Monday 8 July 2024

No 14221, Monday 08 Jul 2024, Incognito

Solution to 12A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

8   Suspend street entertainment due to lack of time (4) STOP {ST}{OPera}
9   Undeliverable mail from deceased landlord (4,6) DEAD LETTER {DEAD}{LETTER}
10 University Republican man is pressing (6) URGENT {U}{R}{GENT}
11 What one gets when one dissolves salt in water? Answer! (8) SOLUTION [DD]
12 Understood what is done with pleats when wearing a sari (8) ?A?H?R?D (Addendum - GATHERED [DD] - See comments)
14 Bantu composition covering red-head's headgear (6) TURBAN {TU{Red}BAN*}
16 Feel absence of young lady (4) MISS [DD}
17 Goes underwater and passes away around 5 (5) DIVES {DI{V}ES}
18 Part of building overhead? (4) ROOF [DD]
19 Fruit with Queen Elizabeth's more hideous (6) UGLIER {UGLI}{ER}
21 Find gramophone record's finished (8) DISCOVER {DISC}{OVER}
23 Backpack containing Pak snack mixture (8) KNAPSACK*
26 Operations cover spasm in study of sight and light (6) OPTICS {OP{TIC}S}
27 Original part of program: Procure fish and start eating (6,4) SOURCE CODE {SOURCE}{COD}{Ea...g}
28 Payment tendered by tenant is torn (4) RENT [DD]

1   Movie fan and astronomer's common pursuit (10) STARGAZING [DD]
2   Addresses second chief of pizzeria on processed cheese (8) SPEECHES {S}{Pi...a}{CHEESE*}
3   Journalist authored it originally, to some extent (6) EDITOR [T]
4   Girl in glasses (4) LASS [T]
5   Brazilian president gets note in America and emits high-pitched rhythmic sound (8) ULULATES {U{LULA}{TE}S}
6   Motor part erratically rotates losing energy (6) STATOR ROTATeS*
7   That lady's love for leading main (4) HERO {HER}{0} Main typo for Man
13 Goliath slayer's father captures six (5) DAVID {DA{VI}D}
15 A welfare measure: Perfume for a teenager? (10) ADOLESCENT {A}{DOLE}{SCENT}
17 Drake's silly! Hoards silver in Knight times? (4,4) DARK AGES {DARK{AG}ES*}
18 Male birds and kangaroos rest badly (8) ROOSTERS {ROOS}{REST*}
20 Meaning "bring in" (6) IMPORT [DD]
22 "Rain Man" screening (6) SHOWER [DD]
24 No one gives out a quarter for midday (4) NOON {NO+ONe}
25 Ken's king at present (4) KNOW {K}{NOW}

Reference List
Street = ST, University = U, Republican = R, Queen Elizabeth = ER, Second = S, Note = TE, Energy = E, Quarter = E, King = K


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  2. 4d
    Col, can we restore h-type instead of T for such clues.

  3. Me too.
    Thanx Kishore!

  4. What are all the code words used and what's their meaning like (DD) and (T)?

  5. What is the reference list?

  6. DD is double definition.
    T is Telescopic.
    There must be a list somewhere.
    But u can easily learn by following the blog diligently & asking if u have doubts.
    I've learnt only like this & now solve 100% clues on most days.
    Try it.