Tuesday, 7 September 2021

No 13346, Tuesday 07 Sep 2021, Anon

Solution to 18A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Wine flask in automobile vault needing no introduction (6) CARAFE {CAR}{sAFE}
4   Rodent ingested, at first, sugary dessert (6) MOUSSE {MOU{Su...y}SE}
9   Doctor sues practices (4) USES*
10 Grown up Earl starts yelling about contaminator (10) ADULTERANT {ADULT}{E}{RANT}
11 Lunatic, one in frenzied surroundings (6) MANIAC {MANI{A}C}
12 Flowers, for example, in bonsai rearrangement (8) BEGONIAS {B{EG}ONIAS*}
13 Frequent drinkers, accountants who give stirring speeches? (9) CAROUSERS {CA}{ROUSERS}
15 Carnivore eats last eggs at European capital (5) MINSK {MIN{eggS}K}
16 Starts to approach big broad ecological yard at cathedral (5) ABBEY Acrostic
18 Strict, severe aunt initially missing (9) ?T?I?G?N? (Addendum - STRINGENT aSTRINGENT - See comments)
22 Plant cover for music medley (8) CAPSICUM {CAP}{MUSIC*}
23 Stop army partly at siesta (6) ARREST {ARmy}{REST}
25 African eagles seen in a riot (10) SENEGALESE*
26 Theory confused aide (4) IDEA*
27 She initially remains with waistbands (6) SASHES {She}{ASHES}
28 Hollow tipsy tirade of despot (6) TYRANT {TipsY}{RANT}

1   Accountant on ship has regular actual ice cream (7) CASSATA {CA}{SS}{AcTuAl}
2   Starts to recount individual stories having introduced Indian sage (5) RISHI Acrostic
3   Prospective wives’ accounts missing numbers at first (7) FIANCES FInANCES
5   Lose heart in  indignation during power cut (6) OUTAGE OUTrAGE
6   Tin crushed in spa when running (9) SPRINTING {SPR{TIN*}ING}
7   Almost new sedan crashed into groups of nine (7) ENNEADS {NEw+SEDAN}*
8   Stumped barber could be authorised (13) RUBBERSTAMPED*
14 Superiors in command of prophets? (9) OVERSEERS {OVER}{SEERS}
17 Bread makers consume second meal in mugs (7) BEAKERS {B{mEal}AKERS}
19 Lunatic missing son near Langley outskirts ludicrously (7) INANELY {INsANE}{La...eY}
20 Burgeoning Sodium smell (7) NASCENT {NA}{SCENT}
21 Skin fragment from first ear (6) SCRAPE {SCRAP}{Ear}
24 Tiara fragment in spiced yoghurt? (5) RAITA*

Reference List
Earl = E, Ship = SS, Son = S


  1. 18A STRINGENT=strict

    1. Technical doubt: doesn't it have root problem! (Ad-Stringere)

  2. 13a) accountants should be CAs right? Can someone explain why we take only CA?

    1. Read it as CA's who are rousers. Cryptic pun CA-rouser's.

    2. I think you are asking why CA for accountant?
      Chartered Accountant is a CA,right? Their degrees are ACA,FCA.

    3. RN for regd.Nurse is also used frequently in CW's.

  3. 3D: "prospective wives" should be "fiancees" and not "fiances". The clue should have been "prospective husbands".

    1. +1. Though the French don't really make that difference, the OED does!

    2. The French DO use them differently - fiance' is masculine and fiance'e is feminine though both are pronounced identically.
      Amita is right - the clue should have been prospective husbands.