Sunday, 12 September 2021

The Sunday Crossword No 3167, Sunday 12 Sep 2021

1   Tell Lucy: coin minted for local authority (6,7)  COUNTY COUNCIL {COUNT}{LUCY+COIN}*
8   A lovely person's back? Very good (4) MEGA {A}{GEM}<=
9   Running tavern, taking time writing menu including starter of haggis (10) PUBLISHING {PUB}{LISt{Ha...s}ING}
10 Losing cent, clerk increasingly pale (6) ASHIER cASHIER
11 Opening of Coriolanus, tragedy needing excision: that’s obvious (5-3) CLEAR-CUT {Co...s}{LEAR}{CUT}
12 Found fault with Independent writer about Latin expression (5,4) CARPE DIEM {CARPED}{I}{ME<=}
14 Tennyson heroine to eat in style after retiring (4) ENID<=
15 Component of servo (Boeing instrument) (4) OBOE [T]
16 Arranged systematically; shocked! (9) STAGGERED [DD]
20 Primarily jumbo epicurean receptacle: outsize bottle of aerated merriment! (8) JEROBOAM Acrostic &lit
21 Foremost of Inuit gaffs with small rooms? (6) IGLOOS {In..t}{Ga..s}{LOOS} Semi&lit
23 Grub: for starters, one in France gets 'minced steed' – not eaten (10) UNDIGESTED {UN}{DIG}{STEED*}
24 Loudly regretted getting cross (4) ROOD (~rued)
25 104 come in with lyre playing for declaration of love (5,8) CIVIL CEREMONY {CIV}{COME+IN+LYRE}*

1   Radical university, a part of London (7) CHELSEA {CHE}{LSE}{A}
2   A little rum (a mild taste) (5) UMAMI [T]
3   Record: wine gradually diminished (7) TAPERED {TAPE}{RED}
4   Bent copper, crime etc: I activated measure (5,10) CUBIC CENTIMETRE {BENT+CU+CRIME+ETC+I}*
5   One solver honoured in announcement (6) UNITED (~you knighted)
6   One creche assembled union (9) COHERENCE*
7   Relaxed dipping into Milan guidebook (7) LANGUID [T]
13 Musician's press release to approve disc by Furious Five (9) PROKOFIEV {PR}{OK}{O}{FIVE*}
15 Big cocaine bust (7) OCEANIC*
17 German Enigma that’s set on fire (7) GRIDDLE {G}{RIDDLE}
18 In brasserie, at the end, old trick: Everyman's saving money (7) ECONOMY {b...rE}{CON}{O}{MY} 
19 Live, accepting love – and prosper (2,4) DO WELL {D{0}WELL}
22 Left without 100 goods' slow movement (5) LARGO {L}{cARGO}

Reference List
Time = T, Cent = C, Independent = I, One in French = UN, 104 = CIV, German = G, Old = O, Left = L, 100 = C


  1. There will be no Sunday Specials till 21 Nov in view of the online round of IXL

  2. Those who are interested in participating in the IXL Ctossword competition please register. See the preceding post for details.

  3. 11A. Is it clear cut ( the answer) or clear out ( the anno)?. Which is the one..

  4. It is a typo. Both are Clear cut.
    Col to correct it later.