Saturday, 22 October 2016

No 11832, Saturday 22 Oct 2016, Aspartame

Thanks to Col. for annos of 10a,4d,17d,24d


9 When it's uttered, one comes in as Satan (5,2,3,5) SPEAK OF THE DEVIL (CD)
10 Chief applies gel on small devices (7)  DONGLES {DON}{GLE*}{S} 
12 Stage for beginners of rock to play (7) ROSTRUM {ROck}{STRUM}
13 Ascribe night education contents as simple (9) BENIGHTED (T)
14 An excuse to bail one out (5) ALIBI {BAIL+I}*
15 Cleaner sprayed into jar (7) JANITOR {INTO JAR}*
18 Young woman has red tees being worn over innerwear (1-6) Y-FRONTS {Y}{F}{R}{ON}{TS}
21 Private space for women is a sanctuary (5) BOWER (DD)
23 Take back ownership of vacant corner with social group (9) REPOSSESS {REce{POSSE}SS}
25 One working in dancing club is an immature creature (4,3)  LION CUB {L{I}{ON} CUB*}
26 Measure diameter keeping auditor's pot upright (7) ENDWAYS {EN}{D}{~VASE}
29 Distort, ruin or boycott news that add no value (15) NONCONTRIBUTORY  Anno not clear.  {RUIN OR BOYCOTT NN}* See comments


1 Superior steed regularly put to work (4) USED {U}{StEeD}
2 Little money plant (4) BEAN (DD)
3 Blue lamp can be seen on building roofs (8) SKYLIGHT {SKY}{LIGHT}
4 Compensate for rotten sweets getting dispatched now and then (6) OFFSET OFF}{SwEeT}
5 Film many drowning in capsized boat around old city quarter (8) THURSDAY {TH{UR}{S}cAY<=}
6 Poem about a ship returning to port (6) ODESSA {ODE}{{SS}{A}<=}
7 Dislike of a class (8) AVERSION {A}{VERSION}
8 Slimy cop ruins competition (8) OLYMPICS {SLIMY COP}*
11 Surfers use this for music (5) OPERA (DD)
15 Joyful short jaunt around Bali with new Tesla (8) JUBILANT {JU}{BALI*}{N}{T} Short Jaunt=JU?
16 Reports about capital of Turkey now developing self-sufficient living spaces (3,5) NEW TOWNS {NEW {Turkey}{NOW*}S}
17 Food about to be stuffed in empty hoppers (8) RAREBITS {RA{RE}BbITS} 
19 Leftovers of 'desi' rum mixed with little upma (8) RESIDUUM {DESI+RUM+Upma}*
20 Soldier’s drink said to be delicious (5) TASTY {TA}{S}{~TEA}
22 Principal is correct but not right, for a change (6) RECTOR {CORrECT}*
24 Add an introduction to photographs concerning women being arrested (6) PREFIX {P{RE}{F}IX}
27 Article on setter (4) ANON {AN}{ON}
28 Declares heads of state as young simpletons (4) SAYS (Acrostic)


  1. Looks like Aspartame forgot on N in the anagram for 29A

    1. ... unless he intended NEWS = NN

    2. That is how I interpreted it - (RUIN OR BOYCOTT NN)*

    3. Didn't think of news that way. Nice.
      Thanks. Will update when I get back

  2. 29 Distort, ruin or boycott news that add no value (15) NONCONTRIBUTORY

    NN: New + New

    1. Yes, Sandhya. This is my point too.
      Late to the blog today!

  3. Vacant in 23A and empty in 17D would actually mean removal of everything from inside and not just the middle

  4. Couldn't account for the D in 5D (THURSDAY)?

  5. Found it tough going all the way..couldnt anno a lot of clues..NN is news to me!(excellent I think)..
    Thursday is a film?
    Non contributory as well as thursday could solve only from word pattern search.

    1. I suppose we can get all days of the week as names of films. We had Naeeruddin Shah in Wednesday in Hindi which was later remade in Tamil with Kamal Haasan. Here's the link to THURSDAY

  6. NW corner had me in trouble since I had filled in 'think' in stead of speak for 9A.
    Missed 26A- Endways.
    F (Female?) used for woman/ women in 18A & 24D.

  7. 18A- Def.(Inner wear) to be highlighted.

    1. Paddy, technically speaking, inner wear is supposed to be invisible and not highlighted.
      On the lighter side. Ha, ha!

    2. :-)
      Probably that is why it was not highlighted in the first place!

    3. Yes, Ramesh thought it was negligeeble!

    4. Filling in for Kishore?

  8. Wonder what expletive an old 'friend' would have used for this crossword.
    To add to the vacant corner issue I have an issue with 26A. Since when has VASE been a homophone of Ways. Not even an eye rhyme.

    1. Vase is more like Chaminda Vas or Vaz, sri Lankan cricketer

    2. Nobody misses that old friend!

  9. 'Posse' for a social group is listed as a slang in Free dic. It is more associated with police or law enforcement. I knew only that meaning.

  10. Found this one a bit strange..i mean you can do it based on xings or from definitions etc but some of the parsing on the wps was a bit odd to me.. empty on rabbits.. NN ??? Ju for short jaunt?? Thursday a not very well known movie .. why use that for def? what indicates "on" in y-fronts?

  11. Add an introduction to photographs concerning women being arrested (6) PREFIX {P{RE}{F}IX} What XI stands for here ? and where does it fit in?

  12. Pix for photos- could be either short for pictures or pixels.

  13. In 15A "Cleaner sprayed into jar (7)" isn't "into" doing double duty as the anagram fodder as well as the indicator that it needs to be inside "jar"?

  14. No. 'Into jar' is the anagram fodder and sprayed is the Anind.