Tuesday 2 July 2024

No 14216, Tuesday 02 Jul 2024, Saral

 Solution to 8A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

7   Frank caught involved in crime before (7) SINCERE {C} in {SIN}{ERE}
8   Pest in place near bar (6) L?C?S? {Addendum - LOCUST {LOCUS}{T} - See comments)
9   Priest inside cycle rickshaw (6) CLERIC [T]
10 Soldier about to divide baked breads for units (8) BRIGADES {BR{GI<=}ADES*}
11 Cover arrived containing Ohio university banner (10) CAMOUFLAGE {CAM{O}{U}{FLAG}E}
13 Old international model in flight (4) EXIT {EX}{I}{T}
14 Masters from the beginning arranged competitors' exercise schedule (4) ACES Acrostic
16 Rotating reel in circles (5) LOOPS <=
18 Changing skin colours (4) INKS
19 Summons with wrong RTI (4) WRIT {W}{RTI*}
21 Rascal parking in new sector in military school, say (5,5) CADET CORPS {CAD}{ETCOR{P}S*}
23 Show off power in defence (3,5) AIR FORCE {AIR}{FORCE}
25 Losing head, monarch thrashed reporter (6) ANCHOR mONARCH*
26 A great deal of money in old gaming house (6) CASINO {CASh}{IN}{O}
27 A work in front of department is clumsy (7) AWKWARD {A}{WK}{WARD}

1   Huge oriental tailless rat below northern gate (8) ENORMOUS {E} and {MOUSe}<=>{N}{OR}
2   Composition on the radio, almost complete and relaxing (8) PEACEFUL {(~piece)PEACE}{FULl}
3   That man getting red basil, basically an aromatic plant (4) HERB {HE}{R}{Ba..l}
4   Setting clues including one for cleanse (6) SLUICE {CLUES}* over {1}
5   Very cold times, Indian eagle finally kept in enclosure (3,3) ICE AGE {I} with {e..lE} in {CAGE}
6   Star acting heartlessly, takes chance (8) ASTERISK {TAkES}*{RISK}
7   Hansell also regularly turning up for dance (5) SALSA {hAnSeIi+AlSo}<=
12 A worthless duck (5) AVOID {A}{VOID}
15 Naval commander is rehearsing at first, organising festival (8) CARNIVAL {NAVAL+Co...r+Is+Re...g}*
17 Wager fires Spooner, resulting in delays (8) SETBACKS (~bet sacks to setbacks)
18 Cold rain destroyed warship (8) IRONCLAD*
20 Disagreement at home for light meal (6) TIFFIN {TIFF}{IN}
21 Mostly container with trace of nickel, a chemical element (6) CARBON {CARBOy}{Ni...l}
22 Big-headed prince with staff crossing Uruguay (5) PROUD {P}{RO{U}D}
24 Spirit of the land (4) ELAN [T]

Reference List
Caught = C, Bar = T, University = U, International = I, Model = T, With = W, Parking = P, Old = O, Work = WK, Oriental = E, Northern = N, Gate = OR, Red = R, Indian = I, Prince = P


  1. Simple and elegant puzzle with crisp clues. Enjoyed solving. Thanks Saral.

  2. Thanks LV for a smooth CW. As I have been saying before your CW resembles Incognito style in framing smooth nice wordplays.
    Good going๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  3. Typo in 7A anno needs correction please

  4. 8A : Locust. Place(locus) bar(t)

  5. Your simple style of cluing reminds me of Mr Sankalak. Enjoyed solving. Thanks Saral.

    1. Thanks Prasad. That's a huge compliment for a setter :)

    2. Agree with both. Compliment is not exaggerated. Enjoyable crisp clues.

  6. Col.,
    Solution for 2D has cut into the solution of 1D. Needs correction.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks to Hypatia. I used to dread solving Spoonerism. She taught me how to solve with lot of patience ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. You are always welcome Saral. My pleasure :) Good to see the nice mix of clue types in your grid while keeping it accessible to solvers.

  8. LV - I also feel u remind me of Sankalak - the only setter I could solve before chancing upon this blog.
    Very nice grid today.