Wednesday, 15 September 2021

No 13352, Wednesday 15 Sep 2021, Dr. X

Solution to 3D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Hard young rogue accepting reckless dare is unsophisticated (5-3-5) ROUGH-AND-READY {HARD+YOUNG}* over {DARE}*
8   Mobs, excited about a Russian martial art (5) SAMBO {S{A}MBO*}
9   Desperate chap cuddling sweetheart on vacation with desire (4-5) LAST-DITCH {LA{Sw...rT}D}{ITCH}
11 Old tramp outside hotel lounge, close to insensate (10) THREADBARE {T{H}READ}{BAR}{i...tE}
12 On the contrary, castigate false witness (4) LIAR <=
14 Group avoiding carbs essentially to stay slim - it's the latest fad (2-5) IN-THING {rIN{THIN}G}
16 Revise problem involving new mathematical function (7) INVERSE {I{N}VERSE*} 
17 Farmhouses with good fields (7) GRANGES  {G}{RANGES}
19 Petrol about to explode in service stations (7) GARAGES {GA{RAGE}S}
21 Master released wall painting showing mountain range (4) URAL mURAL
22 Complain about terrible heat in stately residence (5, 5) GREAT HOUSE {GR{HEAT*}OUSE}
25 Something fishy - breaking and entering, he carries one away (9) KIDNAPPER {KI{AND*}PPER}
26 Senorita in town concealing dishonour (5) TAINT [T]
27 Where pitcher might be fairly accurate (2, 3, 8) IN THE BALL PARK [DD]

2   Dynamic mentor accepts novices essentially according to excellence (2, 5) ON MERIT {MENTOR}* over {novIces}
3   What silly person being a drunk might do? (2, 2, 1, 5) G? O? A ?I?G? (Addendum - GO ON A BINGE {GOON}{BEING+A}* Semi& lit- See comments)
4   A revolting attempt to arrest liberal impulsively (2-3) AD-LIB {A}{BI{L}D<=}
5   Ratting on fashion designer ensnaring model (9) DESERTING {DESER{T}ING*} 
6   Refurbished dynamo conducting current (4) EDDY [T]
7   Organiser welcoming teetotaller with drink at Centre is weirder (7) DOTTIER {DO{TT}{drInk}ER}
8   Cheat possesses sex appeal - avoid becoming an easy target (7, 4) SITTING DUCK {S{IT}TING}{DUCK}
10 Damaged stern breaks open causing hazardous situation (7, 4) HORNETS NEST {HO{STERN*}NEST}
13 Open rave featuring electronic rhythms essentially is outrageous (4-3-3) OVER-THE-TOP {OVERT}{H{E}{rhyThms}OP}
15 Brats go wild, excited about entering bar serving good food (9) GASTROPUB {BRATS+GO}* over {UP<=}
18 Scrap with a Mafia boss outside bar (7) ABANDON {A}{DON} over {BAN}
20 Grand gold sink close to counter, more showy (7) GAUDIER {G}{AU}{DIE}{c...eR}
23 Amateur on edge about mastering recipe in a month (5) APRIL {A}{LI{R}P<=}
24 Distressed about husband's fling (4) DASH {SAD<=}{H}

Reference List
Hotel = H, New = N, Good = G, Master = M, Liberal = L, Model = T, Teetotaller = TT, Sex appeal = IT, Electronic = E, Grand = G, Amateur = A, Recipe = R, Husband = H


  1. 3d..GO ON A BINGE..(go)(on) a being*

    1. If you can indicate how you got "go on", it would complete the anno

    2. Goon=silly, being a

  2. Month of APRIL! Election time...

    Robert had already moved into his GREAT HOUSE with GARAGES for his fleet of cars.

    The Tamil guy was well aware that the elections could not be won ON MERIT.

    He explained his strategy and the plan was laid THREADBARE. TAINT the character of some members of the opposition. Quite a few were like SITTING DUCKS.

    Robert opened wide.

    Was the LAST DITCH effort fruitful?

    What happened next?

    1. Robert's party went OVER THE TOP to TAINT the opposition. This stirred a HORNETS NEST and opposition party members started DESERTING their party. Most of the GAUDIER ones ABANDONed,only the DOTTIER ones remained.Robert and his party men celebrated at the GASTROPUB called the EDDY!

    2. Good one Sridhar. More the merrier!

  3. In Coimbatore for the next 30 days or so

  4. Yesterday was 'most' dominating . Today more. What next

  5. Today all comparatives. GAUDIER, DOTTIER.

    Doc - am becoming BRAINIER by the day, solving ur CWs.