Tuesday, 14 September 2021

No 13351, Tuesday 14 Sep 2021, Dr. X

Solution to 1D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Inform about trouble with power converter’s core in part of vehicle (8) TAILPIPE {T{AIL}{P}IP}{c..vEr..r}
5   Gone in a second, stolen by criminal (6) ABSENT {A}{B{S}ENT}
10 Beat slippery character smuggling unknown drug (5) EXCEL {E{X}{C}EL}
11 Most miserable friend seeks bit of therapy (9) PALTRIEST {PAL}{TRIES}{Th...y}
12 Thinks about models in film (5,4) CHEWS OVER {C{HEWS}OVER}
13 Creep in party, suppressing liberal (5) SIDLE {SID{L}E}
14 Some praise a mercurial bowler (6) SEAMER [T]
15 Good-natured female crushed by a lie (7) AFFABLE {A}{F{F}ABLE}
18 Editor harassed model in American city (7) DETROIT {EDITOR*}{T}
20 Pay for fine ready-made clothes (6) DEFRAY {DE{F}RAY*}
22 Cave is right inside volcanic mount, going west (5) ANTRE {E{R}TNA<=}
24 Piece of cake given by owner in bar leaves wife happy (2-7) NO-BRAINER {OwNER+IN+BAR}*
25 Remains enthralled by heavenly body, most attractive (9) COMELIEST {COME{LIES}T}
26 Listens to husband expressing new desires (5) HEEDS {H}{nEEDS}
27 Bear in river swamp (6) DELUGE {DE{LUG}E}
28 Move to have payment distributed proportionately in America (8) PRORATED [CD] (Correction - {PRO{RATE}D} - See comments) 

1   Wild time for fellow getting three-card sequence of same suit (6) T?E?C? (Addendum - TIERCE (-f+t)TIERCE - See comments)
2   Nasty workers involved in troubling client (9) INCLEMENT {INCLE{MEN}T*}
3   What a kabaddi player might do to deceive playfully? (4,8,3) PULL SOMEONES LEG [DD]
4   Father finished hollow muffin (7) POPOVER {POP}{OVER}
6   Like-minded people’s efforts to control Republican oaf after he lost (5,2,1,7) BIRDS OF A FEATHER {BI{R}DS}{OAF+AFTER+HE}* Nice one!
7   Editor inspires chaps to improve (5) EMEND {E{MEN}D}
8   Chained revolutionary after smashing teeth (8) TETHERED {RED}<=>{TEETH}*
9   Famous song a girl composed about love (6) GLORIA {A+GIRL}* over {0}

16 Most powerful star consuming fresh dope endlessly (9) BRAWNIEST {B{RAW}{NIt}EST}
17 Commercial vehicle reviewed last month is state-of-the-art (8) ADVANCED {AD}{VAN}{DEC<=}
19 Painful time, isolating millions, about to conclude (6) TENDER {T{END}ERm}
20 Delivering a concoction of tea and bread for panellist (7) DEBATER {TEa+BREAD}*
21 Forced spider out (6) PRISED*
23 Onset of melanoma in dog’s tongue (5) TAMIL {TA{Me...a}IL}

Reference List
Power = P, Second = S, Unknown = X, Drug = C, Liberal = L, Female = F, Model = T, Fine = F, Right = R, Wife = W, Husband = H, New = N, Time = T,  Fellow = F, Republican = R, Editor = ED, Millions = M 


  1. 1d) wild - fierce
    F goes out for t
    Tierce - three card sequence of same suit

  2. 1d. TIERCE
    {ET + RICE}*
    Time - ET
    Fellow - Rice

  3. AFFABLE Robert began his work in right earnest. He got a TAMIL politician as his adviser. And ADVANCED!!

    He imported his bullet proof car from DETROIT. Beer and whisky flowed. BIRDS OF A FEATHER flocked together and stayed TETHERED!

    PULL SOMEONES LEG? Robert soon EXCELLED in pulling everyone's legs!

    Only one thing was ABSENT. A COMELY Secretary...

    What happened next?

  4. 20A- clothes fits in nicely as a containment indicator.

  5. 26A- Is expressing a deletion indicator?

  6. Enjoyable fare as usual from Dr.X. My favourite: Pull Someone's Leg

  7. In today’s grid by Dr X . 17d is CoD. I enjoyed by solving this puzzle by simple substitution with a tiny twist. ADVANCED….DEC <——

  8. Dr. Nabar has set a highly puzzling grid today and the best happened to be 3-D on the game of kabbadi.
    As for 5-Across, I wish Col. Saab or one of the members will enlighten me as to how the clue has been coined and also on the relevant annotation for the answer. Of course, I solved 6, 7 & 8 Down.

    1. Hi Mr Panje,
      Gone= absent (defn)
      in= link word
      a = a
      second= s
      stolen by= insertion ind
      criminal= bent (bent as an adjective means dishonest, illegal, criminal, corrupt etc.

  9. I too had a doubt and I followed the indication by Co. in his original post. A & S have been shown in pink. That leaves only Bent and I checked up Free dic. It says One of the meanings of Bent is crooked,corrupt- and hence criminal as given in the clue. Stolen by is the indicator to include S in Bent.

    1. 5Ac is a straight forward clue-imo

    2. Dear Mr. Padmanabhan,
      ABET is a word that means to assist in a crime or any other activity. Hence my poser on this aspect...

  10. Is tender= painful more medical? I mean it is commonly used by doctors in that sense. But for us non medics soft is the first thing that suggests itself.

  11. Superlative crossword. Defray, Tender, No-brainer, Birds of a feather my favourites

    1. Thanks a lot Ajeesh. All my favs too as a setter.

  12. Thank u Doc. Nice CW.

    So many superlatives - paltriest, brawniest, comeliest. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  13. My favourite was the blast from the past- Gloriaaaa :-)

    1. Indeed Maya. Absolutely nostalgic oldie!

    2. Gloria and Self-control...what a brilliant singer.