Thursday, 6 October 2016

No 11819, Thursday 06 Oct 2016, Scintillator

What happened to the fourth one from Arden?

1   Wound armature coils about to be unwound (6) TRAUMA ARMATUre*
4   Single woman makes up a story about future career finally (8) SPINSTER {SPINS}{a..uT}{f...rE}{c...eR}
9   Cousin's idea to hide indoor (6) INSIDE [T]
10 Happiness is unmitigated when roaming around fields (8) PLEASURE {P{LEAS}URE}
12 CIA blast possibly connected with volcanic rock (8) BASALTIC*
13 Fledgling born with bisexual parts (6) NEWBIE {NEW{B}IE} (Addendum - {NE{W}{BI}E} - See comments)
15 To improve text, change direction of flow (4) EDIT <=
16 Senior goes out with rags to meet attackers (10) AGGRESSORS {SR+GOES+RAGS}*
19 Darn it! Miss Fussy... or Miss Havisham? (10) MISANDRIST*
20 Arrest uncompliant members when backtracking (4) NAIL [T<=]
23 Run up and long to get on road (6) STITCH {ST}{ITCH}
25 50% off on resale motivates returns (8) RESURGES {RESale}{URGES}
27 Arrogant son leaves for Germany, becomes lazy (8) INDOLENT IN(-s+d)DOLENT
28 Barring margin pieces, played ligature in instrument (6) GUITAR lIGATURe*
29 Oxide, if left out, turns into another compound (5,3) FIXED OIL {OXIDE+IF+L}*
30 Troop on the radio is cast out (6) BANNED (~band)

1   Man blithe about getting small amount (7) THIMBLE {M} in {BLITHE}*
2   Murderers and fools – part of society (9) ASSASSINS {ASS}{ASS}{IN}{S}
3   Ground for compromise (6) MIDDLE [CD]
5   Bribe friend to get millions (4) PALM {PAL}{M}
6   Earnest about resolution in Egypt? (4,4) NEAR EAST {R} in {EARNEST}*
7  Read intensively about low noise during infectious disease (5) THUMB {T{HUM}B} Intensively? See comments
8   Alludes to ingesting drug-containing cigarettes (7) REEFERS {RE{E}FERS}
11 Shops and steals toys (7) FINGERS [MD] I don't think steals is a synonym
14 Passed over, like a cheque that cannot be encashed (7) CROSSED [DD]
17 Called out to trap an ape (9) ORANGUTAN {O{RANG}UT}{AN}

18 Yielded in end with luck playing foul, after grand opening (8) KNUCKLED {K}{N{LUCK*}ED*}
19 Old woman near dead dog (7) MASTIFF {MA}{STIFF}

21 Longing, blushing and beaming (7) LUSTRED {LUST}{RED} Beaming should be Lustrous or Lustral?
22 Even clippings of album in nuclear zone of 11Dn. (6) LUNULA {aLbUm}{iN}{nUcLeAr}

24 What face is to the mind or body mass, say (5) INDEX [DD]
26 Against advance payment for the auditor (4) ANTI (~ ante)



  1. 7D : THUMB = Read intensively (as per Chambers)

  2. Finger:
    To pilfer
    To toy or meddle with
    As per Chambers.

  3. I don't know how a'lunula' is formed and what it indicates.
    My fingers don't have lunulae.
    My elder brother's fingers have them clearly - which we can notice without his holding his hands up.

    1. Lunula on my right thum is clearly visible. I don't have them on other fingers

  4. Quite tough..but solved in time..
    Was surprised with Scintillator puzzle..not mentioned in online..but immediately recognised scintillator's grid & cluing style
    Miss Havisham from Great Expectations..remembered Joe & Pip & Biddy from the classic..

    1. Yes, Vasant. The online grid is not showing setters' names for the last three days, I think.

  5. 'lustred' for 'shining' is a valid adj. Maybe applied to ceramicware.

  6. On lunulae
    I read the following
    I am now now more confused than before. Don't know what to make of it!

    1. I wouldn't worry! I don't have any and I run 10km in the woods and lift weights. There's a good reason why proper doctors say stick your tongue out, not show me your lunalae :-P

    2. You have made me to worry about my kidney now as I have lunula on my thumb only.
      Anyway, I don't care about this thesis as my recent health checkup showed a healthy kidney.

  7. 7d I believe the word 'intensively' is OK in that clue. It needn't necessarily have to be 'intensely'.

  8. In Chambers (on line) and in Free dic. they are given as synonyms.

  9. Okay.. lunula def is a bit iffy though the wordplay is fine.. else some nice clues today. is this scintillator? the online grid omitted the setters name :( I think stitch and guitar should be part of the theme as well..

  10. 6D. Earnest + r does not give you NEAR EAST.

    1. Prasadji,
      About - A + NEAREST
      Resolution = Anaind

  11. Oh, I didn't realise this. Thank you, KKR.