Sunday, 4 June 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2946, Sunday 04 Jun 2017

1   Planet with hot swamp (5) MARSH {MARS}{H}
4   Shame about getting into argument (9) DISREPUTE {DIS{RE}PUTE}
9   Film with power, receiving Oscar simply? Not quite (9) MOONLIGHT {M{O}{ONLy}IGHT}
10 Crest belonging to florid gentleman (5) RIDGE [T]
11 Cordial informer with criminal organisation sacrificing leader (7) RATAFIA {RAT}{mAFIA}
12 Run and play around old platform (7) ROSTRUM {R}{O}{STRUM}
13 Item Marx hoped to change, creating incongruous image (5,8) MIXED METAPHOR*
16 Small high-pitched sound with purpose by bird, not left in tree (7,6) WEEPING WILLOW {WEE}{PING} {WILL}{OWl}
20 Apparatus used in circus trick with energy, with zest? Not half (7) TRAPEZE {TRAP}{E}{ZEst}
22 State one name connected with Roman goddess (7) INDIANA {1}{N}{DIANA}
23 Frequent search covering area (5) HAUNT {H{A}UNT}
24 Excessive in scheming in servile style (9) SLAVISHLY {S{LAVISH}LY}
25 Leave King Edward in charge (9) SKEDADDLE {S{K}{ED}ADDLE}
26 Delusion caused by fear with time running out (5) ERROR tERROR

1   Recall opening of event in 2000 poorly, forgetting odd parts (6) MEMORY {M{Ev..t}M}{pOoRlY}
2   Marsupial, fully grown, retaining composure in comfortable warmth (4,11) ROOM TEMPERATURE {ROO}{M {TEMPER}ATURE}
3   Cry of triumph, careless about condition in capital of province (7) HALIFAX {HA}{L{IF}AX}
4   Fiercely competitive dad got excited, keeping self-esteem up (3-3-3) DOG-EAT-DOG {EGO<=} in {DAD+GOT}*
5   Instrument among prizes I target (5) SITAR [T]
6   Regret capsizing when beginning to inspect a land mass (7) EURASIA {RUE<=}{AS}{In...t}{A}
7   Out of sorts, hurt, need to change and survive (5,3,7) UNDER THE WEATHER {HURT+NEED}* {WEATHER}
8   Always remove terribly extreme pieces of ridicule (8) EVERMORE {REMOVE}*{Ri...lE}
14 Exclude select group outside main ground (9) ELIMINATE {ELI{MAIN}*TE}
15 Nervous movements from sorceress in endless trial (8) TWITCHES {T{WITCH}ESt}
17 Passivity at home? It rises during time (7) INERTIA {IN}{ER{IT<=}A}
18 Opponent of innovation, endlessly dreary, upset over new diet (7) LUDDITE {DULl<=}{DIET}*
19 Brief film carrying weight (6) LAWYER {LA{W}YER} Is this definition correct? See comments
21 Relieved, having finished getting rid of cold (5) EASED cEASED



  1. OED gives brief as solicitor

  2. Replies
    1. Lawyers are not known to be brief.

  3. A lawyer can steal more with a briefcase than a hoodlum with a gun
    - Don Vito Corleone in Mario Puzo' s " Godfather".

  4. Some words not found in dictionary