Friday, 7 October 2016

No 11820, Friday 07 Oct 2016, Incognito

7   Zulus often nominate elderly leaders in this region (4) ZONE Acrostic
8   Local insurer is the press agent (9) PUBLICIST {PUB}{LIC}{IS}{T}
10 Look obliquely at one of five in the street (6) SQUINT {S{QUIN}T}
11 Pretty apparent type of siren sounded when enemy aircraft have gone away (3,5) ALL CLEAR [DD]
12 Tanner once made a crown with ten of these (8) SIXPENCE [GK] The mathematician in Incognito at work
14 Dirty father in law teases hot Yankee at first (6) FILTHY Acrostic
16 Pigswill scam (7) HOGWASH {HOG}{WASH}
18 USA's confused in two different ways before a Libyan leader routinely (2,5) AS USUAL {AS U*}{SUA*}{Li...n}
21 Lama returns carrying gold – unethical, perhaps? (6) AMORAL {OR} in {LAMA<=}
23 Disrobes a minister by making him give up his habit (8) UNFROCKS [C&DD]
25 Dance spot's popular dress design (5,3) POLKA DOT {POLKA} {DOT}
27 Tooth prominent in the K9 squad (6) CANINE [DD]
29 Latin phrase: It is a direct consequence of oaf's optic disorder (4,5) IPSO FACTO*
30 Melt what can change form (4) THAW*

1   A plane that Ministry of Space, initially, gave up on : Zero (8) MOSQUITO {Mi...y}{Of}{Sp..e}{QUIT}{O}
2   Dead priest's small food joint (4) DELI {D}{ELI}
3   No pots can be bang on target (4,2) SPOT ON*
4   Removed diamond after sailor was not on time (7) ABLATED {AB}{LATE}{D}
5   Transports, by plane, skiing area equipments after the Chinese leaders leave (8) AIRLIFTS chAIRLIFTS
6   Musical instrument made by six old characters after losing a string (4) VIOL {VI}{O}L Anno for L not clear (Addendum - {VI}{OLd} - See comments)
9   Instruct Blackbeard (5) TEACH [DD] What's the Navy doing here today!
13 Force prisoner of war standing in front of monarch (5) POWER {POW}{ER}
15 Girl with nothing on has a rope (5) LASSO {LASS}{O}
17 Harden firm, but unknown quantity (8) SOLIDIFY {SOLID}{IF}{Y}
19 A new British regiment followed an old boat in the US (8) ARKANSAS {ARK}{A}{N}{SAS}
20 Merely frozen water for the lawman (7) JUSTICE {JUST}{ICE}
22 Irma originally concealed New Zealand tribal (5) MAORI {O} in {IRMA}* [T] - See comments
24 French thespian agent (6) FACTOR {F}{ACTOR}
26 X as used in XOXO is a kind of lip service (4) KISS [DD]
28 British boarding school sent back memorandum (4) NOTE <=


  1. 6 Musical instrument made by six old characters after losing a string (4) VIOL

    D: String

  2. Musical instrument made by six old characters after losing a string (4)
    I took it as VI + OLD (old characters) -D (D string in musical instruments)

  3. Replies
    1. No, KKR , there is no homophone indication in that clue

    2. Yes, I have seen this word in a dictionary

    3. Probably he took K9 as a homophone, but then here it is the 2nd def. in code.

  4. The highlighting of some words and the comment against Teach seems to show the Colonel was influenced by a proximate date :)

    1. But there is something else in there ...

    2. Initially I thought one short Arden had upset your plans :-)

    3. Yeah, but Scintillator filled in ...

    4. Keeping fingers crossed...

  5. 12a was intended to be a cd with both tanner and crown having other meanings

    1. Six Pence = Tanner
      Shilling = Twelve Pence
      Crown = Five Shillings = 60 Pence = 10 Tanners

    2. Agreed. Surface was a person who tans made a king's headgear ..

  6. A real fast one from Incognito indeed.
    As per latest trend TH on line makes him more Incognito! (if that's possible)

    1. I have that reputation, Paddy, ... Of trying to pull a fast one (and seldom succeeding). Now that I am Incogniter, how do I become Incognitest?

    2. Agree... a real fast one indeed. A PR for me in solving THC. :)

  7. The typical grid was a give away...the clues were a lot tighter but one couldnt miss the stamp of Incognito
    Silently thanked for having Incognito today..doing the puzzle in cell phone in a hospital ward without dictionary..a quick solve neverthless..

  8. Quite in the war zone Mr Incognito today :) i like the feel of this one.. i feel more words fit the theme.. zone, polka dot, power, spot on.. what say..

  9. Replies
    1. Anything else Incognito? Not able to find :)

    2. That’s all folks! As announced at the end of the cartoon show :)