Thursday 4 July 2024

No 14218, Thursday 04 Jul 2024, Vidwan

Solution to 22D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

8   Flunking with his stupid, unrealistic idea (7,8) WISHFUL THINKING*
9   Small radio enthusiast is fake (4) SHAM {S}{HAM}
10 Doubt popular judgement (10) INDECISION {IN}{DECISION}
11 Shut if out for peep (6) SHUFTI*
13 Some job structures hinder progress (8) OBSTRUCT [T]
14 Vacation? Cold in England? Come with wine and immunity document! (7,8) VACCINE PASSPORT {VAC}{C}{IN}{E}{PASS}{PORT}
17 Pilot carried trash of sticky stuff that catches insects (8) FLYPAPER {FLY{PAP}ER}
19 Make thinner, air fry maybe! (6) RARIFY*
21 These fishers with AI can make mineral water (10) TRAWLERMEN [CA] {TRAWLERMEN+AI}*={MINERAL WATER}
22 Price's about right! Gratis! (4) FREE {F{R}EE}
23 Refer to nothing, talk and argue evasively after losing head on Zoom, for example (15) VIDEOCONFERENCE {VIDE}{O}{CONFER}{fENCE}

1   Height could be 12.5%? (6) EIGHTH*
2   Fancy working hard in marketplace, at start (4) WHIM Acrostic
3   Test car scoring 1 in 100 (8) AUDITION {AUDI}{T{1}ON}
4   Accommodation for Lady Killer/Intelligence Officer, alone and slightly more than half mad (6,9) STUDIO APARTMENT {STUD}{IO}{APART}{MENTal}
5   Group of entertainers travelling about, mostly with people in general (6) CIRCUS {CIRCa}{US}
6   Short swashbuckling Indian batsman's small escapade, gets runs, stands tall like Burj Khalifa! (10) SKYSCRAPER {SKY}{SCRAPE}{R}
7   One who implements some regimen for certain? (8) ENFORCER [T]
12 Cosmetic item for loud master keeping Germany in control (4,6) FACE POWDER {F}{ACE}{POW{D}ER}
15 Hypersensitive - every unit of energy is consumed at start! (8) ALLERGIC {ALL}{ERG}{Is}{Co...d}
16 Unknown street guard (8) STRANGER {ST}{RANGER}
18 Quietly arrive at address (6) PREACH {P}{REACH}
20 Wild fire and ice! Most wild! (6) FIERCE {FIRE}*{iCE}
22 Following the law for contract (4) F?E? (Addendum FLEX  {F}{LEX} - See comments) 

Reference List
Small = S, Popular = IN, Vacation = VAC, Cold = C, England = E, Right = R, Runs = R, Loud = F, Germany = D, Street = ST, Quietly = P, Following = F


  1. 22DN : Flex - following (F) system of laws (lex) - contract

    1. "Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance."

      Please see remarks by Col.

  2. Replies
    1. Same doubt. ICE most should be IC l thought

    2. It has to be, though we are more familiar with removing the last letter. No reason why it should not be the first.

    3. Most doesnt have that meaning

  3. 6.a is it short form of surya kumar!!!!!!

    1. Yes. He is popularly, even by commentators worldwide, ref as sky.

    2. yes...THCC recognised his credentials by mentioned in clue.......SKY is gr8

  4. All the longer ones intelligently clued. Loved solving.

  5. Very nice puzzle.
    Esp liked
    Thanx Vidwan