Wednesday, 8 September 2021

No 13347, Wednesday 08 Sep 2021, Vulcan

Solution to 12A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Sort of a triangle, one pertaining to a particular group (12) GENERATIONAL*
10 Flexible base — soft/ not soft (7) ELASTIC {E}{pLASTIC}
11 Corrupt senator’s act of betrayal (7) TREASON*
12 Something to look up to about a restaurant — it’s minimal (6) S?I?N? (Addendum - SKINNY - {SK{INN}Y} - See comments
13 Rule it out before gold is hidden (8) ULTERIOR {RULE+IT}*{OR}
15 After the end of session, connected to a network, on air, extremely choppy (9) NONLINEAR {s...oN}{ON}{LINE}{AiR} (Correction - {s...oN}{ON LINE}{AiR} - See comments)
16 Creature, dog, not black (5) EAGLE bEAGLE
17 Resort in the country (5) SPAIN {SPA}{IN}
19 Tied up/ captured a fool and watched (9) MONITORED {MO{NIT}ORED}
22 Give a new name to a type of wine, it’s European and it’s excellent (8) REDEFINE {RED}{E}{FINE}
24 Invited a big drinker, say (6) SOUGHT (~sot)
26 Current offering (7) PRESENT [DD]
27 Report is about republican framework (7) TRELLIS {T{R}ELL}{IS}
28 Met at one’s workshop fair (12) SATISFACTORY {SAT}{1'S}{FACTORY}

2   Escape with a victory over Israel after end of game (7) EVASION {A}{V}<={SION} after {gamE}
3   Stretching without strain (9) EXTENSION {EX}{TENSION}
4   Bend in car chassis (4) ARCH [T]
5   Learn not to turn into it like a bigot (10) INTOLERANT {I{LEARN+NOT}*T}
6   She’s in the French city we’re told (5) NIECE (~nice)
7   Speaking in a manner sister-in-law gets upset — with a sharp sound (7) LISPING {S-I-L<=}{PING}
8   Conclude about a boy (6) REASON {RE}{A}{SON}
9   Unfaithful in Paris, a time to regret (6) UNTRUE {UN}{T}{RUE}
14 Stops insects swarming around new area (10) TERMINATES {TERMI{N}{A}TES}
16 Make use of a valuable discovery mostly indoors — a lively one (9) EXTROVERT {EX{TROVe}ERT}
17 Band’s tour in Sweden (6) STRIPE {S{TRIP}E}
18 Position in a day shift (7) ADDRESS {A}{D}{DRESS}
20 Smooth pull-back in the end (7) REGULAR {RE{LUG<=}AR}
21 Editor backed by paper getting hate (6) DETEST {ED<=}{TEST}
23 Speedy warships (5) FLEET [DD]
25 Some Vietnamese mountain (4) ETNA [T]

Reference List
Base = E, Soft = P, Gold = OR, European = E, Republican = R, Victory = V, About = RE, Time = T, In in French = UN, New = N, Area = A, Sweden = SE, Day = D, Editor = ED


  1. 12A. Skinny. Restaurant- inn. Look up to - sky

  2. Good one. Please mention the def.also.

  3. Replies
    1. I don't think so. Network may also be an electrical one when it is line.

    2. I think
      (N) ( ON LINE - meaning connected to network) (AR- air extremes)

    3. Yes that appears to be the intended annotation

  4. 19A. I made the anno thus:
    Tied + moron( fool)..Does it pass the muster?

    1. And then to get monitored, you need to anagram it. That's called an indirect anagram, which is not accepted standard/practice here (THC and many of the crossies).

  5. That means, the anno is not proper?

    1. Yes. Indirect anagram is not kosher. Also how do we account for captured even if IA is ok considering up is anagrind?

  6. Yes,when there is a better and more fitting anno.
    You may look up moor. It is where boats are tied.

  7. What does an asterick mean in a solution

    1. Please see panel on the Left hand side under heading 'Annotations' where explanations for abbreviations used in the annotations have been given

  8. Super puzzle from Vulcan today. Enjoyed solving.

  9. Nice grid by Vulcan. 19a, I solved as below.
    Fool - NIT
    tied up - MOORED

  10. Nice grid. I solved all but could not parse MONITORED & ELASTIC.
    i always forget base =e