Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 02 Oct 2016

1   Move is last of several in trick (8) DISLODGE {D{IS}{s...aL}ODGE}
6   At a distance from Niagara Falls, looking back (4) AFAR [T<=]
10 Trifling sum made from comic strip (7) PEANUTS [DD]
11 King first to believe in cures in medicinal plant books (7) HERBALS {HE{R}{Be...e}ALS}
12 City guides on audio (5) LEEDS (~leads)
13 Informer admitting fraud with regret about being storyteller (9) RACONTEUR {RA{CON}T}{EUR<=}
14 Pest unfit to be cool leader (8,6) COLORADO BEETLE*
18 Good soldiers, with power at that time in land, set about difficult task (5,3,6) GRASP THE NETTLE  {G}{RA}{S{P} {THE N}ETTLE}
20 Smell piece of old cloth in country (9) FRAGRANCE {F{RAG}RANCE}
22 Anxious gamble, starting east instead of west (5) EAGER (-w+e)EAGER
24 Fuss, blushing about information finally embellished (7) ADORNED {ADO}{R{i...oN}ED}
25 Success whipped up mirth (7) TRIUMPH*
26 Admire pace (4) RATE [DD]
27 Rail service tours are all over the place (8) EUROSTAR*

2   I cope without an idol (5) IMAGE {I}{ManAGE}
3   Trumpeter stirring mortals, rousing (5,9) LOUIS ARMSTRONG*

4   Record supported by Republican correct? Shame (9) DISCREDIT {DISC}{R}{EDIT}
5   Raised quote about hard set of principles (5) ETHIC {CITE<=} about {H}
7   Tell of unusually absorbing time producing bean (9) FLAGEOLET {TELL+OF}* over {AGE}
8   Run English class in holiday location (6) RESORT {R}{E}{SORT}
9   Perks, in brief, fine gents exploited (6,8) FRINGE BENEFITS*
10 Comrade with great mansion (6) PALACE {PAL}{ACE}
15 Play with vessel in laboratory not allowed (4,5) LARK ABOUT {L{ARK} AB}{OUT}
16 Warder beginning to exaggerate achievement during drink (9) BEEFEATER {BE{Ex...e}{FEAT}ER}
17 Quest to get attention in school (6) SEARCH {S{EAR}CH}
19 Concern caused by a very loud tune (6) AFFAIR {A}{FF}{AIR}
21 Reminder uncovered around end of meeting (5) NUDGE {NUD{m...nG}E}
23 Letter from team magistrate turned over (5) GAMMA [T<=]



  1. 27AC literally took me for a ride! For a short time of course.

  2. Stumped by 18 Ac & 15 Dn...yet a satisfactory solve.

  3. O/T IXL 2016.
    In leader board 'Round 2' SCORE column is missing! Guess any reason, Colonel Sir!?

    1. Calculate your own score by subtracting your ranking from 101

    2. Yes, I did Sir! But why this round about way?!

  4. I was able to see round 2 scores yesterday.

  5. Sunday magazine was not delivered along with the main paper and so had to do it on line- with some help of course.

  6. MB,
    After signing in click IXL 2016 and then go to leader board- otherwise it shows old leader board.

  7. I observed from the list of participants of IXL 2016 that last year winners have not at all participated.
    Col, are there any specific reasons?

    1. Last year's winners are participating. Check again

    2. Thanks Sir, I am not able to open the last year's file, despite three attempts today.

  8. Paddy @ 10:06 am
    I tried, Paddy...but same result. In leader board round 1, you find columns RANK, NAME, CITY & SCORE. In round 2 'SCORE' is not seen. Since my rank is 57, I reckon my score is 100 - 57 = 43!
    And yours could be 100 - 31 = 69.

    1. Very good score! The highest so far, I belive.

    2. Colonel @ 10:33 am
      So to know one's score, the formula is 101 - Rank position.

    3. MB, since we already have overall scores, the individual round's scores are not material, i think.

    4. If you want your overall score then it is (N*101) - (R1+R2 ....) Where N is the number of rounds completed and R1, R2 etc are the ranks in round 1, 2 etc

  9. The Interactive link for THC online for today does not lead to the interactive crossword? It shows the puzzle but a print version? How did Padmanabhan solve it online?

    1. +1.
      Paddy, your "with some help" condition, I guess you solved it on excel sheet, like me. Am I right?

    2. Not excel sheet, but like any regular online CW. I did it on the Guardian website- CW No. 3644. To find out the Guardian no. go to Guardian cryptic and type in any one of the clues and you get it. Help is you can get any solution with 'reveal this' button. If you keep track of the serial nos. (like Col. does) it is even easier. One can similarly solve any quick CW also (one that appears in TH supplement)

  10. TH does not publish Sunday CW, I mean the on line version.

  11. OOF !!! At last completed the ICL Crossie ! Got very cross-eyed what with convoluted wordplay and cluing ! They have certainly raised the bar very high but in not an agreeable manner ! If this is a fore-runner, brace oneself for a more harrying experience ahead !

    It is 1115 am here in NY and I took almost an hour , in the midst of a cooing and gurgling baby, encouraging me NOT to give up-- which I almost did !

    Good luck to those who have completed and to those who are still nibbling and chewing their toe nails !! hahaha !!

    Oh, to be in New York, now that spring is here !!