Tuesday 9 July 2024

No 14222, Tuesday 09 Jul 2024, Incognito

Solution to 15A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

8   Note with Bird and Bird (4) FOWL {F}{OWL}
9   Mali's organised religion (5) ISLAM*
10 Assist that guy having record (4) HELP {HE}{LP}
11 Reduces height for dangerous manoeuvres (6) STUNTS [DD]
12 Praise, "European Union record is followed by commencement of exhibition" (8) EULOGISE {EU}{LOG}{IS}{Ex...n}
13 Shame girl in damaged side-car (8) DISGRACE {G} in {SIDE+CAR}*
15 Top criminal from London rides important animal (6) D?N?E? (Addendum - DONKEY {lonDON}{KEY} - See comments)
17 6 taking possession of model weapon (7) SHOTGUN {SHO{T}GUN}
19 Stuck poster at this place at start of day (7) ADHERED {AD}{HERE}{Day}
22 Charlie's bird is cowardly (6) CRAVEN {C}{RAVEN}
24 Rude claim to be famous poet having large sex appeal (8) IMPOLITE {I'M}{PO{L}{IT}E}
26 Perhaps, Central American hound ran excitedly (8) HONDURAN*
28 Copper gets scarce poison (6) CURARE {CU}{RARE}
30 Perhaps, Tom returned with love for a tortilla with filling (4) TACO {CAT<=}{O}
31 Support for painter from Chelsea selector (5) EASEL [T]
32 Orient seat wrongly (4) EAST*

1   Left right in vessel (4) PORT {PO{R}T}
2   Tall gin served around the beginning of the hour from dusk till dawn, perhaps (3-5) ALL-NIGHT {TALL+GIN}* over {Hour}
3   Yes, this in Spain is a brief nap (6) SIESTA {SI}{ESTA} Semi&lit
4   Claims limb is put into drinks (7) ALLEGES {AL{LEG}ES}
5   Burst inwards throwing mild dope (8) IMPLODED*
6   Japanese ruler shot endlessly with firearm (6) SHOGUN {SHOt}{GUN}
7   Animal found in whelk shells (4) ELKS [T]
14 Choir performed "Blood of the Gods" (5) ICHOR*
16 Throw out head of crew in English type of aircraft (5) EJECT {E}{JE{Crew}T}
18 Shattered even urns? Disturbs mental peace! (8) UNNERVES*
20 Blows up generals on tour (8) ENLARGES*
21 Fifty-one on ship surrounding one female animal (7) LIONESS {LI}{ONE}{SS}
23 Animated media by operating system (6) VIDEOS {VIDE}{OS}
25 Select the French condiment (6) PICKLE {PICK}{LE}
27 Perhaps Sharif, First Officer stands on top of central part of submarine (4) OMAR {Of...r}{subMARine}
29 Gunners with special tool (4) RASP {RA}{SP}

Reference List
Note = F, Record = LP(Long Play), Girl = G, Model = T, Poster = AD, Charlie = C, Largeb = L, Sex appeal = IT, Right = R, Yes in Spanish = SI, This in Spanish = ESTA, English = E, Fifty one = LI, Ship = SS, The in French = LE, Gunners = RA(Royal Artillery), Special = SP


  1. Thank you Incognito for enabling me to beat the time gap.
    Enjoyed solving in a rush.

    1. yes. abs.......fantastic gird.........enjyed the grids..........

  2. 15a donkey top criminal in London
    DON {important} KEY

    1. You need to indicate where the DON comes from

  3. 14D ICHOR {greek mythology "blood of gods - anagram of choir}

  4. 15a - {DON}{KEY}
    Def . Animal
    Criminal - DON
    important - KEY

    1. My surmise is : The head of an organized crime family [ usage in UK]

    2. Incognito wont be that comlicated.

      Its just a clue in a clue.
      "London" As fodder asking solver to find top criminal visible in the fodder.

    3. Don to be obtained from LonDON is what I thought.
      Otherwise Don is a Latin word - God or the Lord - used for Italian Mafia leaders first.

  5. Nice grid. Not all straight forward clues.
    My fav
    Thanx Kishore!

  6. Nice grid. Not as straight forward as usual.
    My fav
    Thanx Kishore!