GATE}
17 Potential energy blanket on foliage (8) GREENERY {ENERGY}* over {RE}
18 Animals gain height when sun is farthest away (8) APHELION {AP{H}E}{LION}
22 Result of devilry? (6) IMPACT {IMP}{ACT}
23 Loaf around — thing is to get into another role (6) LOITER {IT} in {ROLE}*
24 Sound bargain — George replaces Henry (6) GAGGLE (-h+g)GAGGLE
27 Had no inkling some pigs did that (4) OINK [T]



  1. Nice puzzle to close the Arden run.
    20A: bird=woman, slang

    1. +1
      I consider chick also on this point.

    2. Vasant,
      I think we can expect one more from Arden. He has completed three so far in this month.

    3. Yes Sir, you are right. My mistake

  2. Exteremely enjoyable puzzle. An Arden morning brightens the whole day

  3. Wonder what's happening to all the other regulars?

    Hoist flag is a weak clue. Hoist THE flag is the usual term and FLAG HOIST is a complete words reverse?

    ALEPPO is the current burning city and the word has been derived as a deletion fro paedophiles very craftily.

    BROADBAND & HAITI are sound -effect clues- well done.

    APHELION is the zenith in clue -forming.

    Nice job, Arden !

  4. Free dic. gives it as a variant. I am coming across this for the first time. Is it again the American version?

    1. Even Chambers and Oxford give story as floor, American version. So, said is not necessary.

    2. Any use of American spelling will be clearly mentioned in British crosswords, also certain words used only in the US. A case in point is the use of the word 'broad' in 13 Ac and the American usage is duly mentioned . So, the clue for 7D stays as explained in Deepak 11:40.

  5. I don't understand 22D. Can someone pl. explain?

    1. Devil = IMP, = Devilry = Devils act = {IMP}{ACT}

    2. Devilry: a mischieviuos act=act by an imp=imp act=result

    3. Thank you Vasant. I misread it as delivery. No wonder I could not make head or tail of it.