Sunday, 5 September 2021

The Sunday Crossword No 3166, Sunday 05 Sep 2021

1   In South Germany, sailors on Rhine perhaps delivering drink (11) SCREWDRIVER {S}{CREW}{D}{RIVER} My favourite cocktail
9   Endless nubility vigorously essential (7) INBUILT NUBILITy*
10 Primarily, a Latinate locution expressly gainsaying ritenuto, orchestrally! (7) ALLEGRO Acrostic &lit
11 Sinned a little, altogether redeemable (5) ERRED [T] 
12 Disposes of Tories with hesitant utterances about Europe (8) CONSUMES {CONS}{UM{E}S}
14 Ice-cream option, on plate, in a shambles (10) NEAPOLITAN*
15 Data derived from rainforests (4) INFO [T]
17 Workers get benefits in this cage (2-2) CO-OP {COOP}
19 Dutch society procuring English beer runs joint franchise (10) DEALERSHIP {D}{E}{ALE}{R}{S}{HIP}
21 Country's leaderless state shown in film; not, oddly, optimal (8) ETHIOPIA {ET}{oHIO}{oPtImAl}
23 In itself, Money Bag #1, so to speak! (3,2) PER SE (~ purse A)
25 Ill-used, warped, depraved (7) SULLIED*
26 Makes corrupt run for money in sweepstakes? (7) GARBLES GA(-m+r)RBLES
27 Prepared salad to follow balls – too fancy? (11) OVERDRESSED {DRESSED}<=>{OVER}

1   South European peninsula where it snows a lot (7) SIBERIA {S}{IBERIA}
2   A little water moving penny down drain, runs over penny (8)  RAINDROP {(-d)RAIN(+d)D}{R}{O}{P}
3   Raising fuss, namby-pambies (4) WETS<=
4   About A Boy: accomplished, wise (10) REASONABLE {RE}{A}{SON}{ABLE}
5   On radio, covers glens (5) VALES (~veils)
6   Most of wine and spirits Everyman imbibed, needing healthier routine (7) REGIMEN {REd}{GI{ME}N}
7   Chinese weaned off dairy and booze (4,3,6) WINE AND CHEESE*
8   Invitation to gratification in seedy São Paulo resort (2,2,3,6) DO AS YOU PLEASE*
13 Agreeing it's dear to acquire distressed denim (4-6) LIKE-MINDED {LIK{DENIM*}ED}
16 Quiet Greek regularly strips off, gets ready (8) PREPARES {P}{gReEk}{PARES}
18 Bit of drama in early part of Bible: well, well! (7) OTHELLO {OT}{HELLO}
20 With time being taken, dashed over hazard, ultimately! (7) HURDLED {HUR{h...rD}LED} &lit
22 Part of nibbles: I'm surprised the French including starters of inedible veloutés (5) OLIVE {O}{L{In...e}{Ve...s}E}
24 Then going in Jack's direction, finding giant (4) OGRE<=

Reference List
South = S, Germany = D, Europe = E, Dutch = D, Society = S, English = E, Runs = R, Money = M, Penny = P, Over = O, About = RE, Quiet = P, The in French = LE


  1. Answer for 7D,as per dictionary is
    "Cheese and wine" which follows dairy and booze given in clue.
    With regards,