Sunday, 19 September 2021

The Sunday Crossword No 3168, Sunday 19 Sep 2021

1   Surprisingly, a poem's seen to offer passcode (4,6) OPEN SESAME
6   Celebrity blows whistle, turns (4) STAR<=
9   Bit of high culture in Latvia, a rat dancing (2,8) LA TRAVIATA*
10 That man will torture (4) HELL HE'LL
12 Complain as former job's former uniform taken in (11) EXPOSTULATE {EX}{POST}{U}{LATE}
15 'One more Cinzano', the rector's drunk (7) ANOTHER [T]
16 At Eton, I bunged up drain (3,4) EAT INTO*
17 Loudly mocking characteristic of half-goat people (7) SATYRIC [DD] (Correction (~satiric) - See comments)
19 Two poor grades given to poet 'to make you warm up' (7) DEFROST {D}{E}{FROST}
20 Precisely how is half of a tenancy agreement addressed? (2,3,6) TO THE LETTER [DD]
23 Love god's achy back (4) EROS<=
24 Nowadays, a new number to perform: 'Teeny-Weeny' (4,6) ANNO DOMINI {A}{N}{NO}{DO}{MINI}
25 That woman would cast off (4) SHED SHE'D
26 Fruits' regrettable transience (10) NECTARINES*

1   Describing Everyman: 'regularly woolly, glib' (4) OILY {I} in {wOoLlY}
2   Tolkien's creatures embraced by intelligentsia (4) ENTS [T]
3   Rancher makes versatile animal act (5,7) SNAKE CHARMER*
4   Mule's small limb (foot missing) (7) SLIPPER {S}{fLIPPER}
5   A little diplomat is selecting portraitist (7) MATISSE [T]
7   Multi-generational novel where gold's discovered at end? (3,7) THE RAINBOW [DD]
8   Grahame: at the end, Toad, travelling in posh car, getting porridge once? (6,4) ROLLED OATS {ROLL{g...mE}{TOAD*}S}
11 Very heavy outfit to fit a crofter, we're told (4,2,6) SUIT OF ARMOUR (~suit a farmer)
13 Providers of Persian cuisine throughout holiday? (3-7) CAT-SITTERS [CD]
14 Primarily: piece of stationery that is tacky, neon, often temporarily employed? (4-2,4) POST-IT NOTE Acrostic &lit
18 Is inclined to enter church to get pure (7) CLEANSE {C{LEANS}E}
19 Big city detective given time to go round Éire (7) DETROIT {DET}{ROI}{T}
21 Sawyer's pal who lives in Helsinki? (4) FINN [DD]
22 Untrue accounts from France: irritating affliction (4) LIES (~lice) (Addendum - FIBS {F}{IBS} - See comments)

Reference List
Uniform = U, New = N, Small = S, Foot = F, Church = CE, Time = T, France = F