Monday 1 July 2024

No 14215, Monday 01 Jul 2024, Karaoke

Solution to 26A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Bottles displaying fine slogan (7) FLAGONS {F+SLOGAN}*
5   Ageless model leaves base (7) IMMORAL IMMORtAL
9   Get used to a place over time (5) ADAPT {A}{PAD<=}{T}
10 A gun fires back to pierce instantly (2,1,6) AT A GLANCE {A}{GAT<=}{LANCE}
11 Lawyer quietly got up to reach criminal court (10) PROSECUTOR {P}{ROSE}{COURT*}
12 American sailor near Central China's uninhabitable place perhaps (4) GOBI {GOB}{chIna}
14 Femme fatale liking dress but without tops! (11) ENCHANTRESS {pENCHANT}{dRESS}
18 Faking fever? He can relax heartily and remain absent unauthorized (6,5) FRENCH LEAVE {FEVER+HE+CAN+reLax}*
21 Expressing annoyance, leader left spot (4) OUCH tOUCH
22 Wife shown iPod variety having no intention of buying (6,4) WINDOW SHOP {W}{SHOWN+IPOD}*
25 Leaders go out to admire missile? Quite contrary (5,4) RAISE HELL {pRAISE}{sHELL} [CD]
26 Fruit, dry fruit? (5) M?L?N (Addendum - MELON waterMELON - See comments)
27 When resting they are closed speedily skipping page perhaps (7) EYELIDS SpEEDILY*
28 Congresswoman from East or North misrepresented (7) SENATOR {EAST+OR+N}*

1   Female before music exercise gets iced drink (6) FRAPPE {F}{RAP}{PE}
2   Highly explosive stuff stocked up in Pelota Market (6) AMATOL [T<=]
3   Where will an indecisive person sit? (2,3,5) ON THE FENCE [CD]
4   Initially, social networks arouse flames unknowingly in chaotic state (5) SNAFU Acrostic
5   Eat a taro, man! It holds back paramour (9) INAMORATA [T<=]
6   Take advantage of mass and class (4) MILK {M}{ILK}
7   He rescues oarsmen at sea, right? (8) RANSOMER {OARSMEN}*{R} 
8   Most suspicious stories about revelry regularly by model (8) LEERIEST {L{rEvElRy}IES}{T}
13 What? No more troubling wife? (5,5) OTHER WOMAN*
15 They measure everything in zeros? Not hard (9) CALLIPERS {C{ALL}IPhERS}
16 Fighter plane lost at sea undoubtedly (2,6) OF COURSE [DD] (Addendum - {OFf COURSE} - See comments)
17 Write about editor and reporter (8) DESCRIBE {ED<=}{SCRIBE}
19 Drink permitted in holiday home (6) CHALET {CHA}{LET}
20 He starts the play as an expert having training (6) OPENER {O{PE}NER}
23 Playthings picked up in small portions (5) DOLES (~dolls)
24 Nice to give 50% discount in shop (4) DELI DELIcate

Reference List
Fine = F, Model = T, Time = T, Gun = GAT, Quietly = P, Wife = W, Page = P, North = N, Female = F, Exercise = PE, Mass = M, Right = R, Hard = H, Fighter = F, Editor = ED, Drink = CHA, Training = PE


  1. 16d off course -f (designation for fighter plane)

  2. 22AC Col, please change ipad to iPod in the anno

  3. 25a how does the missile fit in cryptic CD? Its better without it!
    Leader go outside to admire? Quite contrary
    Would have been better,
    Heel raise <=> hell raise
    As &lit CD.

    1. Missile is shell. i thought its a straight forward nice clue.

  4. KKR garu....nice clue....aha monebt of 26A - fruit & Dry fruit............

  5. 26A melon- fruit
    Fruit- water melon
    Dry - remove water

  6. To all the Doctors in our group - starting with the mysterious Dr. X - Happy Doctors day!
    May u breed continue & render the world patientless!

  7. “Medicine cures diseases, but only doctors can cure patients.” - Happy Doctor Day to all Doctors in our blog.

  8. Thank you KKR. Had a great time solving.
    +1 for the doctors here- quite a few now.

  9. Loved 'Femme fatale' ! (if that is possible!)

  10. Nice grid KKR.
    Some doubts though -
    16dn -
    Plane lost at sea is OFF COURSE.
    What is the indication for removing F? Kindly clarify.

    13ac - How does wife lead to OTHER WOMAN? or is troubling on double duty here & troubling wife is the definition?

    My fav

    1. Fighter plane:F as in F16s.
      At sea: off course
      Lost: deletion ind

      And the other thing.
      It falls under "sufficient but not necessary" Condition in cryptics.
      But it would have been better if it was "second wife!"

  11. 16A- At sea is off course.
    As per Prasad's comment above F from Fighter plane and list is removal.

    1. Thank u Paddy.
      Guess u r freaking out and going to come back atleast a decade younger!

  12. 16D and not Ac.
    13D- ? leads to 'other woman'?