Sunday, 18 June 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2948, Sunday 18 Jun 2017

1   Reject plant in row (6) DISOWN {DI{SOW}N}
4   Benefit to a smaller extent during spree, losing energy (8) BLESSING {B{LESS}INGe}
9   Opener getting frantic rocks team (9) CORKSCREW {ROCKS*}{CREW}
11 Fly westward for example and fade (5) MIDGE {EG}{DIM}<=
12 Contemplate display (7) REFLECT [DD]
13 Replace work (7) SUCCEED [DD]
14 Excessively excited by role as a nun (12) UNREASONABLY*
18 Serious line receiving chop in silly pictorial story (7,5) GRAPHIC NOVEL {GRA{CHOP+IN}*VE}{L}
21 Sharp expert in charge capturing rook with bishop (7) ACERBIC {ACE}{R}{B}{IC}
22 Outburst from worker perhaps with spirit after end of shift (7) TANTRUM {s..fT}{ANT}{RUM}
24 Servant taking the box back full of drink (5) VALET {V{ALE}T<=}
25 Writer emerging from cinema terribly pale (3,6) IAN McEWAN {CINEMA}*{WAN}
26 Odds rise rapidly in projection (8) SPROCKET {SP}{ROCKET}
27 Prime fodder injected with revolutionary colourant (6) HEYDAY {H{DYE<=}AY}

1   Proper defeat, lacking time to break fiendish codes (8) DECOROUS {DECO{ROUt}S*}
2   Browse, catching update finally? Anger guaranteed (4-4) SURE-FIRE {SUR{u...tE}-F}{IRE}
3   Run through desert (5) WASTE [DD]
5   Racing driver revealed consuming desire and raised capital (5,8) LEWIS HAMILTON {WIS H}{LIMA<=} in {LET ON}
6   Company, restricted by trees coming up, about to give signal for pause (9) SEMICOLON {SEMI{CO}L<=}{ON}
7   Truly denied going wrong (6) INDEED*
8   Uncertain about editor being eager (6) GREEDY {GRE{ED}Y}
10 Crept over site nervously looking back (13) RETROSPECTIVE*
15 Agile graduate absorbed by word puzzle, not small (9) ACROBATIC {ACROs{BA}TIC}
16 Poor old weaver, left out, intimidated (8) OVERAWED {OlD+WEAVER}*
17 Vicious cycle stopped by people showing mercy (8) CLEMENCY {CLE{MEN}CY*}
19 Preserve most of immense painting (6) CANVAS {CAN}{VASt}
20 Merchant involved in nationwide alert (6) DEALER [T]
23 Man under arrest not entirely in ideal position (5) NICHE {NICk}{HE}



  1. As mentioned yesterday, the special today is an Alphabet Jigsaw by Fraz. Please read the instructions carefully.

    Since I have asked for submissions of completed answers the comments for that post will be blocked till 4 PM. After 4 PM three answers per commenter with annotations can be submitted.

    1. Looking forward to solve this challenge from Fraz.