Saturday, 1 October 2016

No 11815, Saturday 01 Oct 2016, Buzzer


1 Knackered, battered or so weary (5,2,5) BORED TO TEARS {BATTERED OR SO}*
8 Skirt around saying nothing extra (4) MIDI {IDIoM<=}
9 Tendency for writers to be sympathetic beginning to disappear (10) PROPENSITY {PRO}{PENS}{pITY}
11 Bovine has one pesky insect hovering over in a dodgy way (6) FOXILY {F{OX}{I}LY}
12 Setting: Time for cryptic creations (8) SCENARIO {SCENARIO+T}*={CREATIONS}
14 American male, about the ultimate in tennis (4) ASHE {A{tenniS}HE} &lit

16 Had old shirt in the back become ruined? (2,2,3) GO TO POT {GO T}{O} {TOP<=}
18 Charming drink to consume very much for starters (7) WINSOME {WIN{SO}{Much}E}
19 Skin shower? (4) PELT (DD)
22 Fresh husks of grain with close tips (5-3) BRAND-NEW {BRAN}{{D-NE}{W}<=}
23 Ingredients of falafel inedible for a cat (6) FELINE (T)
24 Constant in a bar, live broadcast (10) INVARIABLE {IN A BAR LIVE}*
26 Handbook, a gem PA misplaced (1,2,1) A TO Z {A}{TOpa Z}
27 Award // talk // show // format (12) PRESENTATION (MD)


2 Is railing on about innate corruption in people (8,3) ORIGINAL SIN {IN RAILING ON}*
3 Leaving a husband, fellow feeling vacuous (5) EMPTY {EMPaThY}
4 Unorthodox aims to Chinese philosophy (6) TAOISM {AIMS TO}*
5 So what here for example gives? (9) THEREFORE (T)
6 Vehicular safety feature taxis ignored initially (3) ABS {cABS}
7 Guide one irrational bunch (5) PILOT {PI}{LOT}
10 Follow circuit to get fit (6) TAILOR {TAIL}{OR}
13 Before noon concerned with work, then a party and some wine (11) AMONTILLADO {AM}{ON}{TILL}{ADO}

15 Anthropomorphic changes to Hulk mean restraining self (9) HUMANLIKE {HULK MEAN}* around {I}
17 Unit of length, upcoming standard to describe integrated circuit (6) MICRON {M{IC}ORM<=}
20 Soaring weight, notice spelling death for cheap (3-3) TWO-BIT {TW<=}{O BIT}
21 Marriage's starting to be over, it might make one teary (5) ONION {(+O-u}NION}

23 Length covered by hooves moving quickly (5) FLEET {F{L}EET}
25 Parrot or even magpie (3) APE {mAgPiE}

Nothing=O, For=Pro, Writers=Pens, One=I, Time=T, American=A, Male=He, Old=O, Very=So, With=W
Husband=H, Before noon=AM, Concerned=On, Self=I, Integrated circuit=IC, Weight=Wt, Over=O, Length=L

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  1. Easy solve.
    Online version didn't show setter's name!
    What's in a name? The stamp is obvious.

    1. How right you are! It has the unmistakable stamp.

  2. Today the main issue of The Hindu had 24 pages of which 12 pages were full page Ads !!

  3. Bonanza at the start of the holiday season, kick started by e marketing.

  4. Thank you Buzzer and Ramesh. Loved it from A to Z.
    16A- Shirt=Top?
    22A- 'Tips' is the reversal indicator?
    5D- A very cryptic def. with a very long T (2 full word & 2 tips) There was a discussion a few days back about the longest it- this should qualify for one.

    1. 16A Yes, as per Chambers thesaurus
      22A Tips indicates overturns. So rev ind

    2. The longest as posted by Akash was a 17 letter T

  5. OOh it is Buzzer .. online version omitted the setter name .. first i didnt notice and didnt check till i hit the Feline clue.. i thouugh that clue was sooo pretty went to look for the setter name.. and not there :( Could not parse brand-new though..

    1. Thanks Ajeesh for the flash.

      Congrats Sri Vidya. Best of luck in the remaining attempts.

  6. What are the congratulations about? Let me also join after I know.

    1. Thank you KKR.
      Congrats to Ramesh & Srividya. Keep up the momentum.

  7. Couldnt come to the blog at all yesterday..
    Loved this puzzle immensely
    Will be travelling would miss solving ixl round 3 on time
    Congrats to Ramesh & Srividya..keep going!