Thursday, 27 October 2016

No 11836, Thursday 27 Oct 2016, Gridman

1   Fifty in contest – that's all! (8) COMPLETE {COMP{L}ETE}
5   Where the outpatient cannot be (6) INWARD [CD]
9   Small, fat person to discard fish (8) DUMPLING {DUMP}{LING}
10 A few days of prayernew cooking equipment arrived first (6) NOVENA {N}{OVEN}{Ar...d}
12 German song told tales (4) LIED [DD]
13 Hit an alien deployed to massacre (10) ANNIHILATE*
15 Magistrate, lacking tear-off, is devious – disgrace! (6) STIGMA MAGISTrate*
17 Took charge and drew the lines (5) RULED [DD]
20 'Where the elated walk' being broadcast (2,3) ON AIR [DD]
21 Cut through centre panel in part (6) TREPAN [T]
24 Criminal American without hesitation joins friend in a mad way (10) MANIACALLY {AMerICAN}*{ALLY}
27 Court bears very large expense (4) COST {C{OS}T}
29 Ignoring peeled small bit (6) NUBBIN sNUBBINg
30 Heavenly present tucked in among others (8) ETHEREAL {HERE} in {ET AL}
31 French student joins new team (6) ELEVEN {ELEVE}{N}
32 Sundry trades, so out of joint (8) ASSORTED*

1   Copper's daughter led in a hurry to nurse (6) CUDDLE {CU}{D}{LED}*
2   Arm, say, one of a group (6) MEMBER [DD]
3   See! A couple of learners relax! (4) LOLL {LO}{LL}
4   Saw one more than nine working (5) TENON {TEN}{ON}
6   Woman's refusal to accept a note (5) NAOMI {N{A}O}{MI}
7   Willing mother rises to help (8) AMENABLE {MA<=}{ENABLE}
8   No prospects from these! Dad needs to review! (4,4) DEAD ENDS*
11 A great number and I with fantastic tale to speak at length (6) DILATE {D}{I}{TALE}*
14 Celebrity's small pitch (4) STAR {S}{TAR}
16 Good! A meal with top-class cake! (6) GATEAU {G}{A}{TEA}{U}
17 Interpretation almost prepared (4) READ READy
18 Comrade and fellows at church begin (8) COMMENCE {COM}{MEN}{CE}
19 Bloody awful! Bad man mistreated heads of ladies' establishment (8) DAMNABLE {BAD+MAN}*{La...s}{Es...t}
22 Upset spy, pester no peer! (6) MOLEST {MOLE}{peSTer}
23 Unemotional son informed about beginning of infirmity (6) STOLID {S}{TOL{In...y}D}
25 Carrying on with a baseness that's come up (5) ALIVE {A}{EVIL<=}
26 Flower that means much to me and you (5) LOTUS {LOT}{US}
28 Setter's second note (4) MEMO {ME}{MO}



  1. Nice 'n easy one today - thanks Gridman!

  2. Quite an enjoyable one. Happy to score a hat-trick! Thank you, C V Sir.

  3. Something missing in 5A ? Definition?

    1. "Where" can be taken as def, probably in this CD

    2. The answer to 'where' is not INWARD.

    3. I think the whole clue has to be read to get the outpatient cannot be inside a ward!

  4. Enjoyable though missed a couple.
    Had a smile- American,without hesitation, is a maniac!

  5. Simple & enjoyable.
    Many years ago when I started solving cryptic, I encountered one such puzzle like today's which made me a life long addict. I do not have any doubt today's puzzle would start many beginners life long love affair with cryptic puzzles.
    Thanks Gridman.

  6. More than 80% solved by me without any reference. Felt happy. Today's Guardian cryptic has a clue: American pursues good deal for sports car (5) for 26d

  7. Yes, here is the link-

    They also own a Formula 1 racing team.

  8. If a great man and a great woman think alike, it would be wonderful!