Monday, 5 June 2017

No 12025, Monday 05 Jun 2017, Lightning

1   Officer backing mine workers (8) TIPSTAFF {PIT<=}{STAFF}
5   Suit passed around (6) SPADES*
9   Covers are also very peculiar (8) OVERLAYS*
10 Behind a royal breed (6) ARREAR {A}{R}{REAR}
12 Meagre endeavour partly eco-friendly (5) GREEN [T]
13 A go-between? (9) MIDDLEMAN {M{A}N}
14 Force measured thus in current century (6) NEWTON {NEW}{TON}
16 Scotsman is cross we entered into shopping complex (7) MAXWELL {MA{X}{WE}LL}
19 Moon spinning to fall behind one constellation (7) GALILEO {LAG<=}{1}{LEO}
21 Planck’s constant these days, in use describing radius of subatomic particle (6) HADRON {H}{AD}{R}{ON}
23 Put down struggle at work – it is usually needed to get a job (9) INTERVIEW {INTER}{VIE}{W}
25 Lad, ultimately somewhat mature (5) ADULT [T]
26 Exempt from jail, nationalist supplants king (6) IMMUNE IMMU(-r+n)NE
27 Physicist, German for one, has electron penetrating metal (8) EINSTEIN {EINS}{T{E}IN}
28 Annoyed by overt resistance inside (6) NARKED {NA{R}KED}
29 Shaken daughter had stuttering gait at the beginning (8) AGITATED {GAIT}*{ATE}{D} As per wordplay this becomes {AGIT*}{D}{ATE}

1   Detailed idea nevertheless (6) THOUGH THOUGHt
2   Regularly chew pastry taken before lunch bit by bit (9) PIECEMEAL {PIE}{ChEw}{MEAL}
3   Almost tardy sending back working claw (5) TALON {LATe<=}{ON}
4   American scientist, say splendid fellow (7) FEYNMAN (~fine){FEYN}{MAN}
6   Confused and upset salesman earnestly appealed to admit former lover (9) PERPLEXED {REP<=}{PL{EX}ED}
7   Hallucinate about breaking barrier (5) DREAM {D{RE}AM}
8   Disperse a small amount (8) SPRINKLE [DD]
11 Forced to return cheese (4) EDAM <=
15 Resistance of electron moving around area (9) TOLERANCE {ELECTRON}* over {A}
17 Oriental and historic building at first leased for new payment (9) EMOLUMENT {E}{MO(-n+l}LUMENT}
18 Police chief (leader) can recall firing (8) IGNITION {IG}{TIN<=}{NO1<=}
20 Leave out mantra with appeal (4) OMIT {OM}{IT}
21 Door to door selling of Indian condiment over a week (7) HAWKING {H{A}{WK}ING}
22 Drunk individual goes after saint with some deviousness (6) STONED {ST}{ONE}{De...s}
24 Layer around minute stopwatch (5) TIMER {TI{M}ER}
25 Right away maintain advantage (5) ASSET ASSErT



  1. A gentle start to the week. Quite an enjoyable one. Thanks Lightning. :)

  2. A mark of respect to some scientists of renown. Nice & enjoyable.

  3. Loved solving this tribute to the physicists...all stalwarts.Thanks Lightning.

  4. 13A: Thanks Col for the parsing...had filled in as easy..what a nice clue!

    1. While I got the answer right, I could not pars it. A between m and n. What do m and n stand for? And what is this type of clue called?

    2. These are called Rebus type of clues

    3. Vasant the anno was sent to me by Ramesh

    4. Thanks Ramesh...that is why the blog is so get to know new tools...bloggers & commentators pitch in to reveal a tricky parsing...

  5. Remembered reading a series of notes called Feynman's lectures during my Xth Std..later on read his autobiography..Surely you are joking, Mr. Feynman. I remember one episode frome the book...while returning after a party, he had sat down to study but realised he was too drunk to study...there & then he gave up drinking..later on he went on to win the Nobel prize for physics

  6. 13 across: MIDDLEMAN= Go -between. Is this not a DD or MD? The parsing given as M(A)N is not appropriate, I think.

  7. Why only 7 comments? Everyone roistering over the roasting of Pak by India ?

  8. Parsing is right. Interpretation/ naming may differ. It could be a DD or a Rebus type as suggested by vasant.

  9. i still do not get the parsing of M(A)N. I saw CV's comments also in the Facebook on this.

    1. The clue is A go-between
      Definition is go-between
      Word play is A
      A is the middle of mAn which becomes the answer-middleman

  10. Thanks, Vasant. The first thing that came to my mind is a straightforward answer for a go-between is the synonyms and I put in middleman. Only after I read the parsing, I see another annotation. It sounded very uncryptic to me. I also hear of a Rebus type of clue for the first time. Any more examples ?

    1. Classics are
      1. Gegs? for Scrambled eggs
      2.O?(8,6) for Circular Letter
      3. H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O (5) for Water(H to O..H2O)

    2. "It sounded very uncryptic to me"..I think that happens when you get the answer from the definition as in the case of & Lit clues.It is when you get the wp that the aha moment occurs

    3. The clue under discussion for Middleman is NOT a rebus clue..a rebus clue has no definition as in the 3 examples above..this I came to know through the 1Across discussion on FB posted by CV the type of clue is still to be fathomed..some opined reverse container

      as per the above articlle (see O, DEPUTY)
      A GO-BETWEEN : MIDDLE OF MAN qualifies to be rebus clue. does middleman read same as middle of man. if we were given MIDDLEMAN only would we derive A.

  11. Vasant: (.) full stop; (!!) Is that so? ; ( ?) why . (:) the large intestine.

    Good night for now. 2310hrs