Monday, 12 June 2017

No 12031, Monday 12 Jun 2017, Vulcan

1   Press one to come out with the reply (8) RESPONSE*
5   With pleasure, eat around one city (6) MUNICH {MUN{1}CH} With pleasure is superfluous
10 Gatecrashed businesswoman's plantation (3,6) TEA GARDEN {GATE}*{ARDEN} Is Arden standard for a businesswoman (No pun intended)?
11 Son captivated by A Tree Song (5) PSALM {P{S}ALM}
12 Order soap (6) SERIES [DD]
13 No coming back? Feels differently for me! (7) ONESELF {NO<=}{FEELS}*
14 Dance starting off with a caper — exciting (8) ROMANTIC {pROM}{ANTIC}
15 In love with old natural dye (6) INDIGO {IN}{DIG}{O}
18 Mildly resembling a man? (6) GENTLY [CD]
20 Error, one in magazine's first run (8) MISPRINT {Ma,,,e}{1}{SPRINT}
22 Sad title associated with last album (3,2,2) LET IT BE {TITLE}*{BE}
25 Student gives up learning basically to become breadwinner (6) EARNER lEARNER
27 Suit and tie originally designed for African (5) TUTSI {Tie+SUIT}*
28 Day spent in one scary resort that's inferior (9) SECONDARY {D} in {ONE+SCARY}*
29 Performer, European, catches cold before the start of recital (6) DANCER {DAN{C}E}{Re...l}
30 Novice one prepared to wrestle, say (8) NEOPHYTE {ONE*}{PHYTE}(~fight)

1   Rodent with excellent speed (4) RATE {RAT}{E}
2   Political leader, one from Kentucky! (9) STATESMAN [DD]
3   New idea to get rid of pub brought cheers (7) OVATION innOVATION
4   Back as a girl with a cane endlessly cruel (8) SADISTIC {AS<=}{DI}{STICk}
6   Emotional meet-up before the end of reunion for many (7) UMPTEEN {MEET-UP}*{r...oN}
7   When animal shelters turning empty ... (5) INANE [T<=]
8   Civilian population struggled for ultimately one month (9) HOMEFRONT  {FOR+onE+MONTH}
9   Found old dresses loose (4) UNDO [T] That should be LOOSEN?
14 Great duel badly moderated (9) REGULATED*
16 Route I experiment with — to get in in time (9) ITINERARY {I}{T{IN}{ERA}RY}
17 Telegram about new case for the smart one! (8) WISEACRE {WI{CASE*}RE}
19 Can learn it for a change (7) LATRINE*
21 Vegetable that's cut, cut and cut (7) PARSNIP {PARe}{SNIP}
23 A giant, it's brown on the outside (5) TITAN {T{IT}AN}
24 Fatty? It's not good, right; it's straightforward (4) EASY grEASY
26 Promotion of a shy person (4) HYPE [T]



  1. You take out dresses kept in the wardrobe. You may find some of them 'loose', some 'tight' and some others 'just fit'. I think the wording in that clue is OK.


      1 unfasten, untie, unbuckle, unbutton, unhook, unzip, unlock, unwrap, unwind, open, free, release, loose, loosen, separate, disentangle

    2. undo is both loose and loosen? Strange

  2. 2. To eat with pleasure

    5A from free dictionary

  3. Pleasant start for the week. Enjoyed solving.

  4. 2D: Man from Kentucky=Man from states(united)=statesman? Or is it state's(kentucky)man?
    But a nice clue neverthless

  5. Vasant,
    It is ONE from Kentucky- not MAN. Do it fits into a DD nicely.

    1. One from Kentucky translates to man from States, doesnt it
      Of course it is a DD, no doubt.Was just wondering how one from Kentucky becomes Statesman

    2. Probably referring to Martin Luther King.

  6. Replies
    1. Yes.Net connection restored on saturday evening

  7. Happy Birthday Dr DS. Don't see you here nowadays?

    1. Thanks Colonel and all my friends here. I do look at the Blog regularly though I don't post comments. Won't miss this group anytime. Regards to all.

  8. 19 Dn.I am at a loss to appreciate the solution.