Saturday, 4 September 2021

No 13344, Saturday 04 Sep 2021, Lightning


1 Leader departs, full of lies, and having no mercy(8) RUTHLESS {tRUTHLESS}
5 Emphasis on account with penny(6) ACCENT {AC}{CENT}
9 Main arch redesigned by one running the show(8) CHAIRMAN {MAIN+ARCH*}
10 Bachelor free beside a lake at wedding feast(6) BRIDAL {B}{RID}{A}{L}
12 Glue, drawing aid curtailed(5) PASTE {PASTEl}
13 New, odd urn destroyed in Australia perhaps(4,5) DOWN UNDER {NEW+ODD+URN*}
14 Plot is average, closing early in small room(6) PARCEL {PAR}{CELl}
16 One’s choice of words lost at spell test(7) DICTION {DICTatION}
19 Boiling water with hesitation in a two tier pot(7) STEAMER {STEAM}{ER}
21 Emperor and leaders of country are endlessly shuffling army responsibilities(6) CAESAR (Acrostic)
23 Repairing main tunnel without one cancellation of contract(9) ANNULMENT {MAiN+TUNNEL*}
25 Bring together company and engineer(5) UNITE {UNIT}{E}
26 Dog for one rotating thin plate(6) ANIMAL {(-l)ANIMA(+L)}
27 Outlet at residence — place to get beer, say(8) TAPHOUSE {TAP}{HOUSE}
28 Reverberates with energy, adding routine tasks right away(6) ECHOES {E}{CHOrES}
29 Wandering free, lass is daring(8) FEARLESS {FREE+LASS*}


1 Instructions about long story sent up(6) RECIPE {RE}{EPIC<=}
2 Interpret broadcast, startle a nationalist(9) TRANSLATE {STARTLE+A+N*}
3 Huge beer king took up(5) LARGE {LA(+R)GE(-r)}
4 Disgraceful action in view at lake up north(7) SCANDAL {SCAN}{DAL}
6 Vehicle first bought by dad’s brother — a gem(9) CARBUNCLE {CAR}{Bought}{UNCLE}
7 Leaderless change editor brought to conclusion(5) ENDED {bEND}{ED}
8 Available for rent, managed to get in free and easy(8) TOLERANT {TO LE{RAN}T}
11 Newton exiting had to be due(4) OWED {OWnED}
15 Style of “iPhone” arrived with large cover(5,4) CAMEL CASE {CAME}{L} {CASE}
17 Main tune I need to change soon(2,1,6) IN A MINUTE {MAIN+TUNE+I*}
18 Free to go about these days on an adventure(8) ESCAPADE {ESCAP{AD}E}
20 Free licence withheld for dance music(4) REEL (T)
21 Restrain old teetotaller breaking into small house(7) COTTAGE {C{O}{TT}AGE}
22 Break depression(6) RECESS (DD)
24 New number cut short let out a cry(5) NEIGH {N}{EIGHt}
25 Escort powerless drug dealer(5) USHER {pUSHER}

Reference List

Account=AC, Penny=Cent, Bachelor=B, Lake=L, Hesitation=Er, One=I, Engineer=E, Energy=E, Right=R
About=Re, Nationalist=N, King=R, Editor=Ed, Newton=N, Large=L, These days=AD, Old=O, Teetotaller=TT, New=N, Power=P

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  1. On 18D I was trying to get a sentence where 'free' could be substituted for 'escape'.

    Any thoughts on this?

    1. Free from the clutches off ...
      Escape from the clutches off ...

    2. Even in your phrase Deepak, if you complete the sentence. It could be I am free from the clutches of ... Escape would not work

    3. For instance, you may say Can you escape from the clutches of the Taliban. You cannot simply substitute with Free. It would have to be 'get free' or 'be free'

    4. It will have to be written as 'get free' in a sentence

    5. A kind of error that is easily missed

  2. 26A: I just took it as a reversal
    7d: Change is mend or bend?

    1. Yes these were the intended annos

    2. 26A Yes, reversing LAMINA (= thin plate) seems to be appropriate

    3. Thanks Padmanabhan. I hardly solve these days, but I read the interesting conversations in this blog from time to time. Hope everyone is doing well.

    4. All of us are fine (in spite of Covid scare) except that we miss the counsel of CV,correcting us whenever the occasion demanded.
      You are in U.S.nowadays?

    5. Glad to hear everyone’s fine. Yes have been in US the last few years

  3. Enjoyable workout to start a gloomy day (cloudy and drizzling here at Chennai)
    Thank you Ramesh- for the elaborate blog as usual.

  4. To correct is to mend
    To distort is to bend
    Both change things..

  5. Breezy clues given by Lightning..Smooth sailing today...
    With regards,

  6. 26A. In the parsing it should be AMINA and not ANIMA.

  7. Pl.check once again. Anima(L) is correct. Reverse of Lamina.

    1. Please see if my point is right, probably I didn’t express myself well. By rotating we mean the first and last letters exchange their places. If so, lamina becomes aminal and not animal.

    2. I see it now. The whole word has to be rotated. I agree with you and stand corrected.

  8. Could solve many clues. Rather smooth sailing like Joe Roots batting.

  9. We don't want smooth sailing of Joe Roots- at least against us!

  10. finally solved 100% by 4 PM. feel difficulty on Lamina and escapade. Today's grid I could see the word 'Free' in many places. but a challenging one. My doubt on 26D is ...we consider one as (-i). when it reverse we substitute as L. setter means to say that (-i) for small 'l'. In practical I solved not by annotation. we use to check lamination for thin plates in NDT. so straight away I filled the grid. After seen the threads I posted my view.

    1. Dog for one is def (dog, for one is an animal). Not part of fodder here. So we are not reading one as I.

      We are looking at Lamina<=(rotated meaning turned 180)

    2. yes. with your response only I got it the core def. Thanks Mr Sree_Sree