Wednesday, 22 September 2021

No 13358, Wednesday 22 Sep 2021, Vidwan

Solution to 28A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Today we have 20 full/partial anagrams ie., 62.5%

1   Trace out heart of Virgo constellation (6) CRATER {TRACE*}{viRgo}
5   Partly problematic and trivial (6) PALTRY*
10 A groovy sort of gun (5) RIFLE [CD]
11 Very lawful alternative for a person at bar (9) SOLICITOR {SO}{LICIT}{OR}
12 Disturbing aspect, quietly ignored system in India (5) CASTE ASpECT*
13 Pure and intuitive sort, one very liberated (9) UNTAINTED {AND+INTUITivE}* There's an extra I in the fodder
14 Popular site away from coast (6) INLAND {IN}{LAND}
15 Bad bug, greed and envy (8) BEGRUDGE*
17 First royal breaking ties (8) EARLIEST {EARL}{TIES*}
21 Dossier about ULFA Terrorist leaders is empty (6) FUTILE {F{Ulfa}{Te...t}ILE}
25 Thief? I can become a leader (9) CHIEFTAIN*
26 Boy bored by love song (5) CAROL {CAR{0}L}
27 Dreamt about sickly place where one keeps running without getting anywhere (9) TREADMILL {DREAMT*}{ILL}
28 One bets on these female partners (5) E?E?S (Addendum - EVENS {EVE}{N}{S} - See comments)
29 Hot? No? Lets play (6) STOLEN*
30 Mouse Girl! Be free! (6) GERBIL*

2   Saying No fur sale” vigorously (7) REFUSAL*
3   Neither moving into that place (7) THEREIN*
4   Naughty squire is daring! (6) RISQUE* An obsolete meaning
5   The hollow plate used as painter’s tool (7) PALETTE {ThE+PLATE}*
6   Braver, quietly unassuming and more fortunate (7) LUCKIER pLUCKIER
7   Took turns to read about keeping time (7) ROTATED {TO+READ}* over {T}
8   What one pays outside to do training (8) PRACTICE {PR{ACT}ICE}
9   Good free network (4) GRID {G}{RID}
16 Seer eyes gals lecherously (8) EYEGLASS*
18 Talk bombastically about ‘I’ & ‘Me’! Habit! (7) RAIMENT {RA{I}{ME}NT}
19 He doesn’t believe in field trips (7) INFIDEL*
20 It’s not a bad place (7) STATION*
22 Kin are mostly confused (7) UNCLEAR {UNCLE}{ARe}
23 One is real product of the promised land (7) ISRAELI {1}{IS+REAL}* 
24 A new goal changing an old way (6) ANALOG*
25 Winning by divide and rule in the end! (4) CUTE {CUT}{rulE}

Reference List
Quietly = P, Partners = N,S, Very = V, Time = T, Good = G, New = N 


  1. 13a there is "selfless" in online version.

  2. Infidel and raiment too are archiac!

    1. Raiment is fairly regular in CW's.

    2. As if there is nothing archaic in other grids

  3. Anagrams continue.
    27A- Place seems to have no place in the cryptic reading (extra?) Better to include place as part of def.

  4. PM soon appointed a leading SOLOCITOR to help Robert.

    He told Robert that he should get for himself a RIFLE at the EARLIEST opportunity.
    Votes could be garnered for PALTRY sums.

    Poor Robert! It wasn't REFUSAL but what PK elaborated upon CASTE and politics was UNCLEAR to him! And also about GRIDS and squirrels.

    Were Periyakaruppan's efforts FUTILE? Did Robert's character remain UNTAINTED?

    What happened next?

    1. Robert is getting into the thick of things!
      Good going CGB.

  5. Raiment is habit is what dict says, "archaic" usage..May be more towards clothing,attire,IMHO

    1. Raiment is an archaic word for clothing,also called habit (not to be confused with good/bad habits as we know)

  6. 'Anagrammarian' Vidwan!
    8Dn is my CoD

  7. Anagrams galore mixed with CUTE clues!
    My favs are 11a Solicitor, 8d Practice and 18d Raiment. Overall an enjoyable grid. :)

  8. ๐Ÿ™ to the "learned' setter

  9. Why is partners being denoted by n and s?

    1. The Game Of Bridge In Cryptic Crosswords : A mention of bridge partners in the clue leads to a two-letter pair in the answer - NS/SN or EW/WE. You can narrow the choices for which ...

    2. For more info/details Google a game of bridge!

    3. Hi MB, 'partners' in bridge by convention is NS or EW. Not SN or WE. If you have seen it being used as such, then it has been used incorrectly.