Wednesday, 14 June 2017

No 12033, Wednesday 14 May 2017, Afterdark

1   Two females in a fight on bed to grab a small garment (6,5) DUFFEL COATS {DU{FF}EL} {CO{A}T}{S}
9   Pressure to find choice of one in hundred and deal (7) PORTION {P}{OR}{T{1}ON}
10 Nobody in the centre tracks situation to find fake medicine (7) PLACEBO {PLACE}{noBOdy}
11 Leave taken through loss of pay is to get between the sheets essentially (5) ELOPE {shE{LOP}Ets}
12 Announcement on team broadcast in tube, perhaps (9) STATEMENT {ST{TEAM*}ENT}
13 Display box's lid lost, get a second in place (5) SIGHT (-f+s)SIGHT
15 One at Chandigarh, say receives circular to get married with a jerk on a car, perhaps (9) AUTOMATIC {A}{UT}{O}{M}{A}{TIC}
18 Discussion with Director to let CIA destabilize India and Cuba (9) DIALECTIC {D}{LET+CIA}{I}{C}
21 Least worried about flat (5) STALE*
22 These days I and Stella get together and it’s divine (9) CELESTIAL {CE}{I+STELLA}*
24 Return to NIT perhaps with ulcer, being hungry (5) RECUR {REC}{UlceR}
26 Nexus at border to smuggle silver following weekend (7) LINKAGE {LIN{weeK}{AG}E}
27 In Paris, it’s good to have Italian wine with support (7) BASTION {B{ASTI}ON}
28 Needless to outwardly disqualify writers (11) DISPENSABLE {DIS{PENS}ABLE}

1   Crowd invades; record by Moody (9) DEPRESSED {DE{PRESS}ED}
2   Following order to stay outside organisation, resign (5) FORGO {F}{ORG}{O}
3   History recorded on teen's convulsions, contains reading of point discussed during tremor (9) EPICENTRE {EPIC}{ENT{R}E*}
4   Accountant's tricky, stops short at a card game (7) CANASTA {CA}{NASTy}{A}
5   Hotel key found below a society parking on paving (7) ASPHALT {A}{S}{P}{H}{ALT}
6   Bar seen on roads (5) STAVE {ST}{AVE} Must be 500 metres away though :-)
7   Medicine returned; ward collects contents of vial with a condition (8) DEMENTIA {MED<=}{ENT}{vIAl}
8   Forsyth's first book had old typeface (4) FONT {Fo...h}{O}{NT}
14 Girl angrily chopped a fish (8) GRAYLING {G}{ANGRILY*}
16 Film on USSR's disintegration showcases Turkish President's suspicions (9) MISTRUSTS {MIST}{RUS{T}S*}
17 King in accident; leaves hospital on authorization (9) CLEARANCE {Ch{LEAR}ANCE}
19 Muscles get septic; treated by injecting rifampicin to begin with (7) TRICEPS {Ri...n} in {SEPTIC}*
20 Strength of republican deconstructed; not socially acceptable, lacks power and name (7) CALIBRE REpuBLICAn*
22 Chef Lily regularly seen in a small room... (4) CELL {ChEf}{LiLy}
23 ...small room and lawn (5) SWARD {S}{WARD}
25 Scale of 151 metre provided by a follower (5) CLIMB {CLI}{M}{aB}



  1. Thanks AD.
    Solved in broad daylight (India's after dark!)

  2. Afterdark counter showing this is the 99th puzzle. Tomorrow would be AD not out 100!

    1. Actually 98 here includes today. However you are right too. I have had a puzzle published in some other magazine and hence tomorrow is No 100 indeed

    2. 1Across anniversary souveneir?

    3. No another magazine called as ISSUU. 1 Across I did one, but I forgot to count that. So this actually is the 100th maybe

    4. So, congrats on your ton is due already! Great!
      Keep it going.

    5. That is a huge achievement consudering your multiple roles.

  3. Only two comments till now?

  4. 24A- 'being hungry' to indicate eat the middle away?- UR from ulcer

    1. I intended it as hungry = empty stomach , hence ulcer becomes UR

    2. Thank you Shrikanth. that was a different take.

  5. 6D- These bars are usually found on Indian roads!

  6. If anybody can, it is AFTERDARK who can prove that I'm rather poor in additions and deletions. I had to break the solving time into three sessions over a period of three hours .

    I'm so nonplussed to arrive at the final sum. What' the next lesson? Multiplications and divisions?

    1. Your comments are more cryptic than this crossword. Hats off to you Sir😀

    2. I have nothing more to add or take away. Its AFTERDARK's job lead us into the light(s)

      Pun intended !

  7. To day it is a negative record day for me.Not even one,I am able to crack.

  8. A better puzzle though I am not a fan of ADs surfaces :) I think the grammar is off in 22A. Also 17 D king in accident??

    1. 22A:didn't get the ungrammatical part...I & Stella..Stella & I? Verb does agree with the subject, doesn't it?
      17D: King can be in an accident, can't he?

    2. Yeah 17D you are right. For 22 it should be Stella and I, I thought