Wednesday 3 July 2024

No 14217, Wednesday 03 Jul 2024, Spinner

Solution to 15A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Following Pythagoras' lead, peculiar nerd turned at ninety degrees (13) PERPENDICULAR {Py...r}{PECULIAR+NERD}*
10 Percentage of quota not fulfilled (5) RATIO RATIOn
11 West Indies coming with extremely laurelled aces - they don't need to get through qualification! (4,5) WILD CARDS {WI}{La...eD}{CARDS}
12 Work from test site owned by us (6) LABOUR {LAB}{OUR}
13 Guess English's complicated, at times! (8) ESTIMATE {E}{AT+TIMES}*
15 Line-up comes before kick-off, as time runs out in front of essentially tempestuous audience! (9) ?I?T?N?R? (Addendum - LISTENERS {LIST}{ENtER}{t...eSt...s} - See comments
16 Dealing with love, silly! (2,2) ON IT {0}{NIT}
20 Female choir's reverberation (4) ECHO [T]
21 Get shot by mistake while not being the intended target? (9) PHOTOBOMB {PHOTO}{BOMB} &lit
24 Dodgy check is caught in large heist upfront (8) TICKLISH {TICK}{L}{IS}{He..t}
26 Deceitful U-turn awkwardly exposed leader (6) UNTRUE {U+TURN}*{Ex...d}
28 Support side finally with new captain, as old as you and me! (9) ENCOURAGE {sidE}{N}{C}{OUR AGE}
29 Intense performance about upper-class eccentricities, primarily (5) ACUTE {AC{U}T}{Ec...s}
30 Caution : Spinner's returning with power and will! (13) DETERMINATION {DETER}{I'M<=}{NATION}

2   Doctor hails best form (9) ESTABLISH*
3   Publicity over channel beginning to sell goods! (8) PRODUCTS {PR}{O}{DUCT}{S}
4   Scientist not working for slippery customer? (4) NEWT NEWTon
5   Clarify incorrect American cess trapping top taxpayers (10) ILLUSTRATE {ILL}{US}{Ta...s}{RATE}
6   Mischief-maker swaying without taking either side (6) URCHIN lURCHINg
7   Patriarchy shackles parts of the heart (5) ATRIA [T]
8   Faithfully obedient after troubling at first (5) TRULY {RULY}<=>{Tr...g}
9   Basically adds forced stress? (7) ASSERTS {Adds}{STRESS*} &lit
14 Fanaticism perhaps unseats him? (10) ENTHUSIASM*
17 Main menu cooked with complete, unending love (6,3) NUMERO UNO {MENU*}{ROUNd}{0}
18 Accepts sender's first letters randomly with no address, essentially! (7) SETTLES {Se...s}{LETTErS}*
19 Every association worker is rich (8) ABUNDANT {A BUND}{ANT}
22 Set clues having a catch! (6) CLAUSE {CL{A}USE*}
23 Enjoy part of movie featuring chief villain (5) REVEL {RE{Vi...n}EL}
25 Hoard auditor's money (5) CACHE (~cash)
27 Spotted rival players getting exercise on the sides (4) SEEN {S}{N} over {Ex...sE}

Reference List
English = E, Large = L, New = N, Captain = C, Upper-class = U, Publicity = PR, Over = O, Love = 0,  Rival players = S(south), N(North)


  1. 21a photobomb is an intended prank!

  2. 91d bund is german word for federation!

  3. Colonel : Pl clarify..Last month (June) there were no grids set by Arden?

  4. 15a LISTENERS = Audience
    LIST = Line up
    ENER = EN(-T)ER ( Kickoff) T, time runs out
    S = Essentially tempeStuous

  5. Happy Spinner i back. Hope he continues.
    Had a great time solving.
    30A- Nation from power?

    1. IMHO- 'Land' would have been better than power. It would go well with the surface also.

    2. +1. Though the dic does have entry for power:nation, in actual usage it is uses in the context of already being discussed. So its more as adj/attribute indicator.
      We dont find that usage in stand alone statemebts.
      Perhaps should have been uses.

    3. +2. I too checked up & found it on the dic.

  6. Typ Spinner Puzzle.
    Clear cut clues - but not obvious.
    My fav
    Thanx Srivatsan!