Wednesday, 26 October 2016

No 11835, Wednesday 26 Oct 2016, Gridman

1   Let go everybody going over fellow's descent (4,4) FREE FALL {FREE} {F}{ALL}
5   Bad smell from small fish (6) STENCH {S}{TENCH}
10 One loses head, one in predicament following retribution (7) NEMESIS {oNE}{MES{1}S}
11 One by one mats rolled back in show of energy (7) STAMINA {AN}{1}{MATS}<=
12 Introduce one new saint and one learner (6) INSTIL {1}{N}{ST}{1}{L}
13 Greens brother's about to cook, beginning by smearing oil (8) BROCCOLI {BRO}{C}{Cook}{OIL*}
15 Good boy in valley (4) GLEN {G}{LEN}
16 Good money, equal time needed for organised occasion (5,5) GRAND EVENT {G}{RAND} {EVEN}{T}
18 Ballet – crazy fellow's good thing (10) NUTCRACKER {NUT}{CRACKER}
20 Royal settles in great area of land (4) ACRE {AC{R}E}
23 Somehow see a part in part (8) SEPARATE*
24 Being lustful, four go out of funfair (6) CARNAL CARNivAL
26 Prizes support during terrible mess (7) ESTEEMS {TEE} in {MESS}*
27 Top player behind time coming to Australia to level off (7) PLATEAU {Pl...r}{LATE}{AU}
28 Sailor, with books, starts studying cards (6) TAROTS {TAR}{OT}{St...g}
29 Crawls with that woman in narrow openings (8) SLITHERS {SLIT{HER}S}

1   Becoming familiar with one being able to stand? (7,4,4) FINDING ONES FEET [C&DD]
2   Men change central basses all together (2,5) EN MASSE {EN M}*{bASSEs}
3   Fuddy-duddy father-in-law bearing cross given no credit (6) FOSSIL {F{crOSS}IL}
4   Slow bosses at centre make no profit (4) LOSS {sLOw}{boSSes}
6   Portions of Tennessee's top tracts (8) TRANCHES {Te...e}{RANCHES}
7   Leader's a bit nauseating (7) NOISOME {NO 1}{SOME}
8   Indication of woolgathering by chief who is flying? (4,2,3,6) HEAD IN THE CLOUDS {HEAD} {IN THE CLOUDS}
9   Somehow a nerd gets alienated (9) ESTRANGED*
14 Where automobiles undergo trial, by the way (5,4) TRACK TEST &lit
17 Turn ripe, turn lewd (8) PRURIENT*
19 One gives better information (7) TIPSTER [CD]
21 Gather prisoner is met by archdeacon at far end of nave (7) CONVENE {CON}{VEN}{navE}
22 Small, before French scholar (6) SAVANT {S}{AVANT}
25 Stone work by a learner (4) OPAL {OP}{A}{L}



  1. Hurrah!
    Samosa after a llllong time! And to do it on paper before 8.30. My 8D.
    Took some time to find my feet & struggled trying to accommodate 'crash test' for 14D.

  2. Nice & easy one from Gridman, this 15 letter grid..loved the long ones

  3. Easy going today too! Nice crossie. Thanks, C V Sir.

  4. Yep fourth the above... nice and smooth.. nice to have the two long ones about heads and feet :) seems sorta symmetric .. now we had two more we would kinda have a Taj Mahal :) Glens and plateaus..tho would have liked a mountain to maintain balance..

  5. Had difficulty in logging into the blog. Just now resolved.

  6. Good one from Gridman.
    13A, I was wondering where the second C came from? Do we take 'about to' and 'beginning' as the indicators for the 2 Cs? thx.