Friday, 30 September 2016

No 11814, Friday 30 Sep 2016, Buzzer

1   Criminal famously left out of protection (6) ASYLUM fAMoUSLY*
5   Wove around model endless leathery fabric (7) TISSUED {SIT<=}{SUEDe}
9   Sorry boy in a group, Red Cross? (1,3,4,6) I BEG YOUR PARDON*
11 Brief affair lady ends in a calm manner (6) EVENLY {EVENt}{LadY}
12 Cable TV reaching an Indian village (8) TELEGRAM {TELE}{GRAM}
13 Leader to be deposed absolutely Home Secretary promises (5) OATHS {TAO<=}{HS} Not sure if this is correct (Addendum - {tO A T}{HS} - See comments)
14 German army to win empty deserted settlement (5,4) GHOST TOWN {G}{HOST} TO}{WiN}
16 Counter velocity to walk up and down area beyond moon's orbit (4,5) DEEP SPACE {DEEP S<=}{PACE}
18 Instant profit for French painter (5) MONET {MO}{NET}
20 Uncommon clairvoyance perceivable every now and then (8) ESPECIAL {ESP}{pErCeIvAbLe}
22 At home with American edition books to go over (4,2) USED TO {US}{ED} {OT<=}
24 Important cause kicked up a fuss (5,2,1,6) STORM IN A TEACUP* &lit
25 Winding? No, short letter (7) NOTELET Anno pending (Addendum - {NO}{LETTEr}* Semi&lit
26 Hospital department put in place year full of supply (6) PLENTY {PL}{ENT}{Y}

2   National issue (7) SUBJECT [DD]
3   Juvenile gal is essentially carrying sanctions (9) LEGALISES [T]
4.  Catcall setter? It pains (4) MEOW {ME}{OW}
5   See mother rocking triplet (9) THREESOME*
6   Uniform wearing guard is charming (5) SUAVE {S{U}AVE}
7   Endure piece of work in open (7) UNDERGO {ERG} in {UNDO}
8   Face value of a religious sect (12) DENOMINATION [DD]
10 You support a child (6,6) SECOND PERSON {SECOND} {PER}{SON}
14 Conflict in western state gets tense (2,7) GO AGAINST {GO A}{GAINS}{T}
15 Hard in Emirates splitting jointly owned property (9) TIMESHARE* {H} in {EMIRATES}*
17 Heroic act from old guide I noticed close to the end (7) EXPLOIT {EX}{P(-i)LO(+i)IT}
19 Set to bound surely (2,5) NO DOUBT*
21 Periodically claim/tell one can go without food or drink for long periods (5) CAMEL {ClAiM+tElL}
23 Dance unit, favourites to advance (4) STEP <=



  1. 13 Leader to be deposed absolutely Home Secretary promises (5) OATHS

    {(-t)O A T}{HS}
    Absolutely: TO A T

  2. One of those grids where u can really put ur hand on the buzzer pronto after the question comes up :) Thanks Buzzer..

  3. Typical Buzzer- to the point.
    Loved 9A & second person (!)

  4. Absolutely loved the puzzle..
    Did the puzzle very early in the morning but was too busy in work to come to the blog early
    Such crisp cluing! With beautiful surface stories...started with MEOW & LOI was NOTELET

  5. Came across this topical limerick in FB
    Janaabs are in a bind
    If they admit, they are maligned
    If they lie
    They surgically die
    Welcome to the New War of the Mind

    1. Nice and interesting.Thank you.
      Surgical strike is term that is being revived now and immensely suits the context.

    2. Yes, it is good. I am sure several such others will appear soonest.