Wednesday, 28 June 2017

No 12045, Wednesday 28 Jun 2017, Arden

1   Invitees to roam free, rating's too high (14) OVERESTIMATION*
10 Philosopher will stop entertaining business (5) BACON {BA{CO}N}
11 Count up to thousand allowed for sure (2,7) NO PROBLEM {NO{PRO}BLE}{M}
12 Strait in UK has small volume of water, perhaps (7) SOLVENT {SOL{V}ENT}
13 First time met with accident, so took public transport (7) TRAMMED {Time}{RAMMED}
14 No choice, goes forward with stunt (5) DWARF ForWARD*
16 Money is time, I see it's practical (9) REALISTIC {REAL}{IS}{T}{IC}
19 Media crew, force them into service (5,4) PRESS GANG {PRESS} {GANG}
20 It raises money in other words (5) YEAST Anno pending [C&DD] See comments
22 Got to choose nothing inside ruin (2,2,3) GO TO POT {GOT}{OP{O}T}
25 Come back, soldiers receive what I send (7) RIPOSTE {I}{POST} in {RE}
27 Holy sacrament replaces air chutes (9) EUCHARIST*
28 Affiliate lost billions in spread (5) RANCH bRANCH
29 It's detrimental to a wayward tramp (14) TATTERDEMALION*

2   Shilly-shally, go and get sick (9) VACILLATE {VAC{ILL}ATE}
3   Extent of fury from bottom to top (5) RANGE (+r)RANGE(-r)
4   Hospitals dealt with riot in the capital (9) SANATORIA {RIOT}* in {SANAA}
5   Contribution is enhanced a bit when set up nicely (5) INPUT [T<=]
6   Spoken in friendship, it's not about what's right or wrong (9) AMORALITY {AM{ORAL}ITY}
7   Faith increases in normal situation (5) ISLAM [T<=]
8   I leave Dominica, off and on the move (7) NOMADIC DOMiNICA*
9   Bad mouthed an American who is retired (6) ABUSED {AB{US}ED}
15 Joint bar serves trout on a platter (9) FISHPLATE {FISH}{PLATE}
17 Set of rules affecting girl at home, no freedom essentially (9) ALGORITHM {GIRL+AT+HOMe}*
18 Attacks on artiste at random (5,4) TEARS INTO*
19 Tempting to chop head off — changes colour (7) PIGMENT tEMPTING*
21 Not even there, the process every child goes through (6) TEETHE {ThErE}{THE}
23 Understanding my inner self? Understood (5) TACIT {TAC{I}T}
24 Austria deported some criminals (5) TRIAD [T]
26 Hesitate to get into court case, there is a risk (5) PERIL {ER} in {PIL}



  1. 20 It raises money in other words (5) YEAST Anno pending

    yeast helps raise bread

    1. +1. Yeast:
      it makes the dough (money) raise.

    2. +2
      While this dough money is understood, I am not able to understand the money in 16AC!
      Is the setter meaning money to be RIAL (in the Arab Region)? I don't have dictionary support for REAL for money

    3. Play money, real money. Terms used in casino/poker. (My understanding)

    4. Brazil's currency is Real

    5. Thanks Ramesh,
      I am content with Spanish money!
      It was my mistake to have missed in Chambers' Dict.

  2. Real is old Spanish silver coin
    - from aboard Sapthagiri Express

    1. Thanks Vasi Sir,
      Have a safe trip and comfortable darshan! (if it is your onward journey)

  3. ...and pray on allour behalf.

  4. Loved fish plate. Nicely done.

  5. ") across: YEAST--- yeast , yes, raises money= dough= bread. Under what category does this clue fall? tertiary CD? or MD: DD --- made me raise an eyebrow !

  6. Came back to doing puzzle after a day's break.
    Nice puzzle. Loved the construction of clues and the varied wp.
    Thanks Arden.