Sunday 7 July 2024

The Sunday Crossword No 3314, Sunday 07 Jul 2024

1   Frustrate fly (4) DASH [DD]
3   Piano music, as can be picked up in Chinatown (10) CHOPSTICKS [DD]
9   Diligent pupil trails back (4) SWOT<=
10 Supports chain restaurants (10) BRASSERIES {BRAS}{SERIES}
12 Does an impresario’s job – or just pretends (4,2,2,3) PUTS ON AN ACT [DD]
15 Speech’s missing opening – making allowances? (7) RATIONS oRATIONS
16 Cordate, styled in ‘20s fashion (3,4) ART DECO*
17 Artist’s questionable offering welcomed by deviate (7) VERMEER {V{ERM}EER} ERM from?
19 Announced what you may do to a flat singer (4-3) WREN-TIT (~rent it)
20 Certain kids jostled for favourable position (6,5) INSIDE TRACK*
23 Devise alien people, ones who’ll do the dirty work (7,3) HATCHET MEN {HATCH}{ET}{MEN}
24 Row when Mr Woods ditches golf (4) TIER TIgER
25 What you do in spare time, finding charger: it’s an obsession (5,5) HOBBY HORSE {HOBBY}{HORSE}
26 Wager on a character coming from Athens (4) BETA {BET}{A}

1   Dad’s come up, popping in to contradict and censure (10) DISAPPROVE {DIS{PA<=}PROVE}
2   Summer clothing, blue: a brief distraction (5,5) SHORT STORY {SHORTS}{TORY}
4   Harry’s getting drunk with us: cheers! (7) HURRAYS {HARRY+US}*
5   Ingredients of tapas, satay and Italian sauce (7) PASSATA [T]
6   Perfect scores (6-6) TWENTY-TWENTY {TWENTY}{TWENTY}
7   Canonically, Abel’s iniquitous nemesis, primarily? (4) CAIN Acrostic &lit
8   Band’s appeal? Not a sound (4) SASH {SA}{SH}
11 Party top substantial woman’s lost: turn around (2,1,3-6) DO A ONE-EIGHTY {DO}{A ONE}{wEIGHTY}
13 Interlaces ornately to bring everything to one place (10) CENTRALISE*
14 Country’s down on job that’s announced (5,5) SOUTH KOREA {SOUTH}{(~career)KOREA}
18 Piece belonging to collector is Ottoman dish (7) RISOTTO [T]
19 Everyman would get stuck in to vacuous words and devices (7) WIDGETS {I'D}{GET} in {WordS}
21 With derisive remarks, sent up old king (4) SHAH<=
22 End of U-boat? About time! (4) STUB {S{T}UB}

Reference List
Supports = BRAS, Alien = ET, Golf = G, Appeal = SA, Woman = W, U-boat = SUB, Time = T


  1. 17a questionable:erm (sound made to indicate doubtful/not sure)
    Offering welcomed, setters iffy-niffy indicator.

    1. I solved it as V[ERM]EER; ERM is "Expressing hesitation or doubt" as per Chambers and could be equivalent of "questionable offering"