Wednesday 10 July 2024

No 14223, Wednesday 10 Jul 2024, Crescent

Solution to 13D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

8   Puritans expressing resistance with sickly slop (8) PIGSWILL {PrIGS}{W}{ILL}
9   Case of lives lost assuming focus in war (6) VALISE {V{wAr}LISE*}
10 Steal closer to target base in centre of activity (6) THIEVE {t...eT}{HI{E}VE}
11 Intimate friend about her missing husband and child (8) PERSONAL {P{hER}{SON}AL}
12 Participants in rave serving men are wearing briefs (8) ORGIASTS {OR}{GI{A}STS}
14 Note storing name and number in portion of memory (6) MNEMON {M{N}EMO}{N}
15 Versatile jobber primarily called for task, a handyman (4,2,3,6) JACK OF ALL TRADES {Jo...r+CALLED+FOR+TASK+A}*
18 Decision outing king can bar king's outing (6) PICNIC {PICk}{NICk}
20 Intensified action implicating English writer (8) DEEPENED {DE{E}{PEN}ED}
22 Backbone many a time is bent (8) MAINSTAY {MANY+A+T+IS}*
24 Jug over fire (4,2) STIR UP {STIR}{UP}
25 Dumb lot touching skirts a bit tight (6) BLOTTO [T]
26 Family dons privy to probe (4,4) LOOK INTO {KIN} in {LOO}{TO}

1   Humour leading lady's shrink (6) WITHER {WIT}{HER}
2  'Star Trek' Cassie's stuffing mix (8) ASTERISK {TREK+cASSIe}*
3   Edit bare proof introducing section creating more variety (15) DIVERSIFICATION {eDIt}{VER{S}IFICATION}
4   Forward somersault (4) FLIP [DD]
5   Without exception, all fresh heroes try new moves (5,7,3) EVERY MOTHERS SON {HEROES+TRY+N+MOVES}*
6   Area like niche essentially inset? (6) ALCOVE {A}{L{niChe}OVE} &lit
7   Slice of meat left by duck occupies fly (8) ESCALOPE {ESCA{L}{O}PE}
13 Sound one flogged stifles (5) S?L?D (Addendum - SOLID {SOL{1}D} - See comments)
16 Friendly guy's a mile ahead (8) AMICABLE {CABLE}<=>{A}{MI}
17 Pirate at sea providing drink to whet appetite (8) APERITIF {PIRATE*}{IF}
19 (Nought minus X) plus (X over Y) = a real number (6) NINETY {NIx}{TEN<=}{Y}
21 Parallel universe at origin bit beyond energy source of quasar (6) EQUATE {Un...e}{ATE}<=>{E}{Qu...r}
23 Cry from chicken, not painful cry (4) YELL YELLow

Reference List
Resistance = R, With = W, Base = E, Husband = H, Men = OR, Are = A, Note = MEMO, Name = N, Number = N, King = K, Can = NICK, English = E, Time = T, Jug = STIR, Privy = LOO, Section = S, New = N, Area = A, Left = L, Mile = MI, Energy = E


  1. 13D : Solid - flogged (sold) one (I)-i stifled by sold.

  2. Tough nut to crack today. Got them all though. Thanks Crescent.

  3. Having been on the diets of saral, incognito et al of the genre, Crescent made the start of my day dark-). Hence reacting in the dark