Wednesday, 1 September 2021

No 13341, Wednesday 01 Sep 2021, Incognito

Solution to 16D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Try buying ice-cream, for starters, in desert (4) GOBI {GO}{Bu...g}{Ic...m}
9   Musketeer throwing a shot (5) ATHOS*
10 Attack god with documentary proof of identity (4) RAID {RA}{ID}
11 Attach program with last part (6) APPEND {APP}{END}
12 U.S. canine can be a pest (8) NUISANCE*
13 Indian bread produced by guy at half time (8) CHAPATTI {CHAP}{AT}{TIme}
15 King’s heart hurt on the inside (6) ARTHUR [T]
17 Tells class in Indian school (7) INFORMS {IN}{FORMS} (Correction {IN}{FORN}{S} - See comments)
19 Silence! Retain mother (4,3) KEEP MUM {KEEP}{MUM}
22 Chant Ram, while returning, and carrying book with note (6) MANTRA {MA{NT}R<=}{A}
24 Confused Savoy rep gives too much money (8) OVERPAYS*
26 Husband gives up belt with a bit of hesitation. Twice! It’s a secret! (4-4) HUSH-HUSH {HUSband}{He...n} Twice
28 Lad chasing vehicle gets container (6) CARBOY {BOY}<=>{CAR}
30 Give Chinese dumpling in the beginning (4) HAND {HAN}{Du...g}
31 Gasps, “Cookware model shows at first” (5) PANTS {PAN}{T}{Shows}
32 Love Ottoman governor and follow instructions (4) OBEY {0}{BEY}

1   Drink containing egg broth (4) SOUP {S{O}UP}
2   Meet horribly evil state tax officer (4,4) LIVE UPTO {EVIL}*{UP}{TO}
3   Outlaw group of musicians with sex appeal (6) BANDIT {BAND}{IT}
4   Hint: Ria danced and disappeared into this? (4,3) THIN AIR*
5   Guess I am residing in large property (8) ESTIMATE {EST{IM}ATE}
6   Animal having red chest? (6) BREAST {B{R}EAST}
7   Muezzin carefully stores metal (4) ZINC [T]
14 North American following lady-bird makes colouring agent (5) HENNA {NA}<=>{HEN}
16 Uncle’s extra-ordinary interest (5) U?U?Y (Addendum USURY [CD] - See comments)
18 A cup meal spilled? I’m guilty (3,5) MEA CULPA*
20 Person who may deliver this puzzle to you (8) PAPERBOY [CD]
21/23 What the innocent nudist had? (7,2,4) NOTHING TO HIDE [CD]
25 Old cues broken. Pardon... (6) EXCUSE {EX}{CUES*}
27 State: “A hut is built” (4) UTAH*
29 Frank’s open (4) OPEN ?? Something amiss here? 

Reference List
Book = NT, Model = T, Sex appeal = IT, Red = R 


  1. 16D. Usury.. extraordinary interest...

  2. 16D. Uncle ( archaic usage) isa pawn broker. Pawn brokers charge extraordinary interest , hence usury

  3. Replies
    1. +1
      I think 'Indian school'gives forms. So 'in'to be highlighted and not in as part of Indian.

    2. No Paddy, School = S, Indian =IN (I believe, is it standard?) Class= Form, "In" is insertion ind

    3. So it has to be in(form)s. Prasad has indicated the position of () is not right.

  4. 6D- I was thinking of the bird Redbreast and wondering until I saw the anno here.
    A wee bit extra effort needed today than the usual run through. Enjoyable all the same.

  5. +1 for 29 D. I hesitated a lot before filling in,mainly because nothing else fits.

    1. Should have been Frank's candid

    2. As Paddy has said in the past, the credit goes to ...

  6. Loved the lady- bird (ladybird is different) and Rita dancing!

  7. Ladybird is neither a lady nor a bird!

  8. Incognito sir, Thank you, I could solve as many as 90 per cent of the clues...

  9. Blessing in disguise Incognito lets many start the day without any stress.

  10. One more good day in almost 100% completion.. Got stuck in 29D&32A..
    29D: is still not known..
    Frank is open
    Open is open
    Answer is also open..
    With regards,

  11. Replies
    1. Found in the list of abbreviations but with a rider that it's not generally accepted.

    2. Musical notes C,D,E,F,G,A,B

  12. 13A - by annotation we can solve this puzzle. In real,the word Chapatti used in TN. Other states pronouncing as Roti \ Tawa Roti. Same like yesterday's Puzzle. Sinhalese. Incognito Rocked Today. Really enjoined the Grid with Pen Paper Test......Thanks to Incognito & col.sir

    1. The picture I have put against Chapatti is also known as 'phulka' up north.

    2. What we call chapatti is Paratha in North I believe. Pulka generally is Suka(dry) roti. As an army man you must be knowing better.

    3. As a person who has lived most of the time in North, chappati of South is roti or phulka..paratha is a variant which is roasted on tava with an application of oil or butter

    4. whatever- they are culinary delights (with or without gobi). But may create problems in a CW! I would prefer to spell it chappathi. I think adding a H is a South Indian speciality,am I right Vasant(h)?

    5. The old lady vending tea in Chennai is cha-paaTi

  13. Someone pinged me asking if there was a theme of Gobi going with chapatti...;)

    1. Did you reply new culpa or nothing to hide.

    2. Apologies for my belated reaction for the simple reason, I accesed this slot a day later. The comment 'Naan Vegeterian' made me go down the memory lane of my brief stint with a magazine at hometown of Bangalore in 1981.
      One afternoon, unlike other days when I used to be out in the mornings, I was in my office at lunch time. So casually, I asked my typist Geeta Iyer if she would wish to join me for lunch that I intended to get from the nearby restaurant. And she sportingly agreed.
      15 minutes later, the food was delivered and when I asked Geeta to join me in my cubicle, I had to face the ire of Ms.Iyer since I had ordered mutton biryani by presuming her initial earlier response to my question "Veg or Non Veg?" - Nanu Vegetarian as Non-Vegetarian......

  14. Thanx incognito. Easy. 29d not withstanding. Cod - LIVE UPTO, NOTHING TO HIDE.