Thursday, 16 September 2021

No 13353, Thursday 16 Sep 2021, Dr. X

Solution to 2D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   One avoiding Communion perhaps is atypical (8) UNCOMMON COMMUNiON*
5   Hounded by heartless spouse in African country (6) CHASED {CHA{Sp..sE}D}
10 Save newspaper opinion piece about model (7) DEPOSIT {OP ED<=}{SIT}
11 Judges in America tackling politician's rage (7) UMPIRES {U{MP}{IRE}S}
12 Bar girl at Chennai arrested (5) LATCH [T]
13 Analysing theories about origin of world in a different way (9) OTHERWISE {OTHER{Wo..d}ISE*}
14 Anxious father returns, pondering about rebellious girl (12) APPREHENSIVE {PA<=}{P{HER<=}ENSIVE}
18 Praise group penning articles about century by leading batsman (3,2,3,4) PAT ON THE BACK {P{A}{TON}{THE}{Ba...n}ACK}
21 Grin happily in exotic Lhasa, an earthly paradise (9) SHANGRILA {SHA{GRIN*}LA*} Enumeration should be (7-2)
23 Frantically pursue rogue primarily escaping in drain (3,2) USE UP PUrSUE*
24 Altaf G. Hanif provides shelter to countryman (7) AFGHANI [T]
25 Occasionally love lemon crushed in drink of wine and honey (7) OENOMEL {lOvE}{LEMON*}
26 Hint about commotion in plant (6) YARROW {RAY<=}{ROW}
27 Runners using stealth to smuggle drug (8) ATHLETES {ATHL{E}TES*}

1   Excessively wayward Republican replaced by Democrat (6) UNDULY UN(-r+d)DULY
2   Hooded cloak son concealed in trunk contains marijuana (6) C?P?T?  (Addendum - CAPOTE {CAs{POT}E} - See comments)
3   Top star involved in accident leaves many fellows crippled (9) MISSHAPEN {MIS{Star}HAP}{mEN}
4   Throat is sore - it could be medical problem (14) OSTEOARTHRITIS*
 Over-excited, enthralled by wealthy personality (5) HYPER [T]
7   Fish, largely excellent, served up in European island (8) SARDINIA {SARDINe}{A1<=}
8   Tangle with many pursuing woman in bar (8) DISHEVEL {L}<=>{DI{SHE}VE}
9   What punter might do to celebrate lavishly? (4,3,4,3) PUSH THE BOAT OUT [DD]
15 Gangster behind revolting criminal act is most active at night (9) NOCTURNAL {AL}<=>{CON<=}{TURN}
16 Spots a way perhaps to get rid of wife for unfaithfulness (8) APOSTASY {SPOTS+A+wAY}*
17 Line up in excitement, wanting one more rum (8) STRANGER {STi{RANGE}R}
19 Wood in special device hiding curtain rod (6) PELMET {P{ELM}ET}
20 Spots daughter avoiding fruits (6) APPLES dAPPLES
22 Scold about picking up primarily useless old fertiliser (5) GUANO {NA{Us...s}G<=}{O}

Reference List
Drug = E, Republican = R, Deocrat = D, Many = M, Many = L, Gangster = AL, Wife = W, Daughter = D, Old = O


  1. 2d: CAPOTE, Trunk=Case; S(on) concealed leaves Cae; contains Pot=marijuana

  2. 17D- I was thinking about a different 'rum'- having come from doc.!! Srange.

  3. Glad I got 'Osteoarthritis'. I hasten to add- in CW's, before anyone can pounce on me.
    Oenomel was totally new to me.

  4. Robert was told to sack the bad APPLES in his coterie. They had to be CHASED out.

    It was not UNCOMMON to see Robert PUSH THE BOAT OUT and USE UP a large portion of his resources to fight the forthcoming elections.

    DEPOSIT money for his team was given. And much more to the electorate with fear that OTHERWISE they might not vote for his party.

    The Tamil got a PAT ON HIS BACK for the useful suggestions and for bringing in an AFGHANI guard.

    Yet the overall mood was APPREHENSIVE if one observed.

    What happened next?

    1. Secretly Robert took NOCTURNAL walks in a CAPOTE to ensure that the result was not OTHERWISE. He was not UNDULY worried or HYPER. Defeat was UNCOMMON in his political life; he was no STRANGER to politics.. Be it SARDINIA or SHANGRI LA he was sure to win.

    2. Ha ha
      What a guy this Robert.
      Maybe his initial was M.
      Robert, M.

  5. 2D. Son concealed in trunk . Trunk- case . Son concealed, leaves with CAE. marijuana- pot. Contains marijuana is Pot in cae.Ca(Pot)e.. Capote- long coat with a hood

  6. Re 21A, in the file I sent to TH, the enum is 7-2. No idea how or why it has been changed to 9.

  7. It happens Doc.with a fair regularity (!)

  8. Whichever Colonel leaves for others to solve is always the one that either falls last or never for me :)

    1. The reason I do it is because I use it as a test for promotion ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Yes,many have already been promoted and are doing a fine job. A few more may go up any time soon. And then it was for others to catch up.
      I am happy it is not a demotion if some of us regulars are not able to crack it!

  9. +2+3+4
    Col.isa good spotter!
    I thought I was alone. Glad I amin good company.

  10. Almost completed all, but,15D got it as nocturnal but not able to
    Account for turn,
    con revolting is noc
    Gangster is al
    Act is turn , got it in this blog
    Thanks Dr.X for one more wonderful clues...
    With regards,

  11. Something is not right. Act=Turn?But still that is the only word left in the clue.
    I did not quite think about it while filling in since it looked obvious.
    Any clarification?
    My turn (to act?)

    1. Turn (noun) means act, routine, performance.
      This was Jerry Seinfeld's best ever comic turn.

  12. Did the puzzle late in the evening...loved the beautifully constructed puzzle

  13. OENOMEL was a new word. Googled it. Got the rest.
    How is the punter connected with the boat? OR Pushing signifies risk. Is it?
    Pet is special device?
    Thank u Doc. For boosting my confidence. As always. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Hi Gowri, punt is a boat that is propelled by a long pole. Punter is the boatman who literally pushes the boat out using the long pole.

      Pet (adj) means favourite, chosen, special, cherished etc.
      Something that is given special attention. (See Collins/Chambers)
      As of her pet projects is the charitable medical centre.

  14. Punt is a type of boat.
    Check Col.'s link for 'Celebrate lavishly'.