Thursday, 23 September 2021

No 13359, Thursday 23 Sep 2021, Vidwan

Solution to 3D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   A casual name to describe earliest of proto-humans (6) APEMAN {A}{Proto}{NAME*} &lit
5   Knotty ones do look knotty (6) NODOSE*
10 Honour a child (5) AWARD {A}{WARD}
11 ATM’s broken! I cant’t shop! (9) CASHPOINT* Extra T, seems to be a typo
12 Holding together small time body of muslim nations (5) STOIC {S}{T}{OIC}
13 Repeat VOA broadcast is dry (9) EVAPORATE*
14 Porting camera, he’s working! (15) CINEMATOGRAPHER* &lit 
17 Working style of petty bosses? (15) MICROMANAGEMENT {MICRO}{MANAGEMENT}
22 All-time popular retriever, Greenland resident (9) EVERGREEN [T]
24 A rich criminal and a professor (5) CHAIR*
25 John on flip side is regarded as saint (9) CANONISED {CAN}{ON}{SIDE*}
26 Creation of jobs? (5) APPLE [CD]
27 Pics morphed by editor, made more savoury (6) SPICED {PICS*}{ED}
28 Free, adventurous English Royal sailor (6) REEFER {FREE*}{E}{R} 

2   Top loan processing unit (7) PLATOON*
3   A little peculiar way of working, saying time flies (7) M?D?C?M (Addendum - MODICUM {MO}{DICtUM) - See comments)
4   Husband in comfortable position (5) NICHE {NIC{H}E}
5  Love! A lasting, painful yearning for the yore (9) NOSTALGIA {0+A+LASTING}*
6   Foolishly paid around lots of money, at first, for a certificate (7) DIPLOMA {DIP{Lots}{Of}{Mo..y}A*}
7   Narrate a chapter — “A Sailor’s Addiction” (7) SPINACH {SPIN}{A}{CH}
8   Covers one with peppers (8) CAPSICUM {CAPS}{1}{CUM}
9   Misty-eyed having inflammation (4) STYE [T]
15 Run back over lines covered (9) TRAVERSED Anno pending (Addendum - {TRA{VERSE}D<=} - See comments)
16 Free trade in wine is hindered (8) RETARDED {RE{TRADE*}D}
18 Uncle and Pa made a great profit (7) CLEANUP*
19 Caring about consuming nothing natural (7) ORGANIC {O}{CARING*} Consuming would indicate a containment indicator whic is not so here.
20 Disheartened lad, leaving Cleveland, moving to some place like Vatican (7) ENCLAVE {CLEVElANd}*
21 Old palm shaped base of temple for instance (7) EXAMPLE {EX}{PALM*}{t...lE}
22 Get head shaved to impress (4) ETCH fETCH
23 Lowest point for Iranian Ruler (5) NADIR [DD]

Reference List
Small = S, Time = T, John = CAN, English = E, Royal = R, Peculiar way = MO(Modus Operandi), Husband = H, Chapter = CH 


  1. 15d run = dart back - trad
    Lines = verse
    Traversed - covered

  2. 3A. Modicum .. A little way of doing. Mod(e)..... couldn't go beyond..

  3. 24A. Went on a WGC.. Chair.. where is criminal in this? Was trying with al...

  4. Another day for solver aka anagram lovers.

    Holding together = stoic ?

    Should be Jobs not jobs in 26A IMO

  5. 7A. Saying- dictum. Time flies- t goes. Left with Dicum.way of working- MO. Peculiar, is anagram indicator. Mo+ dicum- modicum

    1. But there is no anagram.
      You are anyway close.

    2. Peculiar way of working = Modus Operandi = MO

    3. Instead of peculiar, particular way of working... would look better I felt.

    4. In a way,peculiar- to an individual. Basic mantra of police while tracking criminals.

    5. Agree with you Paddy. Particular in place of peculiar will affect(spoil) the surface reading.

  6. 15d TRAVERSED; DART<< over VERSE = lines

  7. Thrice blessed.
    26Ac my pick as well as 15Dn

  8. Col.'s remark about 11A,looks to be a confusion about apostrophe- to put it in or not!

  9. PK told Robert that after winning he should CLEAN UP the system, set an EXAMPLE and carve a NICHE for himself.

    The party's name was to be EVERGREEN and the symbol depicted with three leaves. Each of the leaf REFERRING to one of the D's. (Duty, Dignity and Discipline)

    PK himself wanted to be AWARDED with an important CHAIR and remain the CASHPOINT for the party.

    What happened next?

  10. Cashpoint=ATM.
    Will this ATM allow cash withdrawal?! Or only deposit?

  11. Welcome to Vidwan. Very interested to solved Vidwan's grid. Vidwan's week too nice. esp.APPLE,MICROMANAGEMENT ,NADIR. Anticipating more anagrams. Experienced a good brain storming by vidwan's grid.

  12. Maybe in her new anagramic avatar..who can seems (I spell out the dreaded word) NJ is back

    1. +1

      I haven't experienced NJ but from what I read about that style of setting in the blog, not far off:
      With the kind of indicators (aninds/containers) used (flip/heart) the way they were, loose def etc.
      But I think one diff though is like after a round or two of argue-ment, we might concede technical correctness (like flip as anind)
      But like CV sir would say, OEDs may be as they are but setters need to be in the know.

      that is resulting in a lack of finesse in cryptic's that I came to experience at TH.

      BTW have you heard of "living room chef's".

      But this is only the first round, hope we don't have to repeat the discussion.

  13. Hello Vidwan Do identify yourself

    1. Why should he/she identify their identity, Vasant? Personal choice no? I didn't like the use of too many anagrams, personally but comparison with NJ and all is unnecessary I feel.

  14. Nice grids. Too many anagrams could be Vidwan's signature style. Like his/ her mysterious ID.