Monday, 13 September 2021

No 13350, Monday 13 Sep 2021, KrisKross

Solution to 14A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Fit and strong at heart, collapsed (6) ROBUST {stROng}{BUST}
4   Places to pull up ships going after fish (3,5) CAR PARKS {ARKS}<=>{CARP}
10 Flee, heading off to attack a victim (9) SCAPEGOAT {eSCAPE}{GO AT}
11 Cover royal plant (5) CAPER {CAPE}{R}
12 That tractor has to pull (7) ATTRACT [T]
13 Character from Rhodes in record store, close to downtown (7) EPSILON {EP}{SILO}{d...wN}
14 Ruined, destitute man had made good in the end (5) E?D?D (Addendum - ENDED Tail acrostic - See comments))
15 Desperately need drinks — so fired up (8) ENTHUSED {EN{THUS}ED*}
18 Arrange memory assistance tips, in case he tends to forget (8) AMNESIAC {Me...y+As...e+IN+CASE}*
20 Love and suffer, say (5) OPINE {0}{PINE}
23 Latest issue? (7) NEONATE [CD]
25 Egg consumed by python, breaking wind (7) TYPHOON {TYPH{O}ON*}
26 Best of steel items (5) ELITE [T]
27 Dandies carrying new totes, making impressions (9) FOOTSTEPS {FO{TOTES*}PS}
28 One with energy about to break chain (8) TOGETHER {T{GO<=}ETHER}
29 Extremely excited at one’s boy becoming a scientist (6) EDISON {Ex...eD}{1}{SON}

1   He spared criminal, reformed (8) RESHAPED*
2   Told off to stay in bed (7) BLASTED {B{LAST}ED}
3   Plan to cause confusion and escape (9) SKEDADDLE {SKED}{ADDLE}
5   Exercise caution in the agreement — banks check for possible fraud (14) AUTHENTICATION {CAUTION+IN+THE}* in {Ag...nT} (Correction - {CAUTION+IN+THE+Ag...nT}* See comments)
6   Walks in line, leaving plants (5) PACES PlACES
7   Beat back of bean, say (7) REPULSE {RE}{PULSE}
8   Time of the year to be well (6) SPRING [DD]
9   Despite my best efforts and talent, my autobiography is without punch, finally (3,3,4,2,2) FOR THE LIFE OF ME {FORT{p..cH}E}{LIFE OF ME}
16 In Paris one modelled after work, facing no resistance (9) UNOPPOSED {UN}{POSED}<=>{OP}
17 Poet composed sonnet about American city (8) TENNYSON {TEN{NY}SON*}
19 KrisKross, in debt, making beastly sounds (7) MEOWING {ME}{OWING}
21 Sir struggled to describe a few chemical compounds (7) ISOMERS {I{SOME}RS*}
22 Eat for fun, say (6) INGEST (~ in jest)
24 Travel all over the place, not very brisk (5) ALERT TRAvEL*

Reference List
Royal = R, Line = L, Of = RE, Work = OP, Very = V


  1. 14A- ended- ruined; destitut(e) ma(n)ha(d)mad(e)goo(d)

  2. ROBUST Robert ENTHUSED his friends and went about to ATTRACT others too.

    TOGETHER they would follow the FOOTSTEPS of Robert's forefathers, form an ELITE group and stay UNOPPOSED.

    When questioned about the plan Robert said:

    "Let us make TENNYSON the SCAPEGOAT."

    1. CGB enthused all of us here since we were eagerly expectim him to bounce back any time.

    2. Good one, CGB sir - nice to see you back!

  3. Is the anno for 5d correct Or is it
    [Caution + in + the + A T]*

  4. Thanks to TH for free access..shh..and thanks to Ramki ji for a lovely puzzle

  5. 28A If energy is go then how to justify use of 'one'?

  6. One is the definition: together

  7. Glad that Mr. Bhargav is back in action.
    Today, the 19-D clue is a classic one and let us applaud Mr. Ramki Krishnan for his 'self-confession'!!

  8. Lovely crossword from KrissKross. My COD 5D. Did not know that Caper as a plant.