Thursday 11 July 2024

No 14224, Thursday 11 Jul 2024, KrisKross

Solution to 20D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Architectural structure in India covered with gypsum (8) PILASTER {P{I}LASTER}  
5   Call KrisKross about some strong medicine (6) EMETIC {CITE}{ME}<=
9   Girlfriend initially dismissed diamonds as unfashionable (8) OUTDATED {DATE}<=>{OUT} and {D}
10 Everyone welcoming saint - you and I too (2,4) AS WELL {A{S}{WE}LL}
12 Advertisement describing soap solution for fabric (9) POLYSTER {PO{LYE}STER}
13 In counter, see puris (Indian bread) (5) RUPEE [T<=]
14 Ancient painter, mostly contrarian (4) AGED DEGAs<=
16 Con to run back carrying an American dish made of onions (7) DOPIAZA {DO}{Z{A}IP<=}{A}
19 Say, where you may see sunlight reflecting in the early morning, or very late (7) OVERDUE (~ over dew)
21 Superior perhaps loves assessing knowledge, especially picking toppers (4) LAKE Acrostic
24 Oscar for each amateur musical performance (5) OPERA {O}{PER}{A}
25 Following a double century, tail-ender hoped to become famous (9) ACCLAIMED {A}{CC}{taiL}{AIMED}
27 It provides care for a small charge (6) CRECHE [CD]
28 Reflect with partner about changing diet (8) MEDITATE {M{DIET*}ATE}
29 Official never eats egg with tea, reportedly (6) NOTARY {N{O}{(~tea)T}ARY}
30 One prepared to go through bet for liqueur (8) ANISETTE {AN{I}{SET}TE}

1   Quick dance exercise (6) PROMPT {P{ROMP}T} (Correction - {PROM}{PT} - See comments)
2   Lodge collecting rent raised not long ago (6) LATELY {LA{LET<=}Y}
3   Criticise plan (5) SLATE [DD]
4   Old tree chopped down and used (7) EXERTED {EX}{TREE*}{D}
6   Sweet setter's upset by regular pranks (6,3) MYSORE PAK {MY}{SORE}{PrAnKs}
7   Man is wearing blue paint that's dramatic (8) THESPIAN {T{HE'S}PIAN*}
8   Unfairly accused, back in jailit's the end of the road (3-2-3) CUL-DE-SAC {ACCUSED+jaiL}*
11 Government's free network (4) GRID {G}{RID}
15 Criminal family's first head, grimly taking on rival leaders (9) GODFATHER {Fa...y+HEAD+Gr...y+Ta...g+On+Ri..l}* &lit
17 African Moor at war about to occupy throne (8) MOROCCAN {MOOR*}{C{C}AN}
18 Small peak is the most difficult (8) SEVEREST {S}{EVEREST}
20 Contract to remove "Times" (4) E?A? (Addendum - ERAS ERASe See comments)
21 Choose to cycle to the borders of Rajasthan to get support for the Speaker (7) LECTERN {(-e)LECT(+e)E}{Ra...aN}
22 Force international money deal (6) IMPACT {I}{M}{PACT}
23 Bond heard out chief of Espionage (6) ADHERE {HEARD*}{Es...e}
26 Sign of dental problem - file off the top (5) ARIES cARIES

Reference List
India = I, Diamonds = D, Saint = S, Con = DO, American = A, Oscar = O, Amateur = A, Century = C, Exercise = PT, Down = D, Government = G, About = C, Throne = CAN, Small = S, International = I, Money = M


  1. Anno for 1D is PROM (dance) + PT (exercise) - charade, not container clue.
    Col please correct the same. Thank you!

    1. Ramki, the online version accepts IMPART [for impact] in 22DN

    2. Oh thanks for pointing it out. Have requested them to correct it.

    3. I believe the online grid has been corrected now. Please check.

  2. 20DN : eras - contract to remove -eras(e).

  3. Tough one from KrissKross. Mang good clues. Obviously offshoot from the CCCWC.

    1. Thanks.
      Yes I had clued for EVEREST in CCCWC last month - with different wordplay.

  4. Enjoyed the Mysorepak!!
    Had a good time solving. Thank you Ramki.

  5. From my arsenal

    Diner's waiter! (8)

  6. Oh! Ramki I loved ur grid today.
    Thrilled to finish in 40 mins.

    Normally I find them difficult - so never appreciate the word plays fully.

    Thank u. That was real fun!